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Money Management Intelligence

出版商 Institutional Investor Magazine 商品編碼 252904
出版日期 26 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
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資金管理的資訊資料庫 Money Management Intelligence
出版日期: 26 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文


Money Management Intelligence subscription包含的內容:

  • 新聞
    • 包含影響商務──以及影響最後損益的投資策略,人力資源發掘&僱用活動及投資管理者·顧問相關競爭資訊的美國及加拿大整體養老金基金投資資訊。
    • 可依照您的需求,加上支援網頁新消息及需求的特地資產或地區資訊。
    • 彙整了快報新聞、日報週報重點的電子郵件通知。可自選專題、地區及頻率。
  • 特集報導
    • Proprietary Surveys是為了徹底調查商務的經營方法、現在正發生的問題解決之道及未來設計,由計劃贊助商,投資管理者及顧問相關的獨家調查。
    • Ask the Sales Expert有名的銷售·行銷專家的經營管理風格,銷售技巧,趨勢以及其他相關意見。
    • Ask the Advisor提供產業的熱門趨勢以及有名顧問對目前問題的見解。
    • 產業趨勢為了提供目前產業專題的概況,附有iiSEARCHES的資料及公開的產業領導者的評論。
    • Plan Sponsor Profiles專門以包含基金結構、產業及營運者詳細內容的養老金基金,或是其他給付制度作為特集。
    • Consultants Profiles是以著名產業顧問的投資、最新的建議、管理者選擇流程、疑慮事項及工作上的關係等詳細見解為特解。
  • 資料
    • the Search & Hire Directory是在iiSEARCHES支援下,北美的計劃贊助商在發掘對商務成功而言重要的投資管理者、顧問及服務供應商上,實用的銷售線索。
  • 出版物
    • 隔週發行的印刷出版品,可寄送到自家或是辦公室。PDF版則可在收到郵件前的星期五下載。



Money Management Intelligence is an exclusive, daily information service with clearly organized news, features, proprietary surveys and informed perspective on the North American pension fund investment industry. It takes you up close and personal with key sales and marketing professionals at investment management firms, leading industry consultants and key decision makers at North American plan sponsors.

A Money Management Intelligence subscription includes:


  • Covering pension fund investments across the U.S and Canada including, investment strategies, search & hire activity and competitive information on investment managers and consultants that impact your daily business - and make a difference to your bottom line.
  • Customize your homepage News to display the latest on assets or regions specific to your needs.
  • Breaking news, daily and weekly summary email alerts. Customize by topic, region and frequency.


  • Proprietary Surveys of plan sponsors, investment managers and consultants to delve into the specifics of how they run their businesses, approach current issues and plan for the future.
  • Ask the Sales Expert delivers feedback from prominent sales and marketing professionals on their management style, sales technique, trends and more.
  • Ask the Advisor provides feedback from prominent consultants on hot trends or current problems in the industry to get their take on the matter.
  • Industry Trends are backed by iiSEARCHES data and on-the-record commentary from industry leaders to deliver a full contextual picture of current industry topics.
  • Plan Sponsor Profiles feature a pension fund or another benefit plan including details on the fund's structure, business and operations.
  • Consultants Profiles feature prominent industry consultants including details on their views on investments, recent recommendations, manager selection process, concerns, and working relationships.


  • Powered by iiSEARCHES, the Search & Hire Directory provides actionable sales leads on investment manager, consultant and service provider searches being conducted by North American plan sponsors that are critical for winning business.


  • Bi-weekly print issues delivered to your home or office. Download a PDF version of the print issue the Friday before you receive it in the mail.
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