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Connected Devices: Cellular Modules and Wireless Terminals Market Report and Forecast

出版商 Beecham Research Ltd 商品編碼 339545
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 33 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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連網型設備:行動電話模組、無線終端機的市場分析、預測 Connected Devices: Cellular Modules and Wireless Terminals Market Report and Forecast
出版日期: 2015年07月20日 內容資訊: 英文 33 Pages

隨著M2M/IoT市場進化,提供相關產品與服務的生態系統 (產業結構) 也複雜化、多樣化了。行動通訊模組和終端機的供應商,正致力於佔此生態系統內部重要的一角,並進一步進軍其他領域(服務實行平台,網路服務提供等) 。

本報告以行動電話式模組和無線終端機的主要製造商為焦點,依據以前的M2M行動電話模組市場相關分析結果,提供連網型設備 (M2M/IoT支援設備) 市場整體結構和趨勢,每個產品的市場趨勢預測 (以數量、金額為準,今後3∼5年份),各終端用戶產業、各地區的詳細趨勢,價格趨勢,主要供應商簡介,今後的市場方向性等相關調查與考察。


  • 分析對象的模組趨勢
    • 全球的出貨台數、收益額:模組的各類型 (2G/3G/4G)
    • 各產業的產品使用概況
    • 各地區的出貨台數、收益額
  • 分析對象的終端機趨勢
    • 全球的出貨台數、收益額
    • 各產業的產品使用概況
    • 各地區的出貨台數、收益額
    • 各產業出貨台數
    • 價格趨勢
    • 主要供應商簡介
    • 未來性的成長預測

This is a 33-page report and forecast of the markets for M2M/IoT cellular modules and wireless terminals, from the present through 2019.

Using a robust primary research methodology that has enabled to Beecham Research to create M2M/IoT market forecasts that have proven to be within 5% of actual outcomes, 3 to 5 years ahead, this report and forecast examines the status of the M2M module and wireless terminal market, present and through 2019.


As the M2M/IoT market evolves, the eco-system of companies offering products and services becomes more complex and diverse. The providers of wireless modules and terminals are an important part of that eco-system and many of them are diversifying to offer other parts of the value chain including Service Enablement platforms and network service provision.

This Market Report and Forecast is focused on the core business of the cellular module and wireless terminal manufacturers, building on previous studies of the M2M cellular module market but now also including forecast data on stand-alone wireless terminals, thus providing a broader picture of these elements of the M2M supply chain.


Wireless terminals used for M2M applications require some careful definition for the purposes of this report. In this case, such terminals are defined as stand alone devices in a chassis with a PSU and I/O ports, connecting to a cellular network for M2M applications.

Products included:

  • Modems, Routers, Gateways (Typically general purpose and priced from $150 and above)

Products not included:

  • Specific purpose, lower cost terminals targeting particular group of applications, such as Telematics/Vehicle Tracking devices (Typically specific to transport applications and priced <$100)

Cellular modules included are general purpose industrial grade, not low cost consumer oriented.

Table of Contents


For modules this report covers:

  • Global shipments and revenues for each module type (2G/3G/4G).
  • Product usage by vertical markets.
  • Shipments and revenues by geographic region.

For Terminals this report covers:

  • Global shipments and revenues.
  • Product usage by vertical market.
  • Shipments and revenues by geographic region.
  • Shipments by vertical market sector.
  • Price trends.
  • Profiles of the major suppliers.
  • Growth forecasts to 2019.

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