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Mobile Barcode Scanners

出版商 VDC Research Group, Inc. 商品編碼 346436
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 23 Pages; Vendor Profiles 30 Pages; 47 Exhibits
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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行動條碼掃描器市場 Mobile Barcode Scanners
出版日期: 2015年11月30日 內容資訊: 英文 23 Pages; Vendor Profiles 30 Pages; 47 Exhibits

本報告提供條碼掃描器和軟體所構成的行動掃描解決方案的市場相關調查、終端用戶為對象的產品購買計劃/品牌認知度/愛好的購買途徑/選擇標準等調查、要求的尺寸規格與機能的相關調查、主要終端用戶產業及用途與解決方案 的引進推動因素與阻礙分析等彙整資料。



  • 主要調查結果



  • 市場概要
    • 表格:受訪者的專用掃描機替換成行動掃描設備的計劃
    • 表格:供應商、品牌的認識
  • 途徑分析
  • 途徑的愛好:產品如何到達客戶
  • 解決方案選擇供應商的因素
    • 表格:選擇供應商標準


  • 尺寸規格
    • 表格:行動掃描解決方案的需求:各尺寸規格
  • 被要求的功能
    • 表格:行動掃描功能標準


  • 零售
    • 表格:產業中對掃描的投資
    • 表格:主要的行動掃描用途
  • 運輸、物流
    • 表格:產業中對掃描的投資
    • 表格:主要的行動掃描用途
  • 醫療保健
    • 表格:產業中對掃描的投資
    • 表格:主要的行動掃描用途



This research analyzes the key strategic issues and market drivers for mobile scanning solutions. Mobile scanning solutions are barcode scanning hardware and software solutions that can either pair wirelessly with or enhance the built-in camera functionality of consumer smart devices such as smartphones and tablets for enterprise-grade scanning applications. The scanning solutions covered for this report include companion scanners, sleds/sleeves, personal shopping solutions, and software platforms that enable the built-in cameras of consumer smart devices for barcode scanning. The report offers market analysis leading applications, drivers, and barriers), in-depth vendor analysis, and opportunities across the following dimensions: technology types, end-user industries, and distribution channels.

What questions are addressed?

  • What mobile scanning applications present the greatest opportunities?
  • What are the key considerations for channel success in this market?
  • What innovations in this market will provide vendors with growth potential in the future?
  • What are the constraints and drivers to end users' mobile scanning investments?
  • How are vendors setting up their product, market, and channel development strategies to engage this growing opportunity?

Who should read this report?

This annual research program has been carefully designed for senior decision-makers at barcode technology and solution provider companies, including individuals in the following roles:

  • CEO and other C-level positions
  • Corporate development and M&A
  • Marketing
  • Business development and sales
  • Product development, management, and strategy
  • Channel development, management, and strategy

Executive Summary

Handheld barcode scanners are no longer restricted to the traditional pistol grip form factor or rugged mobile devices; pairing or integrating scanners with consumer devices is increasingly becoming a popular option for less scan-intensive applications. Vendors now offer companion scanners, sleds, and sleeves to support end users' enterprise-grade scanning requirements. Capitalizing on growing smartphone adoption in the enterprise space, new and emerging vendors-including non-traditional participants such as independent software vendors-are challenging AIDC incumbents by bringing data capture technology to a wider audience. Consumer smartphone-based scanning solutions are also gaining consideration in the enterprise space as companies evaluate BYOD policies and alternatives to traditional purpose-built scanners. Today, mobile scanners are primarily deployed in conjunction with traditional data capture solutions; VDC believes that lower tier organizations (especially small businesses), however, are now investing in these products because of their greater accessibility and lower prices, potentially expanding the total available market for barcode scanners. VDC estimates that the current global market size for companion scanners and sled solutions is between $XX and $XX.

The advancement of new form factors and the development of applications such as proof of delivery have led companies to deploy some mobile scanners beyond customer facing applications and extend them into harsh environments, supporting operations in the warehouse and field operations. As retail, logistics, and health care organizations look for new ways to support vital workforce operations and productivity, they consider companion scanners, sleds, and barcode scanning software platforms to be viable solutions to replace or be deployed alongside traditional purpose-built devices. In VDC's recently conducted end-user survey shows, XX% of organizations reported using mobile scanning solutions to support their everyday operations.

VDC believes that mobile scanners represent a high growth opportunity and are primed for success; application development will play a major role in sustaining long-term business development for vendors in the mobile scanning ecosystem, creating apps for enterprise uses cases and extending vendors' products to wider audiences. Distributors with vertical expertise and a strong application developer network will be key components to success, since vendors must differentiate themselves from competitors and establish strong brand images.

Key Findings

  • XX% of organizations are considering replacing their purpose-built scanner investments with mobile scanners for daily operations: Respondents surveyed across retail, logistics, and health care are currently evaluating the option to deploy mobile scanning solutions to support daily operations.
  • Application developers will take center stage: Exceptional in the mobile scanning space, numerous vendors derive product sales via applications developed by third-party app developers and certain vendors boast developer networks with thousands of developers and apps for their respective product offerings.
  • Technology obsolescence a risk: While mobile scanners do make barcode scanning available to a wider audience and broader range of applications, concerns related to initial investments and deployment costs remain. Users run a very real risk of technology obsolescence in a relatively short period of time due to the lack of “forward compatibility” with new products.
  • Software enhancements set to make a splash: Software platforms that enable consumer-grade smart devices to use their built-in cameras for enterprise-grade barcode scanning have emerged as viable solutions in less scan-intensive, green field application environments. However, certain issues of decode snappiness, readability, depth of field, and poor scanning under limited lighting conditions (in comparison to the latest camera-based scan engines) currently serve as barriers to adoption.
  • Greatest opportunity exists in less scan-intensive environments: VDC's research indicates that point-of-sale applications in higher end retail stores (apparel, specialty goods), pallet/case scanning in warehouses/distribution centers while loading and/or unloading trucks (freight carriers, in particular), and bedside medication administration in hospitals will drive strongest interest in mobile scanners.

XX Commercial in Confidence.

In-Depth Vendor Profiles

This report also includes in-depth profiles of leading and emerging vendors in the mobile scanning space:

  • Code
  • Datalogic
  • Grabba International
  • Hiku
  • Honeywell
  • Infinite Peripherals
  • Koamtac
  • Opticon (OptoElectronics Co. Ltd.)
  • Scandit
  • Socket Mobile
  • and Zebra Technologies.

Table of Contents

Inside this Report

  • What questions are addressed?
  • Who should read this report?


Executive Summary

  • Key Findings

The Situation

End-User Analysis

  • Market Overview
    • Exhibit 1: Respondents' Plans to Replace Purpose-built Scanners with Mobile Scanning Devices
    • Exhibit 2: Vendor Brand Recognition
  • Channel Insights
  • Channel Preference: How to get Product to Customers
  • Drivers of Choice of Solution Vendor
    • Exhibit 3: Vendor Selection Criteria (1 = Extremely Unimportant/Extremely Unsatisfied, 7 = Extremely Important/Extremely Satisfied)

Technology Insights: Form Factor and Features in Demand

  • Form Factor
    • Exhibit 4: Demand for Mobile Scanning Solutions by Form Factor
  • Features in Demand
    • Exhibit 5: Mobile Scanning Feature Criteria (1 = Extremely Unimportant/Extremely Unsatisfied, 7 = Extremely Important/Extremely Satisfied)

Industry Insights: Leading Drivers, Applications, and Barriers

  • Retail
    • Exhibit 6: Primary Scanning Investment by Industry: Retail
    • Exhibit 7: Leading Mobile Scanning Applications in Retail
  • Transport and Logistics
    • Exhibit 8: Primary Scanning Investment by Industry: Transport & Logistics
    • Exhibit 9: Leading Mobile Scanning Applications in Transport and Logistics
  • Health Care
    • Exhibit 10: Primary Scanning Investment by Industry: Health Care
    • Exhibit 11: Leading Mobile Scanning Applications in Health Care
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