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Commercial Telematics Hardware

出版商 ABI Research 商品編碼 350692
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 32 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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商用車車載資通系統硬體設備 Commercial Telematics Hardware
出版日期: 2016年01月21日 內容資訊: 英文 32 Pages

許多FMS (車隊管理系統) 供應商轉移到不限於硬體設備類型的方法,不過,專用、獨有、高耐用性的硬體設備解決方案,對資產追蹤、卡車OEM系統來說依然重要。FMS硬體設備的尺寸規格,對日益分化為無數的市場區隔、地區,及必要條件的市場來說,不可能只用一種就可以對應全部。


第1章 商用車車載資通系統硬體設備趨勢

  • 新的商用車車載資通系統硬體設備的尺寸規格
  • 不受限硬體設備的解決方案
  • 整合式裝置的引進
  • 硬體設備組合的整合
  • 設計、製造的外包

第2章 商用車車載資通系統硬體設備的生態系統

  • 壟斷硬體設備:卡車 & 追蹤黑盒子
  • 壟斷硬體設備:汽車電腦
  • OBD適配器
  • 可攜式導航設備
  • 整合式設備:智慧型手機、企業平板電腦,及穿戴式設備
  • 專用終端
  • 特殊資產追蹤硬體設備
  • 商品追蹤硬體設備
  • 商用車OEM系統
  • 商用車車載資通系統閘道器

第3章 商用車車載資通系統硬體設備價格的經營模式、預測

  • 商用車車載資通系統硬體設備價格、經營模式
  • 保證、維修計劃
  • 硬體設備預測
Product Code: AN-1704

While many FMS vendors are moving towards hardware-agnostic approaches, new hardware form factors such as OBD dongles, smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches are gaining momentum, competing with legacy black box type systems, connected PNDs, and onboard computers. This is very much linked to both the need for low cost solutions allowing commercial telematics to expand into smaller , non-trucking fleets and the flexibility offered by third party application stores launched by vendors like Geotab. However dedicated, proprietary, ruggedized hardware solutions remain critical for asset tracking and truck OEM systems. Clearly, FMS hardware form factors are not a one-size-fit-all for a market which increasingy diverges into a myriad of segments, geographies, and requirements.

Table of Contents

1. Commercial Telematics Hardware Trends

  • 1.1. New Commercial Telematics Hardware Form Factors
  • 1.2. Hardware-Agnostic Solutions
  • 1.3. Adoption of Converged Form Factors
  • 1.4. Hardware Portfolio Consolidation
  • 1.5. Outsourced Design and Manufacturing

2. Commercial Telematics Hardware Solutions Ecosystem

  • 2.1. Proprietary Hardware: Track and Trace Black Boxes
  • 2.2. Proprietary Hardware - On-Board Computers
  • 2.3. OBD Dongles
  • 2.4. Portable Navigation Devices
  • 2.5. Converged Devices: smartphones, Enterprise Tablets, and Wearables
  • 2.6. Dedicated Handhelds
  • 2.7. Specialized Asset Tracking Hardware
  • 2.8. Goods Tracking Hardware
  • 2.9. Commercial Vehicle OEM Systems
  • 2.10. Commercial Telematics Gateways

3. Commercial Telematics Hardware Pricing Business Models and Forecasts

  • 3.1. Commercial Telematics Hardware Pricing and Business Models
  • 3.2. Warranty and Maintenance Plans
  • 3.3. Hardware Forecasts
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