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The Tesla Battery Report

出版商 Total Battery Consulting 商品編碼 311214
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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Tesla:電池報告 The Tesla Battery Report
出版日期: 2017年07月31日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供Tesla的到目前為止的成功和今後展望調查,Model 3及Gigafactory相關的優點與課題,Tesla的電池的年度生產成本和生產量的變化與預測,對汽車廠商和電池製造商的影響,未來的EV產業預測等彙整資料。

第1章 模式S的成功和EV市場方向性

第2章 Model 3約定和疑問

第3章 EV電池技術:Tesla vs 過去的產品

  • 設計、壽命、安全性
  • 成本

第4章 Gigafactory:投資、課題、優點

第5章 Tesla的電池年度生產成本估計 (日本/美國)、生產量的變化與預測

  • 電池單元
  • 模組&包裝

第6章 Tesla對EV/電池產業的影響

第7章 EV市場、EV電池市場預測

第8章 固定式能源儲存系統產業

第9章 總論:Tesla的未來方案

第10章 附錄



Dr. Anderman's insightful report analyzes Tesla's success to date, the benefits and challenges associated with the Model 3 and the Gigafactory, and the impact Tesla is having on automakers, battery producers, and the future of the EV industry.

Key Topics:

  • Tesla's Model S success and the direction of the EV market
  • Model 3 and the Gigafactory: stepping out of the Catch 22
  • EV battery technology: Tesla vs. conventional
  • EV battery cost
  • The Gigafactory: ramp up, cost, challenges, benefits
  • Tesla battery annual production cost estimate (Japan/U.S.) vs. volume from 2013 to 2022
  • Tesla's impact on automakers
  • Tesla's impact on the battrey industry
  • EV market forecast to 2025
  • EV battery market forecast to 2025


  • Automakers: Review an independent expert's analysis of the company that became the world's largest user of Li-Ion batteries overnight and of its battery technology
  • Battery producers: Anticipate the OEM's response to Tesla's success.
  • Material producers: Explore Tesla's potential impact on the xEV battery supply chain.
  • Energy providers: Stay abreast of the technology and trends in the EV market.
  • Corporate and financial investors: Use the Report's insightful EV battery technology cost and market assessments to guide your investment decisions.

Table of Contents

I. Success of the Model S and EV Market Direction

II. The Model 3 Promise and Questions

III. EV Battery Technology: Tesla vs. Conventional

  • Design, Life, and Safety
  • Cost

IV. The Gigafactory: Investment, Challenges, Benefits

V. Tesla Battery Annual Production Cost Estimate (Japan/U.S.) vs. Volume 2013 to 2022

  • Cells
  • Modules and Packs

VI. Tesla's Impact on the EV/Battery Industry

VII. EV Market and EV Battery Market Forecast to 2025

VIII. The Stationary Energy-Storage Systems Business

IX. Conclusion: Likely Scenarios for Tesla's Future

X. Appendix

  • Key Characteristics of Modern Electric Vehicles
  • Key characteristics of Tesla Vehicles and Battery
  • EV Battery Technology Background
    • Cell Design
    • Key Materials
    • Module and Pack Design
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