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International Tax Review

出版商 Euromoney Institutional Investor 商品編碼 252831
出版日期 10 Issues/Year 內容資訊 英文
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ITR高級版 International Tax Review
出版日期: 10 Issues/Year 內容資訊: 英文

本年度資訊服務提供國際間的租稅相關月刊出版物「International Tax Review」及提供公司稅和間接稅,稅務訴訟,配合度等相關最新消息及各種分析的服務,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 新聞
    • 主要4大領域相關的每天新聞。
      • 配合度管理
      • 公司稅
      • 間接稅
      • 稅務訴訟
    • 稅務相關的主要多國籍機關(EU·OECD·UN)等作為調查對象。
  • 分析
    • 快速傳送稅相關最新趨勢的相關分析。
    • 主要4大領域詳細的趨勢·發展情形。
      • 轉讓價格
      • 間接稅
      • 公司稅
      • 稅務訴訟
    • 提供重要的相關新聞的詳細討論·比較·支援。
  • 電子報
    • 最新新聞快訊
    • 週報(根據興趣·關心可客制化)
    • 每月新聞綜述
  • 調查支援
    • 可檢索的新聞資料庫:管轄各區域
    • 15年的歸檔文件可點閱存取
  • 其他專用服務
    • 基準調查·投票·各種獎項等
    • 租稅相關的專家·相關人員簡介·採訪等
    • 產業領導者的網站研討會的點閱存取
    • 涵蓋「International Tax Review」的全部活動及會議
  • 印刷版
    • 印刷版「International Tax Review」
    • 可利用印刷版·線上版各種各樣的補充資料

International Tax Review is a daily online plus monthly print magazine subscription product that provides access to tax news and analysis, comment from tax executives, officials and practitioners and comparative discussion of develpments in different jurisdictions around the world, making sure that users have everything they need to make informed business decisions. This combination of news, analysis and intellegence from an independant source is unlike any other tax product on the market.

International Tax Review provides you with an unparalleled hub of global tax information, insight and intellegence. International Tax Review keeps you informed, saves you time, gives you a competitive edge and allows you to make business decisions in confidence. This unique publication is an indispensable tool for tax professionals.

Subscribers can benefit from:


  • Unbeatable, daily news coverage of the four major tax areas:
  • Compliance Management - Covering what tax professionals need to know about national and international compliance procedures and policies. Topics featured included tax accounting and reporting.
  • Corporate Tax - Focusing on aspects of direct tax such as reforms, rate cuts, budgets, policy and corporate tax risk management
  • Indirect Tax - Featuring the latest news and insights into the challenges in indirect tax, including changes to VAT rates and rules, and the inauguration of new indirect taxes systems.
  • Tax Disputes - Dealing with the key administrative and judicial decisions around the world; the development of alternative dispute resolution strategies, comparative analysis and comment on tax litigation
  • Coverage of the key multilateral organisations with a role in tax, eg, EU, OECD and UN


  • Up-to-the-minute analysis on the latest developments in tax
  • In-depth features covering trends and developments in four key areas: Transfer Pricing, Indirect Tax, Corporate Tax, Tax Disputes
  • Detailed discussions, comparisons and reactions to the most significant tax news
  • Targeted opinion pieces


  • Breaking news alerts to keep you up-to-date

Print Editions

  • Print copies of International Tax Review magazine
  • Numerous supplements available in print and online
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