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2016 Life Science Global Funding & Lab Budget Outlook

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對全球生命科學部門的資金投入及實驗室預算:2016年的展望 2016 Life Science Global Funding & Lab Budget Outlook
出版日期: 2015年10月31日 內容資訊: 英文 200 Pages




  • 概要、各地區的比較分析
  • 市場分析、資金投入情形:美國
  • 市場分析、資金投入情形:歐洲
  • 市場分析、資金投入情形:亞洲
  • 調查手法、人口動態
  • 來自調查受訪者的逐字評論
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The health of the life science tools industry is directly tied to the annual investments in research and development made by governments, private industry and investors. The economic climate, political pressures, societal needs and technology will all affect the outlook for funding life science research, drug discovery and development in 2016.

This report, The 2016 Life Science Global Funding & Lab Budget Outlook, is designed to support annual strategic planning at life science tools companies. BioInformatics LLC and our SDi division have covered the industry for decades and are uniquely qualified to conduct primary and secondary research and help senior executives plan for success.

Life science and drug discovery research has experienced a modest yet sustained growth period over the last three years, fueled by the improving macroeconomic landscape and a recognition of the importance of the life sciences as a driver of economic growth and a healthier population.

Preliminary analysis suggests this modest growth in funding for the life sciences will continue in 2016. In the U.S., the President's proposed budget calls for roughly a 5% increase in federal support for R&D at the major institutions conducting life science research. Research and development at U.S. pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, however, is expected to remain flat or even decline as changing market conditions and business models pressure companies to focus less on R&D and more on the bottom line. The torrid pace of M&A activity in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is likely to continue along with the associated impact of discontinued R&D that does not fit with the larger company's portfolio or early-stage research considered too risky to pursue. Somehow, innovation survives and a surge of interest in promising new approaches such as CRISPR/Cas9 and CAR-T have infused hundreds of millions of venture capital dollars into the market.

In this multi-sponsor report, BioInformatics has conducted an in-depth exploration of projected lab budgets and sources of funding by region, and the implications of these findings for the life science tools market in the coming year.

The objective of this study is to assess sources of funding, the competitive landscape and market opportunities for life science tools companies. From the perspective of end-users, the goals of this assignment will be to:

  • Understand the current and projected levels of funding from public and private sources supporting life science research and drug discovery in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • Compare and contrast FY2015 (actual), and FY2016 (projected) average lab budgets in total by broad product category, region and market segment' providing directional information for FY2016.
  • Estimate scientists' budget for purchases and anticipated purchases in instrumentation and consumables, examining trends across key product categories.
  • Assess how optimistic scientists are regarding funding and the future of life science research

Table of Contents

BioInformatics LLC will deliver an in-depth analysis of the study's significant findings and their implications for your 2016 marketing strategy. A final report, data set and data legend will be provided to each sponsor. The final report will consist of the following sections:

SECTION 1 - Overview and Regional Comparisons

SECTION 2 - Market Analysis and Funding Situation for the United States

SECTION 3 - Market Analysis and Funding Situation in Europe

SECTION 4 - Market Analysis and Funding Situation in Asia

SECTION 5 - Study Methodology and Demographics

SECTION 6 - Verbatim Comments from Survey Respondents

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