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Ophthalmic Market Perspectives - Monthly Newsletter

出版商 Market Scope, LLC 商品編碼 1007529
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
眼科市場展望:月報 Ophthalmic Market Perspectives - Monthly Newsletter
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文

Market Scope 出版眼科市場展望 (OMP) 已有 20 多年,提供有關眼科市場和專業的最新商業信息。今年的信息探索新技術和企業發展,並就行業面臨的挑戰發表看法。我們還分析和繪製季度行業數據以預測長期市場表現。


  • 美國白內障、屈光矯正、青光眼和視網膜手術人數
  • 新商業化的眼科設備/藥品
  • 正在調查的技術
  • 影響眼科行業和醫療實踐的經濟問題
  • 關於美國關於白內障、屈光矯正、視網膜、青光眼、乾眼症設備和藥物的監管信息
  • AAO、ASCRS、ARVO 和 ESCRS 等主要眼科學會的演講和趨勢
  • 未來眼科學會重要議程項目預覽
  • 眼科醫療趨勢
  • 眼科相關公司併購
  • 新發佈報告預覽及總結
  • 新的手術方法
  • 影響眼科行業的爭議
  • 歐洲、日本、中國、印度等地區的眼科新聞
  • 眼科市場競爭條件的變化
  • 關於治療視網膜、青光眼和乾眼症的藥物
  • 包括新任命的執行官在內的高層人員概覽
  • 其他

Market Scope has published the Ophthalmic Market Perspectives (OMP) newsletter for more than 20 years. The newsletter provides the latest business information that is shaping ophthalmic markets and professions. Our articles explore new technologies and company developments. We offer opinions on issues facing the industry. We also analyze and chart quarterly industry data, and we forecast market performance over time.

The OMP provides perspective on products, events, and market trends, and timely information and analysis on the following:

  • US cataract, refractive, glaucoma, and retinal procedure volumes
  • Newly commercialized ophthalmic devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Investigational technologies
  • Economic issues affecting the ophthalmic industry and medical practice
  • Yearly US regulatory updates on cataract, refractive, retinal, glaucoma, and dry eye devices and pharmaceuticals
  • Presentations and developments at major ophthalmic meetings-the AAO, the ASCRS, ARVO, the ESCRS, and other key meetings
  • Previews of significant agenda items at upcoming ophthalmic meetings
  • Trends in the practice of ophthalmic medicine
  • Mergers and acquisitions of ophthalmic companies
  • Previews/summaries of newly published Market Scope comprehensive reports
  • New surgical techniques
  • Controversies affecting the ophthalmic industry
  • Ophthalmic news from Europe, Japan, China, India, and other regions
  • Shifts in the competitive landscape within ophthalmic market segments
  • Retinal, glaucoma, and dry eye pharmaceuticals
  • Briefs on new executive officers and other changes in top personnel
  • And much more