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World Broadband Information Service

出版商 Ovum (TMT Intelligence, Informa) 商品編碼 10513
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文
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寬頻用戶資訊 World Broadband Information Service
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文




  • 200個國家的市場
  • 1000家公司以上的通訊業者和ISP
  • 多頻道電視(網路電視,CATV,DTT,DTH和)VoIP服務的用戶
  • 現有的DSL線路批發經營者和零售經營者,LLU
  • 購買層(人數和家庭數)
  • 重要業績評估指標(每月通訊事業收入(ARPU),市場佔有率,普及率)
  • 每季的總數,淨增契約數量



  • 財務資料
    • 特定的寬頻服務經營者,電纜服務經營者,ISP的財務資料
  • 有線寬頻的收益預測
    • 收益及ARPU的預測
  • 契約家庭數
    • 由聯合國和各國統計局收集而來的各國契約戶數資料
  • 預測摘要
    • 可看到WBIS的最新預測資料的雙向工具




  • 可靠性高


  • 踏實的預測

本服務所提供預測是基於包含定量分析和定性分析雙方的整合化共同調查流程一部分之手法所得出。預測根據的是 專業團隊和分析師緊密配合建立的資料模組與市場心智圖

  • 多方面的聯繫



A complete broadband and multi-channel TV resource

World Broadband Information Service (WBIS) is an online database of broadband, fixed-line telephony and multichannel TV subscriber numbers from 2000 to present day, with 5-year forecasts.

Launched in 2003, WBIS combines intelligently sourced data from the leading telecoms industry players with robust forecasts and an unrivaled analyst support service.

WBIS covers:

  • 200 countries with expanding coverage
  • 1,000 plus operators/carriers/ISPs
  • Multichannel TV (IPTV, CATV, DTT, DTH) and VoIP subscribers
  • Incumbent DSL wholesale vs. retail and LLU
  • Demographics (populations and households)
  • KPIs (ARPU, market share, penetration rates)
  • Quarterly totals, net additions.

Use WBIS to track:

  • Broadband historical and forecast subscription data including historical subscriptions (from end 2000), market share, net additions (growth), penetration, and five-year forecasts
  • Historical subscription data including historical subscriptions (from end 2000), market share, net additions (growth), and penetration for Multichannel, Fixed Access Line and Fixed Voice
  • Financials ARPU (per month), revenues, and earnings

Additional Metrics

A subscription to WBIS also includes access to the following Excel data sets:

  • WBIS financials - Financial data for selected broadband, cable operators and ISPs
  • Fixed broadband revenue forecast - Revenue and ARPU forecasts
  • Households - Household data by country, sourced UN and national statistics offices
  • WBIS forecast summary - Interactive tool displaying latest WBIS forecast data

Analyst Support when you need it

WBIS includes an unlimited Analyst Support component to maximize the decision making value of the service. Use the support service to clarify a source of data, query our methodology or to simply get advice on how to best manipulate and extract data.

Why Choose WBIS?


WBIS provides you with one-click access to the most comprehensive broadband and TV tracking tool available. Because the service is a fully relational database at its core, you can perform advanced comparative queries, build a custom research view or drill down to a specific segment.


We believe that forecasts should be prepared as part of a collaborative, integrated process involving both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our dedicated forecasting team collaborates closely with our analysts in designing the data models and market mind-maps which support our forecasts.


Our metrics and forecasts are robust because our analysts are experienced and well connected. We continue to resist the trend to outsource data collection - the quality of our service provider relationships is just too important. Our in-market analysts are based in nine research offices enabling us to understand local market dynamics.

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