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面向火力發電廠水資源供給:美國的環境變化與市場趨勢·機會 (2015∼2025年)


出版商 Bluefield Research 商品編碼 330716
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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面向火力發電廠水資源供給:美國的環境變化與市場趨勢·機會 (2015∼2025年) WATER FOR POWER: MARKET TRENDS & OPPORTUNITIES IN A TRANSITIONING U.S. LANDSCAPE, 2015-2025
出版日期: 2015年12月01日 內容資訊: 英文

隨著頁岩天然氣開發和天然氣價格的大幅降低等,美國開始朝瓦斯火力發電的新建、改裝(包含由燃煤發電廠改建)發展,發電廠用水資源的需求也隨之擴大。再加上環保署 (EPA) 制定了污水法規指南,預測將投下25億以上的資金在解決對策中。缺水危機的西部 (德克薩斯·加利福尼亞等) ,水資源豐富的東北部 (賓夕法尼亞·馬里蘭等) ,都在推動廢水資源再生等水資源對策。此外還有既有的發電廠自來水設備的維修,預測今後10年間合計將投入總合31億美元。

本報告提供美國的火力發電廠之水利用·管理相關市場分析,提供您市場基本結構和目前使用概況,主要的促進·阻礙因素,發電廠新建·維修計劃對水市場的影響 (州級分析),自來水相關的資本支出額 (CAPEX) 趨勢預測 (今後11年份),等調查、考察。


  • 美國的電力產業的推動因素·趨勢:概要
  • 摘要
  • 左右電力產業:美國的水資源需求的存在
  • 石化燃料火力發電廠的水平衡
  • 電力產業的水利用推動因素
  • 發電廠的容量擴張與取水設備
  • 左右發電廠水利用的政策·規定
  • 伴隨新法規,主要發電廠的水處理設備更新義務
  • 環境保護署 (EPA) 的「蒸氣發電排放物指南」:最適用的技術
  • 發電容量的變更計劃:降低用水量低的徵兆
  • 火力發電廠的新建情形:各州
  • 伴隨新法規的修改及用水不足促進了發電廠的水利用改善
  • 電力企業的火力發電能力擴張計劃
  • 從替代性的水源到電力產業水供給
  • 美國的發電廠市場上ZLD Systems
  • 美國的電力產業上水資源資本支出額 (CAPEX)
  • 美國的電力產業上水資源資本支出額 (CAPEX):各州



The upcoming Market Insight analyzes policy drivers and market fundamentals influencing water management in the U.S. power sector. The report includes state-by-state analysis of new thermal power plant capacity additions that are driving investments in water treatment plants, along with forecasts of water-related CAPEX in the U.S. power sector from 2015-2025.

The report breaks down the power sector's water use by fuel mix and details leading power production companies and markets with planned capacity additions.

Key report takeaways include:

Shale gale underpins fuel switching and greenfield opportunity for water players. The 79% declines in natural gas spot prices since 2008 have emboldened U.S. independent power producers and utilities to expedite retirement of as much as 20.4 GW of coal-fired power plants to rely more heavily on natural gas. This transition is driving deployment of more water efficient natural gas replacement and greenfield plants across as many as 32 states.

EPA Effluent Guidelines to drive more than US$2.5 billion water related spend. A September 2015 ruling by EPA to rein in key pollutants from power systems has laid the groundwork for water system upgrades to more than 12% of U.S. power fleet over 50 MW. The lion's share of this investment, to occur between 2019 and 2023 during NPDES permit renewals, will take place in coal-rich Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states, where Bluefield has identified 204 facilities and plant owners.

Drought, local conditions advancing alternative water solutions in power. Between California and Texas, which represent almost 20% of the announced power pipeline, risks to water supplies are forcing project developers to evaluate wastewater reuse as an alternative source. The opportunity for water suppliers is not limited to the drought-stricken western states. More recently power plants in Pennsylvania and Maryland moved forward with wastewater reuse and zero liquid discharge solutions to meet localized and plant requirements.

Mature power sector to lean on established water firms. Bluefield's ten-year capital expenditure forecast, totaling US$3.1 billion, demonstrates significant upside for water treatment in the U.S., of which the majority will be captured by established players like water players GE, Veolia, and Aquatech. New market entrants will be forced to break through by way of entrenched EPC firms already active in the U.S. (e.g. Bechtel, Fluor, Kiewit).

Table of Contents

  • U.S. Power Sector Drivers & Trends Overview
  • Summary
  • Power Sector Leads Total U.S. Water Demand
  • Power Plant Water Balance at Fossil Fuel Fired Plants
  • U.S. Power Sector Water Usage Drivers
  • U.S. Power Plant Capacity Additions & Water Withdrawals
  • Policy and Regulations Shaping Water for Power
  • New Regulations Force Water Treatment Upgrades sat Select Plants
  • EPA Steam-Electric Effluent Guidelines - Best Available Technology
  • Planned Capacity Changes Signal Overall Decline in Water Use
  • Greenfield Thermal Power Additions by State
  • Regulation and Water Scarcity Drive Change in Water Use for Power
  • Planned Thermal Capacity Additions by Power Company
  • Alternative Water Sources Can Supply the US Power Sector
  • ZLD Systems at U.S. Power Plants
  • U.S. Power Sector Water CAPEX Forecast
  • U.S. Power Sector Water CAPEX Forecast by State


  • Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price
  • Announced Capacity Additions & Retirements
  • Water Sector CAPEX
  • U.S. Water Withdrawals by Category, Millions of Gallons per Day
  • US Power Generation by Fuel Type
  • Power Sector Water Withdrawals by State
  • Thermoelectric Water-Withdrawal and Consumption Intensity
  • Cooling System Used at U.S. Power Plants
  • Power Plant Capacity Additions by Year
  • Thermoelectric Power Water Withdrawals
  • Mid-Atlantic Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Top 20 Power Producers Affected by New Regulation
  • Planned Power Plant Capacity Additions by Year
  • Planned U.S. Electric Generating Unit Retirements
  • Planned Thermal Power Additions by State
  • Power Plant Water Balance at Fossil Fuel Fired Plants
  • Forecasted Power Sector Withdrawals and Consumption
  • Top 20 Power Players by Planned Thermal Capacity
  • Number of Plants Utilizing Wastewater Reuse
  • Installed ZLD Capacity at US Power Plants
  • U.S. Power Sector Water CAPEX Forecast
  • U.S. Power Sector Water CAPEX Forecast by State
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