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癌症治療的複合抗體 (ADC)的開發趨勢:分析工具

Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool

出版商 BioSeeker Group AB 商品編碼 710761
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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癌症治療的複合抗體 (ADC)的開發趨勢:分析工具 Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool
出版日期: 2018年11月01日 內容資訊: 英文

本工具,彙整從事癌症治療的複合抗體 (ADC)開發超過380家公司與其合作夥伴企業的開發平台趨勢資料,提供931件開發平台藥物 (其中668件處於以300種標的為對象的積極開發階段) 相關各種資料線上查詢。


  • 分析工具
    • 1年的線上查詢
    • 內容、特集的隔週更新
    • 開發平台警報
    • 線上支持
  • 「1stOncology NewsDesk」的存取
    • 新聞快報的實況串流 (每5分鐘更新一次)
    • 各種流通管道
      • 社群媒體
      • 臨床試驗
      • 智慧財產權
      • 財務資料
      • 新聞稿


  • 目標偵察
  • 初期、後期階段的開發平台分析
  • 生物標記/搭配診斷藥分析
  • 契約、聯盟分析
  • 聯合治療分析
  • 臨床試驗結果分析
  • 適應症的選擇、擴大分析
  • First-in-Class分析
  • 托曳重新定位
  • 開發平台分析:各標的途徑


Product Code: BSG21826

The first Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) to receive marketing approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was gemtuzumab ozogamicin (Mylotarg) in 2000 which represents a powerful, emerging novel class of anticancer treatment agents that combines the selectivity of targeted treatment with the cytotoxic potency of chemotherapy drugs.

Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool is the most up to date and comprehensive commercial pipeline review and competitive assessment available on this hot and fast moving area in oncology. This unique product is truly the only one of its kind and is designed to give you a competitive edge in your ADC drug intelligence.

Your Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool is based on two decades of proven methodology in serving clients with interest in:

  • Target Scouting
  • Early & Late Stage Pipeline Analysis
  • Biomarker/Companion Diagnostic Analysis (featured below)
  • Deal & Alliance Analysis
  • Conference surveillance of world leading cancer meetings (featured below)
  • Combination Therapy Analysis (featured below)
  • Clinical Trial Results Analysis
  • Indication Selection & Expansion Analysis
  • First-in-Class Analysis
  • Drug Repositioning
  • Pipeline Analysis by Targeted Pathways
  • Instantly generate drug profiles, drug target profiles and company profiles (including Business Development & Licensing contacts)

Analytical Tools transform your computer's desktop into a high capacity workbench within your area of choice. Even before launching this tool you have already eliminated hundreds of hours of work needed to discover, process and piece together the thousands of sources that our team of oncology dedicated and highly experienced contents specialists have done on your behalf.

Your Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool covers more than 380 companies plus partners who are today developing 931 ADC drugs where of 668 are in active development in cancer across 300 different targets. Any data and/or analysis from the Analytical Tool is yours to keep and data/graphs/tables can be easily exported into Excel/PDF and various graphic formats for mixing with your own proprietary information.

Let our expertise work for you

With a simple point and click interface you can navigate the environment of current development, drill down into specific areas such as ongoing combination trials, biomarker analysis, selected scientific abstracts etc. and generate drug profiles, drug target profiles and company profiles (including Business Development & Licensing contacts). Any analysis generated by you is packed with presentation-ready graphs and tables to use in your reports and presentations.

Your key to access development at the world-leading cancer meetings

The Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool is continuously updated according to twelve of the world's most influential meetings in oncology (AACR, ASCO, ASGCT, ASH, CIMT, EHA, EORTC-NCI-AACR, ESMO, SITC and BIO (International, Europe and Asia). If you are not able to attend any of the conference(s) in person, this Analytical Tool ensures that you are not missing out on the important take home messages you need to know about.

Run combination therapy analysis like no other

The Conjugated Antibodies in Oncology: Analytical Tool delivers comprehensive combination therapy analysis, allowing you to analyze combination therapies from multiple perspectives; from a single drug to virtually any cross section of oncology drugs of interest.

Unparalleled biomarker surveillance

We also provide an outstanding oncology clinical biomarker surveillance & analysis, highlighting clinical phenotyping and patient stratification in trials. This analysis is based on our monitoring of the presence and usage of more than 1,000 biomarkers across tens of thousands of cancer clinical trials.

Support and inspiration at your finger-tips

You also have access to a great selection of How-to Training Videos showing best practice approaches to aspects such as competitive pipeline analysis right through to many real world case examples put forward by other users of our Analytical Tools.

A tool to grow with and keep you informed

Unlike a static report which just represents a particular snapshot in time, all of the Analytical Tools come with one year of online access to twice-weekly updates in both contents and features, pipeline alerts and online support etc. You can choose to renew your access to these updates and support on a yearly basis or go over to our industry leading full service platform covering all oncology drug development, 1stOncology.

System Requirements

  • Browser Application (Supports: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari))
  • Internet access
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