ECigIntelligence, Regulatory and Market Intelligence for the e-Cigarette Sector

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出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
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ECigIntelligence:電子菸相關規範和市場 ECigIntelligence, Regulatory and Market Intelligence for the e-Cigarette Sector
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文

全球電子菸產業 整合情報平台



  • 規範/商業相關簡報
    • 提供最新新聞、觀察、專家分析。搶先掌握全球產業動向。
  • 規範/市場分析報告
    • 針對規範及市場的詳細報告。深入分析全球超過45個國家的規範及法律限制、合規要求,提供市場動態、市場規模、消費模式、競爭企業標竿評估、價格設定情報。
  • 規範追蹤
    • 提供歐盟28國的EU TPD (歐盟菸草產品規範) 實施情況、影響電子菸產業的美國各州重要法律和法案相關情報、全球各國產品、銷售管道、公共場所吸用、課稅、廣告相關規範研究結果。
  • 價格追蹤
    • 提供價格相關數據追蹤研究結果。可以Excel格式下載彙整電子菸銷售網站之各產品價格情報,包含拋棄式產品、開放系統套組、霧化器、儲罐、電子菸油等。
  • 行銷和零售情報
    • 提供各品牌行銷、零售情報、廣告影像。
  • 市場數據庫
    • 提供市場相關重要數據的綜合數據庫,能讓您在短時間蒐集全球市場相關重要情報,描繪整體市場樣貌。
  • 發送最新規範情報
    • 每天將以電子郵件直接寄送各國市場規範相關最新情報。
  • 品牌追蹤
    • 六大電子菸市場 (美國、英國、俄國、德國、法國、義大利) 網站價格及各種零售情報,彙整不同瓶裝的電子菸油的平均價格、最低價格、最高價格等數據,以及不同容量瓶的可用性、主要品牌認知度等情報;並在硬體方面提供按產品種類的價格數據。 可在各個品牌或服務層面,進行您企業的獨自標竿評估。


  • 專任顧客經理
    • 在本服務利用期間,將有專任負責人因應各項詢問和問題。
  • 分析師聯繫
    • 透過專任顧客經理向ECigIntelligence分析師團隊詢問,獲得平台上所發行內容的詳細情報。





The leading provider of independent, detailed global market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the e-cig, heated tobacco and combustible-alternatives sector worldwide.

Regulatory Data

In-depth analysis of regulatory landscape in individual country markets, including comprehensive coverage of all relevant regulatory and legal restrictions and compliance requirements in more than 45 countries. Detailed trackers on EU TPD implementation in all 28 EU member states. US State by state regulatory coverage of all key enacted legislation and bills affecting e-cigarette sector, and international tracking of regulation covering following policy areas: Product restrictions Sales channels Public vaping Taxation Advertising Detailed analysis of compliance requirements and any enforcement issues in each market. Compliance burden for key stakeholders. Ongoing tracking, with daily updates of regulatory situation in each market.

Market Data

  • Market analysis reports: market dynamics, market size, consumption patterns, competitor benchmarking and pricing, online and offline retail distribution.
  • Downloadable excel spreadsheets with detailed brand competitor analysis and price benchmarking.
  • Comprehensive and consistent methodology allowing cross comparison between markets.
  • Analysis from online consumer survey with focus on buying and usage habits, knowledge of products, spend and purchase channels used. Also vape store surveys carried out.
  • Price progression and product/brand analysis for pods, liquids, and key hardware categories including cleaned and categorised raw data for analysis of individual brands and competitors.

Other features

  • Events database.
  • Detailed search functionality.
  • Stakeholder database.
  • Regular email alerts with updated information published on ECigIntelligence service.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: a customer relationship manager to contact for all enquires and issues which arise during the subscription.
  • Ask the Analyst: access to the ECigIntelligence's analysis team to answer questions or get further information on published content on the Ecigintelligence platform, to be channelled through the Dedicated Account Manager.

What is included

Briefings analysis: Global sector and industry updates

Get the most up-to-date news, insights and our expert analysis to stay on top of worldwide industry trends,

ECigIntelligence reports: Make smart decisions with deep knowledge and insight

Understand how the regulatory and market landscape operates and evolves with our in-depth reports.

Pricing trackers: Effectively analyse price changes and competitors

Online e-cig pricing: Provides data on the country's e-cig retail websites. This downloadable Excel file contains key price information for different product categories including disposables, open system kits, clearomisers and tanks, e-liquid and much more.

Online brands tracker: Tracks pricing and other retail information across the top websites in six major e-cigarette markets - the US, the UK, Russia, Germany, France and Italy. The data includes average, minimum and maximum e-liquid prices in different bottle formats; the availability of different bottle sizes; and identification of major brands. For hardware, the pricing data is broken down by product type.

A visual dashboard shows pricing evolution of different product categories across quarters and years. Cleaned and categorised raw data is also available to enable readers to conduct their own benchmarking at the level of individual brands and services.

Regulatory trackers: Manage regulatory risks

Use this timeless and effortless solution to monitor and manage regulatory data. This is a global tracking of regulation covering the following policy areas: Hemp plant, Extracts general, Foodstuffs Cosmetics and Vaping.

Market size database: Your one stop source for key market data

Capture essential market information in one place and get a truly global perspective with this valuable time-saving resource

Regulatory Live Alerts: real-time update

Get up-to-the minute regulatory updates directory into your inbox, every day.

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