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Galvanized Steel and Tinplate: Market Tracker

出版商 Metal Bulletin Research 商品編碼 335378
出版日期 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
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鍍鋅鋼市場追蹤調查 Galvanized Steel and Tinplate: Market Tracker
出版日期: 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文



  • 南北美洲、歐洲、亞洲的主要地區的交易價格的評估
  • 主要的塗層金屬產品市場最新的趨勢與發展相關策略性的分析與見識
  • 主要地區的各種塗層金屬產品的重要價格走勢相關今後6個月的預測


  • 2007年以後的各地區的生產、出貨、交易、庫存相關主要統計資料
  • 1999年以後的熱鍍鋅鋼 (HDG) 產品的價格,2004年以後的電鍍鋅 (ELG) 產品、原料、馬口鐵產品的價格的時候系列資料
  • 投資、生產能力、交易的問題相關的終端用戶和經濟的重要指標


  • 本服務中,包含可與MBR分析師定期進行意見替換的服務,可聽取今後的動向帶給自家公司產業的影響等詳細的說明。
Product Code: MCT

(Formerly known as Coated Steels Market Tracker) Our Galvanized Steel & Tinplate Market Tracker analyses trends in all the key markets including tinplate, pre-paint and galvanised steel.

With a subscription to MBR's Galvanized Steel & Tinplate Market Tracker you'll get:

A monhtly research report including:

  • Assessment of transaction prices in the major regions of Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Strategic analysis and insights into the latest market trends and developments of all key coated markets.
  • 6-month forecasts of key price movements for all major regions, separated by coated product.

Online access providing you with data including:

  • Key regional statistics on production, shipment, trade and inventories from 2007.
  • Historical prices for HDG products from 1999, and price series from 2004 for ELG, raw materials and tinplate products.
  • Key end-user and economic indicators relating to investment, capacity and trade issues.

Use the expertise of the MBR Galvanised steel and tinplate forecasting analyst

Your subscription entitles you to regular discussions with MBR's analysts to expand on how their forecasts affect your business.


"Galvanized Steel & Tinplate Market Tracker is a quality product and an important source for our business intelligence" Dave Smith, Strategic Procurement Manager, Coca Cola.

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