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含蛋白質產品的創新 (2014年)

Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation

出版商 Zenith 商品編碼 326171
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 91 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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含蛋白質產品的創新 (2014年) Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation
出版日期: 2016年09月01日 內容資訊: 英文 91 Pages



第1章 簡介、調查範圍

第2章 類別概要

  • 全球蛋白質供給
  • 全球的趨勢
  • 含高蛋白質的加工產品類型概要
  • 課題與障礙
  • 分析、市場機會

第3章 品牌簡介

  • 品牌簡介:RTE (Ready-to-eat) 蛋白質產品
  • 品牌簡介:RTD (Ready-to-drink) 蛋白質產品
  • 新原料的馬上能消費(Ready-to-consume) 含蛋白質產品
  • 適合特定年齡層的馬上能消費(Ready-to-consume) 含高蛋白質產品
Product Code: 11462

Features at a glance:

  • An essential guide for anyone present or considering entering the protein market with a view of offering innovation and added value to consumers.
  • Includes an overview of global trends highlighting common themes in new product development.
  • Features a wide range of products, innovations and trends shaping the future of the international protein industry.
  • Includes over 60 innovative protein brands launched between 2012 and 2014 worldwide to benchmark against leading and innovative products.
  • Explores challenges and opportunities in the protein category.

The new millennium is marked by an increase in health awareness amongst consumers. More people take an interest in their wellbeing - exercising more and eating more healthily. High-protein products are no longer only associated with body building, athletes and generating muscle mass - they are being marketed as foods that help consumers lead a healthy lifestyle.

Zenith's report on Protein Innovation examines the key trends and themes driving innovation and new product launches during 2012-2014. The report provides an ultimate guide of the most innovative and leading products in a user-friendly presentation format to help you quickly gain an understanding of new product development worldwide.

What this report covers

  • Category overview: overview of key global market trends.
  • Key trends in new product development: explores 10 main themes driving product development and innovation worldwide in the protein category.
  • Brand profiles: over 60 profiles of innovative protein brands including product image, detailed product information, date of launch, packaging size & type, pricing, key ingredients and description of variants.

Brand profiles featured by the following key innovation themes:

  • 1. Introduction of new formats
  • 2. Introduction of new flavours
  • 3. Reduced sugar content
  • 4. Use of new protein sources
  • 5. Use of new ingredients
  • 6. ‘Ultra Premium' classification
  • 7. Designer bottles
  • 8. Limited edition packaging releases
  • 9. Minimalistic packaging designs
  • 10. Unique packaging shapes & textures

Scope and definition:

For the purpose of this report, Zenith has limited its research scope using the following definition:

  • Any packaged and ready-to-consume product marketed as a protein food/snack/drink or highlights the weight of protein content on the label, and 10% (one tenth) or more of its calorific value is from its protein content. According to EU regulations, 1g of protein provides 4kcals.
  • A separate section is provided for ready-to-consume protein-rich products for specific age groups, such as children, seniors, etc.
  • Any packaged and ready-to-consume food or drink product sold through retail as well as other channels, and contains protein from an unconventional or relatively new source (such as insects).
  • Exclusions: Any non-packaged product as well as raw or cooked meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, soy, legumes, cheese etc. are excluded.

Geographical coverage

  • Global

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and scope

2. Category overview

  • Global supply of protein
  • Global trends
  • Packaged high-protein product categories overview
  • Challenges and barriers
  • Insights and opportunities

3. Brand profiles

  • 3.1. Brand profiles: Ready-to-eat protein products
  • 3.2. Brand profiles: Ready-to-drink protein products
  • 3.3. Ready-to-consume products with protein from new or unconventional sources
  • 3.4. Ready-to-consume protein-rich products for specific age groups
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