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美國的屈光矯正手術市場 : 季報

US Refractive Surgery Quarterly Update

出版商 Market Scope, LLC 商品編碼 960918
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
美國的屈光矯正手術市場 : 季報 US Refractive Surgery Quarterly Update
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文



  • 各市場區隔的雷射中心擁有率
  • 各市場區隔的手術
  • 屈光矯正手術的各類型平均費用
  • 手術的施行地點
  • 各企業雷射中心
  • 波前驅動 (自訂) LASIK
  • 外科醫生使用的雷射
  • 微型角膜刀的使用
  • 外科醫生使用的飛秒雷射
  • 手術數量
  • 手術的種類:LASIK,表面消融,SMILE,角膜嵌體,晶狀體IOL



Our coverage of the refractive surgery market includes a quarterly surveying process that targets and collects data from US refractive surgeons. The resulting data are analyzed and presented in our US Refractive Surgery Quarterly Updates. These updates are designed to improve your decision-making process with the most accurate assessment of current market conditions and the identification of significant market trends.

We measure and analyze key metrics of the US refractive market four times per year, including:

  • Laser center ownership by market segment;
  • Procedures by segment;
  • Average refractive surgery fees by type;
  • Location of surgery;
  • Corporate laser centers by company;
  • Wavefront-driven (custom) LASIK;
  • Lasers used by responding surgeons;
  • Microkeratome use;
  • Femto lasers used by responding surgeons;
  • Procedure volume;
  • Procedures by type: LASIK, surface ablation, SMILE, corneal inlays, phakic IOLs.

Our updates include trend analysis based on comparisons with information gathered in previous years.