Customer Care

出版商 Analysys Mason 商品編碼 294429
出版日期 年間契約型資訊服務 內容資訊 英文 Subscription Program
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顧客服務 Customer Care
出版日期: 年間契約型資訊服務內容資訊: 英文 Subscription Program




  • 統包是整合零件販售的CRM系統、提供基本使用者支援用戶管理系統、使用者交流系統、設備管理系統
  • 主要重點地區4個地域包含世界市場、特定通訊服務區分分析(行動、固定寬頻、商業)


  • 訂單編排(Order Orchestration)與主要目錄:減少產品化時間、現在已發展為完全的產品生命週期管理
  • 自行服務:現在已進化為引進狀況、成本減少削減同時可增加收益的完全手動服務
  • 多管道行銷與販售:販售流程與消費者透過網路、社群網絡、自行服務、零售與顧客服務代理業者、CSP正在調整販售管道
  • 新開發:政策管理與M2M服務、未來顧客服務將如何變化


  • CEM差異:透過CSP管理與開放式討論瞭解基本問題
  • 完全顧客體驗在商業方面優勢:收益NPS藍圖
  • 顧客服務系統:世界市場佔有率
  • SME顧客服務與請求支援提供:CSP的良機
  • 顧客個人服務:CSP架構與案例分析
  • Oracle收購Tekelec表示對通訊事業的堅持
  • 線上講座- 整合產品/提供品質管理:自動個人化多管道販售環境
  • Amdocs CES 9 sweet是「特選」產品技術、提供更好的顧客體驗
  • 顧客自行服務是多管道構造個人化的顧客個人服務進化
  • Cisco Live 2013可對應CSP需求並發表「最新」Cisco System
  • 複數供應商固定設備管理軟體:以CSP顧客體驗管理為目標
  • Redknee收購Nokia Siemens Networks的BSS事業、擴充產品範圍與員工
  • CSP以企業市場為重點、商業服務相關的OSS/BSS支出擴大
    • 顧客服務系統:世界市場佔有率
      • 市場主要供應商定量分析
      • 4項區分6大供應商
      • 地區分類、服務種類分類供應商分析
      • 地區分類、服務種類分類5年預測、Excel圖表
      • CRM、加入者管理、顧客交流、與設備管理區分


    • 策略報告:複數參與事業的成熟:簡單整合規則
      • 複數業者對於顧客針對單一企業的看法?市場成熟度相關報告

    Analysys Mason's Telecoms Software research stream provides market share and forecast data, as well as in-depth analysis of trends in the global telecoms software market. Customer Care is one of the programmes in this research stream.

    The programme covers software systems used by communications services providers (CSPs) to target prospective customers, respond optimally to customer service issues, provide an exceptional customer sales experience in all channels, rapidly introduce new services and maintain an overall view of how the business is running, while monitoring the customer experience. A CSP's customer care and revenue management systems constitute its business support systems (BSS).

    Our industry analysts will help you to:

    • understand the positioning of products and vendors in the customer care market
    • make informed business decisions on the strategic direction of your company
    • establish a clear position for your investments in technologies and services.

    Some of the issues we address include:

    • how leading multi-play CSPs are transforming to a ‘one-company' face to their customers - or not
    • how self-service is evolving into customer control as CSPs' customer care and CEM infrastructure evolves
    • how CSPs are using big data analytics to identify prospects for new services or service and product adjuncts, and social media technologies for opening up new channels
    • how customer care is evolving to support the CSPs' entry into new businesses in the digital economy.


    The service in detail

    For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect the following.

    • Market share report: provides analysis of the customer care segment overall, based on continuous briefings and market analysis. It includes market shares of leading vendors, vendor comparisons, market definitions and recommendations.
    • Market forecast report: provides analysis of the customer care segment overall, based on continuous briefings and market analysis. It includes five-year market forecasts for major customer care sub-segments, analysis of the business environment, an examination of market drivers, and recommendations for clients.
    • Strategic report: a comprehensive overview of the latest strategic approaches to customer care.
    • Viewpoint reports: cover a specific area in telecoms software or a new market opportunity relevant to our clients. They include a market definition, analysis of the topic's importance and potential impact on the client, and a prediction of market development in the next three years.
    • Comments: include concrete examples of specific company approaches as well as pertinent commentary on trends and developments.
    • Company profiles: include financial data, details of main products and key customers, an analysis of market position and of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
    • Access to experts: unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, providing practical advice in answer to ad hoc questions relating to our research.

    Programme deliverables

    Telecoms software market segments

    Customer care sub-segments explained

    • Customer interaction systems provide channels for customer self-service and direct machine-to-customer information.
    • Customer relationship management (CRM) provides sophisticated marketing, sales and operational support to CSP agents who deal with customers.
    • Subscriber management software comes bundled with the billing system. In smaller CSPs, subscriber management directly supports care agents and direct customer interaction. In CSPs that use CRM, subscriber management has a much more limited role.
    • Device management systems manage multi-vendor mobile and fixed end-user devices and their enabling software, including handsets, smartphones, tablets, home network controllers and others.
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