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Global Cord Blood Industry Database 2017-2018

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臍帶血產業資料庫(2012年) Global Cord Blood Industry Database 2017-2018
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文





  • 全球臍帶血銀行的清單(計510個團體)
  • 各國家分類(97個國家)
  • 不同企業聯繫資訊
    • 企業名
    • 國家
    • 電子郵件
    • 姓名
    • 頭銜
    • 電話號碼
    • 網站等
  • 其他的產業相關人員的聯繫資訊
    • 學術機構
    • 生化科技/醫藥品企業
    • 血液中心
    • 骨髓計劃
    • 政府
    • 醫院
    • 醫療中心
    • 研究中心

Do You Operate a Cord Blood Bank and Want to See a Complete List of Your Competitors Worldwide?Do You Operate a Cord Blood Bank and Want to See a Complete List of Your Competitors Worldwide?

As the global leader in cord blood industry data, one of the questions that we often get asked is, "How many cord blood companies are active in the world, right now?" If you operate a cord blood bank, you may have asked yourself that question.

Now you can know this answer, because BioInformant has a complete list of known cord blood banks that are operating worldwide as of 2015.

As of today, there are nearly 500 cord blood banks worldwide, from 98 different countries.

Because you are dedicated to selling your products, you understand the importance of being able to assess the characteristics of your audience and quantify levels of competition.

This global cord blood industry database contains nearly 6,000 industry contacts to assist you with doing a detailed market analysis for the global cord blood banking industry.

A Maturing Industry

Over the past few years, we've witnessed a maturation of the cord blood banking market, and that means more competition for you.

When we first started tracking the cord blood industry in 2006, there were 23 active cord blood banks worldwide. Now there are nearly 500 active cord blood banks, spread out across 98 different countries across the world. When you consider the competitive expansion that is occurring within this industry, you understand why it is crucial to have a current understanding of the competitors functioning in this space and their geographical coverage.

Claim this global industry database to learn the specific people and companies operating within the global cord blood banking industry.

How it Came About

The "Global Cord Blood Industry Database" was initially developed as an in-house list. We began keeping a database for the cord blood industry when we began tracking the industry in 2006. In that year we began producing market intelligence reports for the cord blood banking industry and offering expert marketing advice and consultation to cord blood banks.

As a result of years of committed research into the cord blood banking industry, and hundreds of hours spent with clients, we now offer the landmark report, the "Complete 2015-16 Global Cord Blood Industry Report."

Because we are specialists in the cord blood banking industry and have collected nearly a decade of industry data, we've put our industry knowledge into a targeted, actionable report for you - a report that provides public and private cord blood banks, as well as industry investors, with a current understanding of the global cord blood banking marketplace as it is in 2015.

Similarly, we developed this database as an in-house research tool over the course of the past decade, to assist us with producing the best cord blood industry data available anywhere.

Becoming What it is Today

At the time we began tracking the cord blood banking industry, there were only a small number of cord blood banks worldwide and it was unknown what the industry would - or would not - grow into. Now in 2015 , there are nearly 500 active cord blood banks worldwide, and this database has grown to include them all.

It is a comprehensive industry database containing contacts for individuals operating every known cord blood company worldwide (approximately 3,500), as well as approximately related 2,500 cord blood industry contacts, for a total of nearly 6,000 contacts.

We spent years creating this database so that we would stay fully informed of changes within the industry and have the capability to analyze trends, recognize growth rates, and identify regional variations within the cord blood banking industry.

As the leading supplier of industry data for cord blood banks, this database developed as an in-house list, but we responded when our existing clients requested that we share it with them too.

We had several clients contact us and say, "Look, you must have complete data available for the cord blood banking industry. Please share it with us."

We did have the data available, and we decided it was a reasonable request.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

While you may have know that the cord blood banking industry has matured over the past few years, it is unlikely that you have tracked the exact number of your competitors. However, a lack of awareness could be harming your business.

Claim this global cord blood industry database to become aware of the companies and organizations operating in your industry. Use it to recognize your dangerous competitive threats, as well as to identify weak competitors that could represent an opportunity to take market share.

The Most Comprehensive Industry Database Available

To our knowledge, BioInformant's "Global Cord Blood Industry Database 2015-16" is the most complete cord blood industry database available anywhere.

While you may find another supplier of contacts for the cord blood industry, we are not aware of any other company who offers a complete global database for the entire cord blood banking industry.

No one else is providing this information, because they don't know it themselves.

If they cannot even empower you with this essential industry knowledge, then how can they provide you with contacts for the management teams operating each cord blood bank worldwide? How can they provide you with other cord blood industry contacts worldwide? They can't.

Here is What You Can Expect

1) Competitive Intelligence

Be fully informed about the companies operating in your industry, whether they have been in business for several decades or have just begun operations.

2) Strategic Positioning

Be fully equipped with all information necessary to successfully lead your company.

3) Recognize Dangerous Competitive Threats

Be aware of companies that are rapidly expanding or new market entrants that represent a threat to your business.

4) Industry Security

Be able to operate in the cord blood banking industry while fully informed, even as the industry matures and grows more competitive.

5) Out-Compete the Competition

Have an edge on your competition by acquiring knowledge and insight that they don't have.

You'll Also Learn...

When you claim this file, you'll learn the "Top Countries for Cord Blood Banking Worldwide," as ranked by the number of cord blood bank facilities active within the country. Currently, the top 15 countries are:

  • 1. USA
  • 2. Italy
  • 3. Spain
  • 4. Germany
  • 5. United Kingdom
  • 6. India
  • 7. Canada
  • 8. Israel
  • 9. Brazil
  • 10. Australia
  • 11. Belgium
  • 12. Poland
  • 13. Chile
  • 14. Cyprus
  • 15. China

Applications for Your Business

As a private cord blood bank, you can use the "Global Cord Blood Industry Database 2015-16" to acquire industry knowledge, including identifying companies and organizations operating in your industry, recognizing your most dangerous competitive threats, or identifying weak competitors from whom you can take market share.

You can also use the database to determine the degree to which your company is impacted by public cord blood banks, through observing their prevalence in your region and worldwide.

You can use it for business development purposes, to identify opportunities for collaboration and profit.

What You Get:

The database is provided to you as two separate Excel files:

1) Part 1: Global List of Cord Blood Banks, with Contact Information - Perform competitive analysis of your market using this global database of cord blood banks worldwide. Sort it by Country, Company Name, or Company Details, to assess competition within any region of interest to you.

[TAB 1: Complete List of Cord Blood Banks by Country; TAB 2: Countries with Cord Blood Banks.]

2) Part 2: Cord Blood Industry Contacts - Quantify levels of competition by analyzing this accompanying file of nearly 6,000 cord blood industry contacts. Use it to quantify levels of competitor activity andidentify other companies involved within the cord blood industry.

[TAB 1: Cord Blood Bank Contacts - 3,500; TAB 2: Other Cord Blood Industry Contacts - 2,400.]

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