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含蛋白質產品的創新 (2014年)

Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation

出版商 Zenith 商品編碼 326171
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 91 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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含蛋白質產品的創新 (2014年) Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation
出版日期: 2016年09月01日 內容資訊: 英文 91 Pages



第1章 簡介、調查範圍

第2章 類別概要

  • 全球蛋白質供給
  • 全球的趨勢
  • 含高蛋白質的加工產品類型概要
  • 課題與障礙
  • 分析、市場機會

第3章 品牌簡介

  • 品牌簡介:RTE (Ready-to-eat) 蛋白質產品
  • 品牌簡介:RTD (Ready-to-drink) 蛋白質產品
  • 新原料的馬上能消費(Ready-to-consume) 含蛋白質產品
  • 適合特定年齡層的馬上能消費(Ready-to-consume) 含高蛋白質產品
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Zenith's ‘Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation Report 2016’ provides a comprehensive overview of current trends in new product development in the ready-to-drink protein market. By featuring over 60 innovative brand profiles this report provides the ultimate guide to understanding the key factors shaping the global RTD protein market as well as future opportunities.

Background and report description

Prioritising protein as a fortification ingredient has driven success in the food and beverage market in 2015, with high-protein products amongst the most successful launches of the year. Once a relatively niche market, targeted at athletes and body-builders, the trend towards consuming protein has since become mainstream, with a new range of consumers embracing the nutrient for its role in maintaining good health.

The ready-to-drink protein market has been expanding at a faster rate than other ready-to-consume protein products, complementing consumer's busy lifestyles. As the target market for drinkable protein has opened up, manufacturers have responded, creating a wave of diverse, and increasingly innovative product offerings.

Zenith's report on Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation examines the key trends and themes driving innovation and new product launches during 2014-2016. The report provides an ultimate guide of some of the most innovative and leading products in a user-friendly presentation format to help you quickly gain an understanding of new product development worldwide.

What this report covers

  • Category overview: Overview of key global market trends shaping the face of the evolving ready-to-drink protein market. A broad overview of insights and opportunities, as well as challenges and barriers in the industry, are also included.
  • Key trends in new product development: an overview of main themes driving product development and innovation worldwide.
  • Brand profiles: Detailed profiles of over 60 innovative RTD protein products across North America, West Europe, and Asia Pacific, including product image, detailed product information, date of launch, packaging size & type, pricing, key ingredients and description of variants.

Brand profiles featured by 9 key ready-to-drink protein market segments: flavoured water, coconut water, juice-based drink, RTD coffee / energy, white milk, flavoured milk, plant-based drink, drinking yogurt, other beverages

Scope and definition

For the purpose of this report, Zenith has limited its research scope using the following definition:

  • Any ready-to-consume drink which is marketed as a high-protein beverage, or which highlights the weight of its protein content, and one tenth or more (10%) of its calorific value is from its protein content. According to EU regulations; 1g of protein provides 4kcals.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and scope

2. Category overview

  • 2.1. Global overview of RTD protein
  • 2.2. Commentary - RTD protein trends
  • 2.3. RTD protein challenges and barriers
  • 2.4. RTD protein insights and opportunities

3. Brand profiles

  • 3.1. Brand profiles: Flavoured water
  • 3.2. Brand profiles: Coconut Water
  • 3.3. Brand profiles: Juice-based drink
  • 3.4. Brand profiles: RTD coffee / energy
  • 3.5. Brand profiles: White milk
  • 3.6. Brand profiles: Flavoured milk
  • 3.7. Brand profiles: Plant-based drink
  • 3.8. Brand profiles: Drinking yogurt
  • 3.9. Brand profiles: Other beverages
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