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Leukemia: Analytical Tool

出版商 BioSeeker Group AB 商品編碼 191458
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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分析工具:白血病治療藥物 Leukemia: Analytical Tool
出版日期: 2016年08月22日 內容資訊: 英文



  • <調查報告>白血病產品線最佳化所需之決策支援工具:從研發至上市(商品編碼:191456))
    • 第1章 實施概要
    • 第2章 關於癌症
    • 第3章 調查方式
    • 第4章 目錄
    • 第5章 報告範圍
    • 第6章 最有效治療效果及投資報酬率所需之標靶
      • 藥物重新定位
      • 白血病治療藥物標靶之簡介
      • 癌症基因組計畫及白血病標靶
      • 生物學標靶相關可獲得之結構數據促進結構類藥劑設計
      • 白血病治療藥物標靶中標靶間之相互作用
      • 藥劑標靶之競合環境
      • 蛋白質發現水準
      • 途徑評估
    • 第7章 新產品:開發階段別策略
      • 註冊前至上市後
      • 第3相臨床實驗
      • 第2相臨床實驗
      • 第1相臨床實驗
      • 中止、結束之藥劑標靶策略
    • 第8章 化合物策略
      • 小分子
      • 肽、蛋白質
      • 抗體和抗狀結構
      • 核酸治療
      • 細胞、基因治療
      • 藥物傳遞及奈米科技
      • 亞細胞定位之化合物策略
    • 第9章 白血病治療藥物概要
      • 急性淋巴性白血病
      • 急性髓系白血病
      • 慢性淋巴性白血病
      • 慢性髓系白血病
      • 毛細胞型白血病
      • 肥大細胞白血病
      • 一般白血病
    • 第10章 產品線及組合計畫:白血病治療藥物產品線之標竿分析
    • 第11章 免責聲明
    • 第12章 藥劑索引
    • 第13章 企業名錄
  • <數據庫>白血病治療藥物產品線:(商品編碼:171762)
    • 臨床實驗擔任醫師及合作夥伴
      • 253位
    • 藥劑名稱及別名
      • 商標名、非專利藥物及代號
    • 開發階段
      • 331種開發計畫中474種臨床計畫
    • 適應
    • 標靶
      • 205種標靶以55種分子功能分類
      • 標靶以25種本地化分類
    • 標靶發現簡介
    • 標靶信號路徑
    • 機轉
    • 化合物
    • 藥劑簡介
      • 藥劑名
      • 臨床實驗擔任醫師及合作夥伴
      • 標靶及標靶分子功能
      • 標靶部分
      • 標靶發現簡介
      • 標靶信號路徑
      • 機轉
      • 開發計畫
      • 藥劑解說
      • 化合物數據
      • 專利數據
      • 商業及市場
      • 第3相數據
      • 第2相數據
      • 第1相數據
      • 臨床實驗前數據
      • 授權資訊
    • 應用特性
      • 13種參數
      • 相關網路來源應用
      • 資訊提供及共享
    • 系統必要條件
      • Operating system: Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8) for Mac Users the service is only available online
      • Browser Application (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
      • Internet access (to access related internet resources)



Product Code: BSG041026

Analytical Tools are cancer area specific intelligence and surveillance toolkits within a select number of hot, emerging cancer therapy areas. They are designed to empower biotech/pharma professionals from a business development, drug development or investment perspective.

BioSeeker's Analytical Tools have proven their worth to our clients in oncology for almost two decades in their capacities covering:

  • Target Scouting
  • Early & Late Stage Pipeline Analysis
  • Biomarker/Companion Diagnostic Analysis
  • Deal & Alliance Analysis
  • Combination Therapy Analysis
  • Indication Selection & Expansion Analysis
  • First-in-Class Analysis
  • Drug Repositioning
  • Pipeline Analysis by Targeted Pathways

Analytical Tools transform your computer's desktop into a high capacity workbench within your area of choice. Even before launching this desktop app you have already eliminated hundreds of hours of work needed to discover, process and piece together the thousands of sources that our team of oncology dedicated and highly experienced contents specialists have done on your behalf. It covers more than 457 companies plus partners who are today developing 867 leukemia drugs where of 631 are active in 913 developmental projects in cancer across 334 different targets. The Analytical Tool and its contents are yours to keep and data can be easily exported into Excel format for mixing with your own proprietary information.

Let our expertise work for you

While executing some of your daily tasks in our Analytical Tools you will benefit from almost two decades of our experience in perfecting features and analysis, allowing you to easily create breakdowns, tables, graphs and exports for your reports, presentations and conference attendance via our easy to use point and click interface.

Support and inspiration at your finger-tips

You also have access to a great selection of How-to Training Videos showing best practice approaches to aspects such as competitive pipeline analysis right through to many real world case examples put forward by other users of our Analytical Tools.

A tool to grow with and keep you informed

Unlike a static report which just represents a particular snapshot in time, all of BioSeeker's Analytical Tools come with one year of free online access to twice-weekly updates in both contents and features (valued at $2375), pipeline alerts and online support. You can choose to renew your access to these updates and support on a yearly basis or go completely online with our industry leading full service platform, 1stOncology.

Your key to accessing the 1stOncology Newsdesk

As a special bonus, your Analytical Tool unlocks lifetime(*) access to the 1stOncology Newdesk! This service, which is normally reserved for full 1stOncology users only, is a live stream of breaking news within the oncology industry. Updated every 5 minutes, you can tune in to specific channels such as Social Media, Clinical Trials, Intellectual Property, Financial data and Press Releases. This is a great tool to ensure your surveillance of your area of interest is complete.

Did you know?

BioSeeker's Analytical Tools are a longstanding series of products powering decision making in oncology since 1999. Transform your computer's desktop to a dedicated oncology workbench today! Request sample pages or order here to ensure you are not missing out on what you need to know.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/10) for Desktop App and Mac OSX access only via our online service.
  • Browser Application (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Safari))
  • Internet access (to access related internet resources)

(*) In this context, lifetime access refers to the full period of time that BioSeeker Group offer a Newsdesk product or similar news based service.

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