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海水淡化所有權排行榜 - 全球市場趨勢、企業趨勢:2020年

Global Desalination Ownership Rankings: Market and Company Trends, 2020

出版商 Bluefield Research 商品編碼 950667
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
海水淡化所有權排行榜 - 全球市場趨勢、企業趨勢:2020年 Global Desalination Ownership Rankings: Market and Company Trends, 2020
出版日期: 2020年07月14日內容資訊: 英文


本報告提供大規模海水淡化設施 (各容量) 的所有權比率、地區、廠房調查分析,政府機關、獨立型自來水企業,日本的公司、基礎設施投資者等為對象,市場趨勢、企業趨勢相關的系統性資訊。


Abengoa SA、Acciona Agua、Acuamed、ACWA Power、AEC Algeria、Aigues Ter Llobregat、Alfa Partners、BEWA、BHP Billiton、Chennai Metrowater、Consortium、Delek Group、DEWA、ECPC、Engie、FAJR Petrochemical、GDCOL、GE Finance、Gulf Investment Corporation、Hutchinson、Hyflux、IDE Technologies、InstrataCapital、Inversiones Mineras、JGC、Kahramaa、Keppel Corporation、Kyuden Group、Lagos Water Corp.、Malakoff、Marafiq、Marubeni、Mekorot、MEW、MEWA、Mexican State Government、Mitsui、Morrison & Co.、Mubadala、MWI、NEWater Plant Consortium、ONEP、Ontario Teachers Pension、OPWP、OTPP、Poseidon、Public Investment Fund、QEWC、Qingdao Water Group、Reliance Industries、Sacyr、SAOC、Sembcorp、Shikun & Binui、Sorek Desalination、South Australian Government、Suez、Sumitomo、SWCC、Taqa、Teck、Tedagua、Thames Water、The Infrastructure Fund、Veolia、Via Maris Desalination、Water Corporation


Climate shifts are putting additional stress on existing water supplies in select markets like Australia, the western U.S., and Latin America. At the same time, baseload demand for water in the Middle East rises with population and industrial requirements. Ongoing pressure on water supplies will continue to foster new seawater desalination and private sector investment in key markets.

Within this context, the global desalination market continues to evolve, driven by more widespread competition for private participation and associated capacity additions.

In this new Data Insight, Bluefield's water experts analyze the net ownership positions, geographies, and plants of large-scale desalination facilities (>50,000 m3/d) by capacity, including government entities, independent water companies, Japanese trading houses, and infrastructure investors.


Abengoa SA, Acciona Agua, Acuamed, ACWA Power, AEC Algeria, Aigües Ter Llobregat, Alfa Partners, BEWA, BHP Billiton, Chennai Metrowater, Consortium, Delek Group, DEWA, ECPC, Engie, FAJR Petrochemical, GDCOL, GE Finance, Gulf Investment Corporation, Hutchinson, Hyflux, IDE Technologies, InstrataCapital, Inversiones Mineras, JGC, Kahramaa, Keppel Corporation, Kyuden Group, Lagos Water Corp., Malakoff, Marafiq, Marubeni, Mekorot, MEW, MEWA, Mexican State Government, Mitsui, Morrison & Co., Mubadala, MWI, NEWater Plant Consortium, ONEP, Ontario Teachers Pension, OPWP, OTPP, Poseidon, Public Investment Fund, QEWC, Qingdao Water Group, Reliance Industries, Sacyr, SAOC, Sembcorp, Shikun & Binui, Sorek Desalination, South Australian Government, Suez, Sumitomo, SWCC, Taqa, Teck, Tedagua, Thames Water, The Infrastructure Fund, Veolia, Via Maris Desalination, Water Corporation