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堆高機的全球市場 - 不同動力來源·各終端用戶·各級·各地區:市場規模與未來預測

Global Forklift Truck Market By Engine Power, By End User, By Class By Region; Size and Forecast, 2015-2025

出版商 Blueweave Consulting & Research Private Limited 商品編碼 833009
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 115 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
堆高機的全球市場 - 不同動力來源·各終端用戶·各級·各地區:市場規模與未來預測 Global Forklift Truck Market By Engine Power, By End User, By Class By Region; Size and Forecast, 2015-2025
出版日期: 2019年02月25日內容資訊: 英文 115 Pages

本報告提供全球堆高車的市場相關分析,提供市場基本結構和促進·阻礙因素,市場整體及不同動力來源·各終端用戶·各級·各地區的趨勢預測 (過去4年·今後7年份),市場策略的趨勢與案例,主要企業的簡介等相關調查。

第1章 分析的組成架構

第2章 分析方法

第3章 摘要整理

第4章 產業分析

  • 產業的價值鏈分析
    • 供應商·矩陣
  • 價格趨勢分析
  • 對產業的影響力和推動因素
    • 成長促進因素
    • 課題
  • 技術環境
  • 管理體制
  • 各企業的市場佔有率分析
  • 成長可能性分析
  • 波特的五力分析
  • PESTEL分析
  • 策略展望

第5章 全球堆高機車市場概要

  • 市場規模與其預測
    • 以金額為準
  • 市場佔有率與其預測
    • 不同動力來源,各終端用戶,各級,各地區

第6章 堆高機車市場:不同動力來源

  • 市場主要趨勢:不同動力來源
  • 內燃機 (IC)
  • 電動馬達
    • 市場規模的實際成果值·預測值 (總計11年份)

第7章 堆高機車市場:各終端用戶

  • 市場主要趨勢:各終端用戶
  • 運輸業·物流
  • 零售業
  • 一般製造業
  • 建設業
  • 食品·飲料產業
    • 市場規模的實際成果值·預測值 (總計11年份)

第8章 堆高機車市場:各級

  • 市場主要趨勢:各級
  • 級I
  • 級II
  • 級III
  • 級IV
  • 級V
    • 市場規模的實際成果值·預測值 (總計11年份)

第9章 企業簡介

  • 豐田自動織機
  • Kion Group AG
  • Jungheinrich AG
  • 三菱rojinekusuto
  • Hangcha Group Co. Ltd.
  • Crown Equipment Corp.
  • Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.
  • Clark Material Handling International, Inc.
  • Anhui Forklift Truck Group Co. Ltd.
  • Doosan Industrial Vehicles
Product Code: BWC1972

Forklift is a power industrial truck used for handling different materials utilized to transfer goods over a short distance. The forklift market is projected to witness notable growth in future owing to high efficiency, eco-friendly nature, and low operation cost. Expansion of logistics industry and economic growth driven by emerging economies have led to increase in logistics volume and therefore, strengthening the growth of forklift market. Moreover, rising e-commerce businesses have necessitated the larger logistic sites and more proficient logistic operations. Manufacturers of materials handling equipment are focusing towards the advancement of equipment with high performance owing to the growing need for fuel efficiency and green technology based vehicles. Moreover, other factors such as growing population, increasing demand for supply chain of different products across the globe and rising globalization are anticipated to further propel demand for forklifts globally, over the coming years.

According to report by BlueWeave Consulting, "Global Forklift Truck Market, by Engine Power, by End-Use, by Class, by Region, Growth Potential, Competitive Market Share and Forecast, 2015-2025" The global forklift truck market is projected to grow with a significant growth rate during the forecast period 2018-2025.

Retail segment is projected to be the Leading segment in the Global forklift truck market during the forecast period.

The Retail segment dominates the overall forklift truck market and anticipated to lead the market over the forecast period 2018-2025. Owing to growth in e-commerce business, expansion of warehouse space globally and rising manufacturing industries. With the technological advancement and economic level, the forklift truck is likely to grow over the forecast period. Forklift trucks provide higher flexibility and operational speed for repeated material handling tasks which makes it suitable for numerous construction activities. Moreover, stringent government regulations related to carbon emissions in numerous countries and rise in adoption of electric forklift truck are expected to fuel the forklift truck market growth in the future.

Asia-Pacific accounts for the largest share of the global forklift truck market during the forecast period.

China exhibits the fastest growing region over the forecast period due to the various factors like favorable economic environment and a need for technological advancement in in-house logistics in the country. Asia-Pacific and Europe are the major demand generating regions in the global forklift market. Owing to surging demand for new commercial hubs, airports, seaports, and road construction in the regions, government scheme such as Make in India. Factors such as favorable economic environment and technological advancements will fuel the demand for forklift truck globally. Moreover, increasing penetration of e-commerce companies in countries like India & China is further bolstering the growth of the forklift market in the region.

Global Forklift Truck Market Competitive Landscape

Companies such as Toyota Industries Corporation, Kion Group AG, Jungheinrich AG, Mitsubishi Logisnext Company Ltd., Crown Equipment Corp., Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., Anhui Forklift Truck Group Co. Ltd., Hangcha Group Co. Ltd., Doosan Industrial Vehicle, and Clark Material Handling International, Inc. are the key players of forklift truck market globally.

The in-depth analysis of the report provides the growth potential, upcoming trends and statistics of Global forklift truck Market size & forecast. The report promises to provide state-of-the-art technology of forklift truck and industry insights which help decision makers to take sound strategic decisions. Furthermore, the report also analyzes the market drivers and challenges and competitive analysis of the market.

Table of Contents

1. Research Framework

  • 1.1. Research overview
  • 1.2. Product Overview
  • 1.3. Market Segmentation

2. Research Methodology

3. Executive Summary

4. Industry Insights

  • 4.1. Industry Value Chain Analysis
    • 4.1.1. Vendor Matrix
  • 4.2. Pricing Analysis
  • 4.3. Industry Impact and Forces
    • 4.3.1. Growth Drivers
    • 4.3.2. Challenges
  • 4.4. Technological Landscape
  • 4.5. Regulatory Framework
  • 4.6. Company market share analysis,2018
  • 4.7. Growth Potential analysis,2018
  • 4.8. Porter's Five forces analysis
    • 4.8.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    • 4.8.2. Bargaining Power of Buyers
    • 4.8.3. Threat of New Entrants
    • 4.8.4. Threat of Substitutes
    • 4.8.5. Intensity of Rivalry
  • 4.9. PESTEL Analysis
  • 4.10. Strategic Outlook

5. Forklift Truck Market Overview

  • 5.1. Market Size & Forecast
    • 5.1.1. By Value
  • 5.2. Market Share & Forecast
    • 5.2.1. By Engine Power
    • 5.2.2. By End-User
    • 5.2.3. By Class
    • 5.2.4. By Region

6. Forklift Truck Market, By Engine Power

  • 6.1. Key Engine Power Trends
  • 6.2. IC Engine Power
    • 6.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 6.3. Electric Power
    • 6.3.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

7. Forklift Truck Market, By End-User

  • 7.1. Key End-User Trends
  • 7.2. Transportation and Logistics
    • 7.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 7.3. Retail Industry
    • 7.3.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 7.4. General Manufacturing
    • 7.4.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 7.5. Construction
    • 7.5.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 7.6. Food & Beverages Industry
    • 7.6.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

8. Forklift Truck Market, By Class

  • 8.1. Key Class Trends
  • 8.2. Class I
    • 8.2.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 8.3. Class II
    • 8.3.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 8.4. Class III
    • 8.4.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 8.5. Class IV
    • 8.5.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025
  • 8.6. Class V
    • 8.6.1. Market estimates & forecast, 2015-2025

9. Company Profile

  • 9.1 Toyota Industries Corporation
  • 9.2 Kion Group AG
  • 9.3 Jungheinrich AG
  • 9.4 Mitsubishi Logisnext Company Ltd.
  • 9.5 Hangcha Group Co. Ltd.
  • 9.6 Crown Equipment Corp.
  • 9.7 Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.
  • 9.8 Clark Material Handling International, Inc.
  • 9.9 Anhui Forklift Truck Group Co. Ltd.
  • 9.10 Doosan Industrial Vehicles