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Defense and Aerospace Agencies Briefing

出版商 Teal Group Corporation 商品編碼 337820
出版日期 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
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美國的國防、航太相關機關 Defense and Aerospace Agencies Briefing
出版日期: 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文

本年間服務為關於航太、國防領域的R&D、採購、服務參與,提供許多原承包契約預算給加入航太、國防市場的主要企業、機關、大學等的美國主要機關 (軍事、民生) 的最新措施相關各機關binder彙整,主要契約詳細彙整摘要等之定期更新,為您概述為以下內容。




  • 美國防高等研究計劃局 (DARPA:Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
  • 美國國防資訊系統局 (DISA:Defense Information Systems Agency)
  • 美國防後勤局 (DLA:Defense Logistics Agency)
  • 美國防威脅削減局 (DTRA:Defense Threat Reduction Agency)
  • 美飛彈防禦局 (MDA:Missile Defense Agency)
  • 美國家地球空間信息中心 (NGA:National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
  • 美特種作戰司令部 (USSOCOM:US Special Operations Command)
  • 美策略軍 (USSTRATCOM:US Strategic Command)


  • 美陸軍航空飛彈軍 (AMCOM:Aviation & Missile Command)
  • 美陸軍通訊、電子指令 (CECOM:Communications-Electronics Command)
  • 美陸軍接縫任務指令 (JMC:Joint Munitions Command)
  • 美陸軍資材指令 (AMC:Army Materiel Command)
  • 美陸軍醫學研究、資材指令 (MRMC:Medical Research & Materiel Command)
  • 美陸軍研究所 (ARL:Army Research Laboratory)
  • 美陸軍研究事務所 (ARO:Army Research Office)
  • 美陸軍模擬、訓練、器具計劃執行局 (PEO STRI:PEO Simulation, Training & Instrumentation)
  • 美陸軍宇宙飛彈防禦指令 (SMDC:Space & Missile Defense Command)
  • 美陸軍戰鬥車輛軍備指令 (TACOM:Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command)
  • 美陸軍實驗評估指令 (ATEC:Army Test & Evaluation Command)
  • 美陸軍訓練教義指令 (TRADOC:Training & Doctrine Command)


  • 美國海軍航空系統司令部 (NAVAIR:Navy Air Systems Command)
  • 美國海軍航空戰中心飛機部門 (NAWC-AD:Navy Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Div.)
  • 美國海軍航空戰中心訓練系統部門 (NAWC-TSD:Navy Air Warfare Center-Training Sys. Div.)
  • 美國海軍航空戰中心武器部門 (NAWC-WD:Navy Air Warfare Center-Weapons Div.)
  • 美國海軍海事技術本部 (ONR:Office of Naval Research)
  • 美國海軍研究所 (NRL:Navy Research Laboratory)
  • 美國海軍海洋系統命令 (NAVSEA:Naval Sea Systems Command)
  • 美國海軍空間&海上戰系統命令 (SPAWAR:Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command)
  • 美國海軍海上戰中心 (NSWC:Naval Surface Warfare Center)
  • 美國海軍海底作戰中心(NUWC:Naval Undersea Warfare Center)


  • 美國海軍陸戰隊系統命令 (MARCORSYSCOM:USMC Systems Command)


  • 美空軍航空系統中心 (ASC:USAF Aeronautical Systems Center)
  • 美空軍電子系統中心 (ESC:Electronic Systems Center)
  • 美空軍資材指令 (AFMC:Air Force Materiel Command)
  • 美空軍科學研究局 (OSR:Office of Scientific Research)
  • 美空軍研究所 (AFRL:Air Force Research Laboratory)
  • 美空軍宇宙飛彈系統中心 (SMC:Space & Missile Systems Center)
  • 美空軍AFSC (Air Force Sustainment Center)
  • 美空軍AFTCC (Air Force Test Center Complex)


  • 美國土安全部 (DHS:Department of Homeland Security)
  • 美國聯邦航空局 (FAA:Federal Aviation Administration)
  • 美國聯邦搜查局 (FBI:Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • 美國聯邦海事局 (MARAD:Maritime Administration)
  • 美國國家航空暨太空總署 (NASA:National Aeronautics & Space Administration)
  • 美海洋大氣廳 (NOAA:National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
  • 美海岸警衛隊 (USCG:US Coast Guard)
  • 美國能源部 (DoE:US Department of Energy)


  • 計劃管理者目錄


  • 成立契約:各機關

Authored by Jeff McKaughan, Teal Group's Defense & Aerospace Agencies Briefing is a monthly updated information service reporting on the activities of the most important US government agencies (both military and civilian) that make funds available to companies, institutions and universities competing in the aerospace and defense market.

To be included in the binder, an agency must be involved in either the research and development, procurement or service fields, and annually dispense a major portion of its budget in the form of prime contract awards. Each agency has an individual report that is periodically updated to reflect the most recent activities. Reports are added to the binder when new players emerge; conversely, an agency's report is removed when it drops out of the market or considerably lessens its involvement in the segment.

Also included with each binder are appendixes that give summary information on prime contract awards, including a directory of program managers and other key government contacts, an outline of company involvement by Program Elements and a listing of the past year's major prime contracting activity for agencies covered in the binder.

Table of Contents

User's Guide


  • Index

Defense Agencies

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
  • Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
  • Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
  • US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)
  • US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)

US Army

  • USA Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM)
  • USA Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)
  • USA Joint Munitions Command (JMC)
  • USA Materiel Command (AMC)
  • USA Medical Research & Materiel Command (MRMC)
  • USA Research Laboratory (ARL)
  • USA Research Office (ARO)
  • USA PEO Simulation, Training & Instrumentation (PEO STRI)
  • USA Space & Missile Defense Command (SMDC)
  • USA Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM)
  • USA Test & Evaluation Command (ATEC)
  • USA Training & Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

US Navy

  • USN Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
  • USN Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Div. (NAWC-AD)
  • USN Air Warfare Center-Training Sys. Div. (NAWC-TSD)
  • USN Air Warfare Center-Weapons Div. (NAWC-WD)
  • USN Office of Naval Research (ONR)
  • USN Research Laboratory (NRL)
  • USN Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
  • USN Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)
  • USN Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)
  • USN Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)

US Marine Corps

  • USMC Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM)

US Air Force

  • USAF Aeronautical Systems Center (ASC)
  • USAF Electronic Systems Center (ESC)
  • USAF Materiel Command (AFMC)
  • USAF Office of Scientific Research (OSR)
  • USAF Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  • USAF Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC)
  • USAF Sustainment Center (AFSC)
  • USAF Test Center Complex (AFTCC)

Civilian Agencies

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Maritime Administration (MARAD)
  • National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • US Coast Guard (USCG)
  • US Department of Energy (DoE)

Appendix 1

  • Appendix 1-Program Managers Directory

Appendix 2

  • Appendix 2-Contract Awards by Agency
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