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Cancer Drug News

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出版日期 44 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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癌症藥物新聞 Cancer Drug News
出版日期: 44 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages

抗癌藥物市場在風平浪靜的外表下有著最嚴峻的外在環境,而抗癌市場利益 之大為眾所公認。

Espicom在眾多發展抗癌市場的廠商、 商品、疾病 與研究中任重道遠, 已開創抗癌的新刊物。

Cancer Drug News (CDN)為您節省時間與精力,為您確認與全球市場接軌的必備資訊。與主 要題材來源合作,匯集Espicom獨一無二的檔案資料,CNS Drug News 提供具說服力,簡明易懂的途徑來 為您開闢市場機制。


  • 癌症相關併發症之治療
  • 併發症
  • 一般發展新聞
  • 會議目錄


  • 乳癌
  • 血癌
  • 肝癌
  • 腸胃癌
  • 肺癌
  • 婦科癌症
  • 泌尿系統癌症
  • 腦瘤
  • 頭部/頸部癌症
  • 黑瘤/肉瘤
Product Code: 1369-7129

BMI View: Developments in the chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy field will likely come fast as more resources are being routed here. Multinationals have begun to take notice of smaller biotech firms in possession of this technology, and agreements and acquisitions will take place as large pharmaceutical companies attempt to bolster their immuno-oncology pipelines.

Table of Contents

1 CAR-T Market Gaining Traction

Haematological Cancer

4 Agreements

4 Curis/Aurigene Collaborate To Develop Immuno-Oncology/Precision Oncology Targets

5 BioInvent Reaches Agreement For BI-1206 Phase I/II Trial In CLL/NHL

5 Product Updates

5 EC Favours Iclusig's Approved Indications Throughout Europe

6 Milestone Triggered As Novartis' Jakavi Gains CHMP Positive Opinion For Polycythaemia Vera

7 R&D

7 Hybrigenics Launches Inecalcitol Phase II Study In CML

7 Celator's CPX-351 Gains FDA Fast Track Designation

7 Theravectys Secures Grant From Bpifrance

Lung Cancer

7 Product Updates

7 CHMP Adopts Positive Opinion On Abraxane For First-Line NSCLC

8 R&D

8 Qu Biologics Initiates Phase IIa Trial Of QBKPN SSI In NSCLC

8 Verastem's VS-5584 Gains EC Orphan Designation For Mesothelioma

Genito-Urinary Cancer

8 R&D

8 ESSA Raises Funds To Complete EPI-506 Phase I/II PCA Programme

9 Enzalutamide Phase II MCRPCA Trial Meets Primary Endpoint

Gynaecological Cancer

9 R&D

9 Aprea Granted EU Orphan Designation For APR-246 In OC

Gastrointestinal Cancer

10 R&D

10 Karcinolys' Oncolytic Virus Myb34.5 Gains US/EU Orphan Designations In PC

10 ASCO GI 2014 Indicates Future Market For Hard-To-Treat Upper GI Tract Cancers

Melanoma/Skin Cancer

13 R&D

13 Provectus Granted Chinese Patent Allowance For Rose Bengal Synthesis

Head and Neck Cancer

13 Agreements

13 Tiziana Licenses Milciclib From Nerviano

14 R&D

14 PCI Biotech's US Amphinex Phase II Programme Receives FDA Approval

General Developments

14 Agreements

14 MedImmune/NCI Enter Partnership To Advance Oncology Research

14 Array To Acquire Global Rights To Encorafenib From Novartis

15 R&D

15 Undulations In CytRx' Share Price To Continue Until Release Of More Definitive Data

16 Clovis To Transform As Pipeline Matures

17 Enrolment Begins In Gem's Phase II Trial Of GPX-150 In Soft Tissue Sarcoma

17 CytRx' Aldoxorubicin Phase IIb STS Trial Results Have Room For Improvement

Supportive Therapies

18 Agreements

18 BMG Grants Distribution Rights To Ferrer For GelX Rinse/Spray

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