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印尼的行動服務·應用·內容市場: 預測與前景

Indonesia Mobile Services Applications Content Market - Forecast and Outlook to 2018

出版商 Asia Pacific Research Group (APRG) 商品編碼 239208
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 48 Pages; 26 Figures
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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印尼的行動服務·應用·內容市場: 預測與前景 Indonesia Mobile Services Applications Content Market - Forecast and Outlook to 2018
出版日期: 2014年07月01日 內容資訊: 英文 48 Pages; 26 Figures



  • 圖1.市場佔有率-印尼的手機業者
  • 圖2.印尼的手機用戶
  • 圖3.印尼的行動普及率
  • 圖4.網際網路,寬頻,數位電視服務範圍的普及率
  • 圖5.預付vs.月租型用戶:選擇預付或月租型服務的新用戶比例
  • 圖6.印尼的混合ARPU的達成率
  • 圖8.CDMA行動寬頻預測:EV-DO用戶·收益增加預測
  • 圖9.行動數據收益佔印尼整體收益的比例
  • 圖12.行動數據的收益成長(P2P SMS除外)及應用服務
  • 圖13.印尼當地行動應用程式商店·入口網站的減少
  • 圖14.印尼一般行動VAS內容成本:種類別
  • 圖15.消費者調查:過去30天購買的行動應用程式
  • 圖16.消費者調查:消費者調查:行動音樂,遊戲或圖形的購買頻率
  • 圖17.消費者調查:行動網站利用-各年齡
  • 圖18.消費者調查:印尼使用LBS(定位服務)的行動用戶比例
  • 圖19.消費者調查:消費者調查:最想購買的手機遊戲種類為以下何者?
  • 圖20.消費者調查:行動裝置最富有吸引力且最常被購買的音樂種類為何?
  • 圖21.消費者調查:消費者調查:印尼在何處得知關於新的行動VAS及內容?
  • 圖22.消費者調查:印尼在何處購買新的行動VAS及內容?
  • 圖23.印尼的行動青年人部門:將在何處成長,迎接頂峰,最後並減少?
  • 圖24.調查統計:年齡,性別,僱用,教育水準的摘要
  • 圖25.調查統計:網際網路的主要連結點
  • 圖26.調查統計:各產業職業



This 2014 market research report provides an assessment of the mobile services market in Indonesia, with focus on consumer adoption of mobile applications and how Indonesia consumers learn of new mobile apps and use them them.

Our research team provides an in-depth look at the growth segments of the mobile services business in Indonesia. We outline how Indonesia's mobile operators, application and content providers are positioning themselves to compete in Indonesia's mobile services market. This report reviews opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and risks of this emerging market of over 248 million people. Forecasts to 2018 are provided.

Key goals of this publication

This research report was designed to help the reader:

  • Understand the trends and issues relating to mobile apps and mobile data services market in Indonesia
  • Understand Indonesian consumer's view of their desires for mobile content and mobile applications
  • Current and forecast metrics of Indonesia's mobile subscribers, penetration and ARPU
  • Learn about some of the key local content and app providers in Indonesia
  • Learn how leading Mobile Service Providers will drive mobile application growth in Indonesia
  • Understand Indonesian consumer's buying patterns for mobile content and applications
  • Understand if there is an appetitive for mobile cloud services in Indonesia

Some of the companies discussed in this report:

  • Huawei
  • Bakrie Telecom
  • XL Axiata
  • Smart Telecom
  • Telekomsel
  • Qualcomm
  • Hutchison
  • Indosat

Table of Contents

Table of Figures and Exhibits:

  • Figure 1. Market Share - Indonesia's Mobile Operators
  • Figure 2. Indonesia's Mobile Subscribers 2008 - 2018
  • Figure 3. Indonesia's Mobile Penetration 2008 - 2018
  • Figure 4. Penetration of Internet, Broadband, Digital TV coverage
  • Figure 5. Prepaid vs. Postpaid Mobile Subscribers - Percentage of Net New Subscribers opting for Prepaid or Postpaid services
  • Figure 6. Blended ARPU Achievements in Indonesia 2006 - 2013
  • Figure 8. CDMA Mobile Broadband Forecast: EV-DO Subscriber and Revenue Growth Forecast.
  • Figure 9. Indonesia's Mobile Data Revenue as Percentage of Overall Revenue 2008 - 2018F
  • Figure 12. Revenue Growth in Mobile Data (excluding P2P SMS) and App Services , 2008 - 2018F
  • Figure 13. Current state of local Mobile Application Stores and Portals in Indonesia
  • Figure 14. Typical Mobile VAS Content Costs by Genre in Indonesia
  • Figure 15. Consumer Survey: Which Mobile App have you purchased in last 30 days
  • Figure 16. Consumer Survey: How frequently do you purchase mobile music, games or apps?
  • Figure 17. Consumer Survey: Mobile Web Usage by Age
  • Figure 18. Percentage of Mobile Users using Location Based Services in Indonesia
  • Figure 19 Consumer Survey: Which of the following mobile game genres do you find most appealing for actual purchase?
  • Figure 20. Consumer Survey: Which music genres do you find most appealing and typically purchase for your mobile device?
  • Figure 21. Consumer Survey: Where do Indonesians Learn About New Mobile VAS and Applications?
  • Figure 22. Consumer Survey: Where do Indonesians Purchase New Mobile Apps and Content
  • Figure 23. Indonesia Mobile Youth Sector - What's Growing, Peaking and Declining in 2014
  • Figure 24. Survey Demographics: Summary of Age, Sex, Employment, Education Levels
  • Figure 25. Survey Demographics - Where do you primarily access the Internet from?
  • Figure 26. Survey Demographics - Employment by Industry
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