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Tackling Global Food Losses and Waste

出版商 AGROW 商品編碼 340860
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 116 Pages
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應對全球糧食損失、廢棄物 Tackling Global Food Losses and Waste
出版日期: 2015年07月20日 內容資訊: 英文 116 Pages

全球糧食損失、廢棄物 (FLW) 一般地認為是30%,不過,新興國家市場與先進國家市場有相當不同。


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 糧食損失、廢棄物的估計

第3章 輸入企業

第4章 農場的損失

第5章 農外保管

第6章 運輸和流通

第7章 包裝

第8章 糧食加工

第9章 零售業者

第10章 消費者/家庭

第11章 糧食服務部門

第12章 系統整體解決方案

第13章 結論與未來


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A figure of 30% is commonly quoted for global food loss and waste (FLW), but estimates vary considerably between emerging and developed markets, both of which are fully covered in this report.

In emerging markets most losses occur at the production stage, both on farm and during transportation, whilst the majority of losses in developed markets are at the consumption stage. In both cases, education and dissemination of knowledge can play a large part in addressing FLW, as the report explains.

A broad range of interventions can be applied to reduce FLW at and across the different stages in the value chain, such as pest management, harvesting, threshing, storage, transport, distribution, packaging, processing, retail, consumption, food services and hospitality, as the report details.

Over 40 generic strategies are identified in this report and the specific actions described number several hundred, across both the public and private sectors.

With the right programmes and incentives it has been shown that significant improvements can be achieved very rapidly, demonstrating the importance of political will, the author concludes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Food losses and waste estimates
  • 3. Input companies
  • 4. Losses on the farm
  • 5. Off-farm storage
  • 6. Transport and distribution
  • 7. Packaging
  • 8. Food processing
  • 9. Retailers
  • 10. Consumers/Households
  • 11. Food service sector
  • 12. System wide solutions
  • 13. Conclusions and the future
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