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Global Water Intelligence (Monthly Magazine)

出版商 Global Water Intelligence 商品編碼 113298
出版日期 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
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全球自來水產業資訊 Global Water Intelligence (Monthly Magazine)
出版日期: 12 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文

Global Water Intelligence (全球自來水產業資訊),是由專家執筆的專業性全球自來水產業的權威。每月皆將報告送達給您。



  • 每月發行(計12次)的報告:硬體拷貝及PDF (電子郵件)
  • GWI網站的會員:可點閱2000年以後的文件及PPP•海水淡化企劃•水源的再生利用等各種調查
  • 可線上查詢GWI的姊妹刊物「American Water Intelligence」



  • Need to 在know(關注的主題):自來水產業中引起話題的最新企劃,發表聲明,競標,企業相關資訊。
  • Analysis(分析):最新的市場動向與其影響分析。刊載全球各地區(歐洲•亞洲•中東•南北美洲)的自來水產業及海水淡化產業相關的最新市場資料及新情勢及發展相關報導。
  • Market 在Profile(市場簡介):以特定區域為焦點的特集。
  • PPP project tracker(PPP企劃調查):大受好評的GWI「Dealwatcher」。提供提案•競標•申請階段的專利權,BOT,其他方式的民間契約相關最新資訊。能立即掌握企劃的主要目的和價值、參加企業、財政方式、最新競標相關新聞,事前資格審查,競標價格詳細內容等。
  • Desalination project tracker(海水淡化企劃調查):刊載廠房規模,客戶,諮詢方式(電話號碼),成本,企劃結構,現狀,依GWI劃分的進展層級及現實等級。
  • Water reuse 刊載tracker(水資源再生利用調查):各企劃的客戶,生產能力,成本預測,行程,聯絡處詳細內容資訊。
  • 以年為單位的特集報導:以各方面的自來水產業為焦點,提供所有補充情報。譬如,年度調查「Water Tariff Survey(自來水費用調查)」(與OECD的共同調查),「Investing in the Water Industry(自來水產業的投資)」,「Annual Water Stocks Review(自來水相關股票的年度檢討)」等等。



What is Global Water Intelligence?

Global Water Intelligence is a monthly business magazine that provides analysis and strategic data on the international water, re-use, and desalination markets. It is the market-leading publication for developers, suppliers, financiers, governments, utilities, and municipalities seeking information and analysis on water projects with an element of private water participation. Our network of specialist water and financial journalists based in-country means we have access to exclusive regional data that helps you to interpret the changes occurring in the global water industry and indentify investment opportunities created by the changes.

What does a subscription include?

A hard copy issue of Global Water Intelligence, which features:

  • Our ‘Need to Know' section with the most important news in the industry.
  • The ‘Water Index', providing key data on stock performance from water companies.
  • A monthly ‘Market Profile', exploring in depth key trends in the market.
  • Desal, Re-use, and PPP Trackers, where we provide the essential information for new projects/plants.

Ten web users for your office location:

  • A PDF version of every GWI issue.
  • Searchable archives dating back to 2000.
  • Christopher Gasson's weekly updates.
  • Annual Features, such as GWI's Water Index.
  • RSS Feeds.
  • Searchable Desal, Re-use, and PPP Trackers.
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