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World Refinery Database

出版商 ENERDATA 商品編碼 204526
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
全球的製油所資料庫 World Refinery Database
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文

全球的製油所資料庫(World Refinery Database)、專門提供全球運作中級新的製油所資料庫。各國及各地區、在精煉油製品的目前及未來的生產能力評價上、為有用的工具。


使用全球的製油所資料庫(World Refinery Database)、評價未來的精煉油生產能力、確認各公司的資產檔案、需連結有效果的競争力資訊工具。


  • 目前開發中的新製油所在哪裡
  • 新製油所的運作開始日為何時
  • 某企業所保有的累積製油能力為何
  • 所屬國家在今後5年間的製油能力為

這些全球的製油所資料庫(World Refinery Database)的焦點為無數主題的一部分。全球中專門開發製油所的全球製油所資料庫(World Refinery Database)、將各製油產品、各國家的製油需要所適合的投資水準分類、製油業界的基礎開發之相關效果性分析可能化。


  • 新的製油所、既存製油所的擴大之相關持續性資訊的確認
  • 網羅全球
  • 計畫的進行狀況之相關持續性後續調查:計畫、開發中、建設中、試驗、運作、中斷、中止
  • 各製油所的詳細資料
    • 場所(國家/州)
    • 狀況(運作中、建設中、計畫)
    • 運作開始年
    • 原油常壓蒸餾(bbl/d:桶/日)
    • 所有權
  • 電子郵件資料庫每季更新(xls檔案形式)


  • 全球的新製油資產開發的相關最新資訊的取得
  • 更被構成、整理成xls形式的資料庫的連結
  • 各國、各企業、各種狀況的可瀏覽資料庫
  • 經驗豐富的分析團隊所提供的高品質資訊的活用
  • 製油能力及投資層面的各國特性評價
  • 各國家最活耀的企業確認

Global monitoring of new and existing refineries

Enerdata's World Refineries Database gives global coverage of refinery units and their developments giving you all you need to perform in-depth analysis on the development of infrastructures in the refining industry.

This is a very useful tool to assess the current and future production of capacities of refined oil products by country and zone. With the World Refineries Database, you can easily identify companies' asset portfolios, giving you the ultimate edge in decision making.

Why subscribe?

  • Quarterly updates of the development of global refinery assets
  • Access to a clear and well structured Excel database
  • Browse database by country, operator and status
  • Identify the most active operators by country
  • Assess country dynamics regarding refinery capacity and investment
  • Benefit from quality information provided by a team of experienced data analysts

Service overview

World Refinery Database is a comprehensive database covering refinery units around the world, both operational and new refineries. This resource is used by key players in the energy industry and governmental bodies to assess current and future production capacities of refined oil products and also to identify a given company's asset portfolio.

Detailed data:

  • Continuous identification of new refinery units and extension of existing ones
  • Continuous follow-up of project status: planned, under development, under construction, testing, commissioned, stopped and cancelled
  • Detailed data by refinery
  • Quarterly database updates
  • Data export in .csv format to integrate your own databases and models
  • New capacities roll-out by country, technology and company

Enerdata brings you detailed information on the developments of refineries across the world through a simple and clean interface.

Key features:

Detailed data by refinery:

  • Location (country/city)
  • Refinery name
  • City
  • Plant status (planned, approved, bid process, under construction, operational, mothballed, etc.)
  • Date of commissioning/decommissioning
  • Crude atmospheric distillation (bb/d)
  • Investment (US$m)
  • Ownership