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Potash Outlook/Potash Data File

出版商 Fertecon 商品編碼 364466
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
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FERTECON:碳酸鉀市場報告&數據文件 Potash Outlook/Potash Data File
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文



    • 過去3個月的市場轉變
    • 市場趨勢的短期、中期性預測
    • 製造、消費、貿易資料
    • 需求與供給、價格的預測
    • 設備製造容量、製造數量、進出口數量、消費量的預測:各國
    • 新廠及進行中的計劃等

FERTECON's ‘POTASH OUTLOOK’ report is an invaluable medium and long-term planning tool for anyone involved in the potash industry. Detailed reports are issued twice a year and are generally between 100 and 120 pages in length. Each report includes an analysis of market developments over the previous three months and expected market trends in the short and medium term. The most recent production, consumption and trade data for each supplier and buyer are presented and set in the context of the overall market. A historical price series is presented with forecasts of annual average prices through to 2020.

A major part of each issue is the presentation of the outlook for supply, demand and prices through to the year 2020. Each issue includes a comprehensive Appendix with tables of potash capacity by plant; production, imports, exports and consumption by country for the period 2000-2020. Details of new and ongoing projects are regularly presented. In between the two main reports subscribers receive a concise update on major market, price and supply/demand developments.

Subscribers to the ‘POTASH OUTLOOK’ also receive the FERTECON POTASH FERTILIZER DATA FILE, which is published twice a year and provides a unique resource of data and forecasts on potash. It is designed to present important data and trends clearly and concisely, covering comprehensive potash fertilizer data on a product and country basis. The report, which covers the period 1981-2020, is divided into four sections which are colour coded for ease of reference: World Summaries, Country/ Regional Balances, Product Balances and Historical Prices from 1981. Changes since the last report are highlighted. The POTASH DATA FILE is available in both hard copy and as a pdf.

FORMAT: Quarterly PDF newsletter sent by email and hard copy.

PLEASE NOTE: Price is for a one year subscription for a single user.


Coverage includes:

  • Summary
  • Supply and Trade
  • Demand
  • Outlook for Supply/Demand
  • Current Market Price Situation
  • Potash Price Outlook
  • Potash Cost Outlook
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