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Power Plant Tracker

出版商 ENERDATA 商品編碼 204525
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
世界電廠數據庫 Power Plant Tracker
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文

電廠跟蹤器 Enerdata 的數據庫服務,該服務可調查,監視和分析發電資產的發展,並提供能夠進行有效行業分析的功能。它配備。該服務篩選和基準測試涵蓋了世界發電容量8%的發電開發,資產和公司。



  • 覆蓋全球85%的電力容量
  • 正在開發的發電資產的詳細更新
  • Enerdata發電廠狀況分析
  • 基準對比發電組合變化
  • 自然能量擴散狀態評估
  • 關於發電量和投資的國家動態分析
  • 歐盟各電廠的年度績效數據
  • 可以在複雜條件下設置的搜索功能
  • 輕鬆將數據導出到Excel
  • 電站儀表板
  • 發電CAPEX和可再生能源LCOE模塊
  • 每天更改的電子郵件通知


  • 各電廠的主要信息
    • 電廠名稱,國家/地區,服務年份
    • 位置信息:GPS坐標,地圖上的位置和技術細節
    • 電廠特徵:能源,淨發電能力,技術(包括美洲,歐洲,亞洲,中東80%電廠的特定技術類型)
    • 二氧化碳排放量(35個歐洲國家,美國,加拿大,澳大利亞,印度),產量和產能利用率(全球60個國家)
    • 詳細的財務信息:項目訂購者,大股東,持股比例,投資額(有數據時)
  • 各種燃料和浮動電站的信息
  • 新聞提要,提供與發電相關的新聞和信息
  • 可再生能源政策監控
  • 電站儀表板
  • 發電CAPEX和可再生能源LCOE模塊
  • 每天,我們都會通過電子郵件通知您最新的發電設施信息。



  • 每個國家的詳細信息
  • 國家分析
  • 國家計劃
  • 發電方式的變化
  • 可再生能源



  • 自1990年以來的裝機容量,排放量,發電量和效率
  • 運營能力,計劃能力,在建項目
  • 電廠的技術組成



  • 國家產能利用率
  • 國家發電量
  • 電廠狀況
  • 主要技術信息



  • 確定最適合投資的技術,國家或地區。
  • 數千個可靠的數據點
  • 各國政府,能源機構和協會的全國平均水平 只需點擊幾下即可使用
  • 專業指標
  • 要導入預測模型的數據


Unique, built-in forecasts and the most up-to-date power generation database

Power Plant Tracker is a powerful database tool with time-saving analytics built-in. Use it to screen and benchmark power generation development, assets, and companies covering 85% of the world's capacity.

Put the latest detailed information to use for your business, including country and company analytics, and a five-year power-mix forecast you won't find anywhere else. Gain an accurate, updated view of power capacity added year-after-year in 127 countries, sorted by fuel, technology, and company.

Why Subscribe:

  • Coverage of 85% of the world's power capacity
  • Detailed, up-to-date information about power generation assets in development
  • Plant statuses verified by Enerdata analysts
  • Benchmark power-mix evolution
  • Assessment of renewables penetration
  • Analysis of country dynamics for generation capacity and investment
  • Annual performance data by plant in the EU
  • Save complex searches to repeat later
  • Easily export data to Excel
  • Plant Dashboard
  • CAPEX and Renewables LCOE Module
  • Daily changes notifications by email

Key features:

  • Key info for each power plant, including:
    • Plant name, country and commissioning year
    • Location: GPS coordinates, map location and technical details
    • Energy, net capacity, and technology (including specific technology type for 80% of plants in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East)
    • CO2 emissions (35 European countries + USA, Canada, Australia and India), production and load factor (60 countries around the world)
    • Financial details: project owner, major shareholders, share of equity and investment figures where available
  • All fuels and floating power plants included
  • Newsfeed displaying all relevant power generation news and information
  • Renewables policy monitoring
  • Plant Dashboard
  • Optional Power CAPEX and Renewables LCOE Module
  • Daily changes notifications by emails providing information on the latest power facilities updated in the database (including: Status changes, planning changes on commissioning/decommissioning, new units)

Analytics tool

Use our embedded module to build advanced analytics on your selection of power plants:

  • Country breakdown
  • Country analyses
  • Country planning
  • Power-mix evolution
  • Renewable energy

Country Dashboard

This module gives a snapshot view of key data by country:

  • Installed capacities, emissions, power generation and efficiency from 1990 onwards
  • Operational capacities, planned capacities, and those under construction
  • Power plant technology mix

Plant Dashboard

  • Power Plant Tracker's Plant Dashboard
  • provides annual statistics on the following
  • data points:
  • Country load factor
  • Country power generation
  • Plant status
  • Key technical information


Exclusive insights on Capital Expenditure and Levelized Cost of Electricity.

  • Determine which technologies and country/ region are best to invest in
  • Thousands of reliable and meaningful data points:

Country-level averages from governments, energy agencies and associations

  • Exclusive averages and indicators available in just a couple of clicks
  • Ready-to-use data to import into your forecasting model