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Market Research Report Subscription

出版商 BCC Research 商品編碼 192027
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
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全套市場調查報告定期訂閱 Market Research Report Subscription
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文

BCC Research公司提供企業、政府、學機機關等全套市場調查報告定期訂閱服務。本定期訂閱服務為針對必須持續掌握市場調查數據對象之優惠服務。每期皆有客制化之組織規模、預算、商業智慧需求,價格較個別報告購買更為划算。本定期訂閱中,客戶可以BCC報告型態下載型錄,並可選擇橫跨多項類別之報告,或專攻單一類別報告。


  • 新報告出版後即可存取閱讀:本報告為電子格式,可由桌面作搜尋。
  • 網羅了19個技術產業領域,可存取年度超過140件之報告:具有超越2000份報告之存檔資料庫。
  • 分析師將針對數據作具體之解答。
  • 定期訂閱期間,本公司客戶管理將給予協助。
  • 可針對新領域作提案。



  • 對貴公司新產品導入、參與新市場、競合市場評估、影響競爭力之重要決策等行銷活動提供協助。

為何選擇BCC Research

  • 網羅了19個技術、產業領域,具有廣泛且充實之市場調查內容。
  • 報告由以各國為據點之分析師親自執筆。
  • 可獲得必要及正確之數據、分析資訊。


  • 先端材料
  • 先端運輸技術
  • 高科技
  • 化學藥品
  • 能源、資源
  • 工程
  • 環保
  • 食品、飲料
  • 燃料電池、電池技術
  • 醫療保健
  • 資訊技術
  • 計測、感測器
  • 製造
  • 膜、分離技術
  • 奈米科技
  • 醫療藥物
  • 塑膠
  • 安全性
  • 半導體製造


  • 受負責技術市場認可之專家群。
  • 具有博士學位,並於該領域有超過20年之經驗。
  • 活用特定技術市場之相關知識,並定量評估市場成長驅力、市場阻力等因素。
  • 使用確保獲得整合性數據之成熟方式。

BCC Research publishes market research on today's major industrial and technology sectors, including emerging markets and technologies. For more than 40 years, BCC Research has helped customers identify new market opportunities with accurate and reliable data and insight, featuring market sizing, forecasting, industry overviews, and identification of significant trends and key competitors. The company partners with analysts who are experts in specific areas of industry and technology, providing unbiased measurements and assessments of global markets, publishing more than 250 topics annually.

The validity and accuracy of the information are corroborated by the long business success and stellar reputation of BCC Research in the markets it serves, and by the company's extremely high subscription renewal rate. Many of the world's largest companies have been using the research for, literally, decades. BCC Research also continues to experience significant year-over-year growth.

Market Research Report Subscription

BCC Research's report subscription service enables clients to stay connected to a constantly transforming library of market data, analysis, and forecasts critical to creating growth strategies and new markets. Organizations that need a comprehensive view of their industry stay informed through this expansive and cost-effective market research portal.

Report Subscription Benefits

  • A customizable program based on your needs
  • Annual access to a library of hundreds of published analysis reports covering a broad spectrum of science- and technology-driven markets
  • Immediate access to new reports as they're published
  • Fast and easy 24/7 online access for your designated users, with unlimited downloads
  • Valuable insight into market trends, disruptors, and newly emerging markets that inform strategies, investments, resource allocations, and decision-making
  • Convenient data flexibility to download graphs and tables for your own use
  • Availability of BCC analysts or editors to answer your data-specific questions
  • A dedicated BCC account director to assist you
  • Informative usage analysis reports to evaluate your return on investment
  • Ability to provide input and feedback to BCC's editorial team
  • An annual, manageable, defined, and cost-effective investment of your market research budget

Annual subscriptions are available for any combination of categories:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Energy and Resources
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Fuel Cells and Batteries
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Manufacturing
  • Membrane and Separation Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Photonics
  • Plastics
  • Safety and Security
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
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