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Germany Joint Reconstruction Market Report

出版商 ABMRG (Ace Business and Market research Group) 商品編碼 307452
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 52 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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德國的關節重建市場 Germany Joint Reconstruction Market Report
出版日期: 2015年01月03日 內容資訊: 英文 52 Pages


第1章 目錄

第2章 簡介

第3章 分析範圍

第4章 德國的關節重建市場

  • 定義
    • 關節重建
    • 髖關節置換
    • 膝關節置換
    • 肩關節置換
    • 小關節
  • 市場收益(單位:100萬美元):各類別,總計14年份
    • 髖關節置換
      • 完全置換
      • 局部置換
      • 重新置換
    • 膝關節置換
    • 肩關節置換
    • 小關節重建
  • 市場規模(以數量為準):各類別,總計14年份
    • 髖關節置換
      • 完全置換
      • 局部置換
      • 重新置換
    • 膝關節置換
    • 肩關節置換
    • 小關節重建
  • 平均價格(單位:美金):總計14年份
    • 髖關節完全置換
    • 髖關節局部置換
    • 髖關節重新置換
    • 膝關節完全置換
    • 膝關節局部置換
    • 膝關節重新置換
    • 肩關節完全置換
    • 肩關節局部置換
    • 肩關節重新置換
    • 腳關節重建
    • 肘關節置換
    • 指關節置換
    • 手腕關節置換
  • 企業佔有率(%)

第5章 近幾年的趨勢與發展

第6章 附錄

  • 調查手法
  • 聯絡處
  • 法律上的免責聲明


Product Code: ABMRGMDCHRc4510

This research report provides key market trends, market forecasts and competitive scenario of the joint reconstruction in Germany through 2020.

The product categories covered in this report include:

  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Small Joints


The report highlights historic and forecasted market size in terms of revenues & unit sales, average selling price, growth rates, and company market shares.

  • Highlights and compares key product categories for growth trends and revenue forecast.
  • Market size, annualized revenue and unit sales for each product category from 2007 to 2020.
  • Cross category comparison - Growth and revenue comparison for product categories, historic and forecast through 2020.
  • Market share of companies.
  • Average selling price ($) for each product type (2007 to 2020).
  • Recent Events and Developments

Why should you buy?

  • Build business strategy by identifying the high growth and attractive market categories
  • Develop competitive strategy based on competitive landscape
  • Design capital investment strategies based on forecasted high potential segments
  • Identify potential business partners, acquisition targets and business buyers
  • Plan for a new product launch and inventory in advance
  • Prepare management and strategic presentations using the market data
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