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亞太地區的運輸、物流 2014年

Asia Pacific Transport and Logistics 2014

出版商 Transport Intelligence Ltd. 商品編碼 316200
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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亞太地區的運輸、物流 2014年 Asia Pacific Transport and Logistics 2014
出版日期: 2014年10月14日 內容資訊: 英文






  • 市場趨勢、發展的摘要
  • 亞太地區的地區內貿易的成長考察
  • 各地區、各國的市場規模、成長率的預測:合約物流,快遞,貨物運輸
  • 採用了詳細的獨有說明圖,含新興經濟各國,對各國的運輸基礎設施的總括預測
  • 地區整體物流產業上的影響與貿易模式及新夥伴關係的開發方法
  • 各國的物流市場動態的理解
  • 地區的物流供應商的財務實際成果及策略性發展分析
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“New Asia” - No longer just the manufacturing centre for the world, Asia Pacific is fast becoming a growing domestic market in its own right.

Consequently, international companies are expanding into this region to benefit from this trend and the resulting growth potential. China is at the centre of this emerging “New Asia” as low based manufacturing exits the country it is moving to such places as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and “frontier markets” such as Myanmar and Bangladesh.

As a result of the region's shifting trends, from 2013 to 2017 Asia Pacific is likely to expand its share in the global freight forwarding market while at the same time Europe and North America are likely to experience declines.

With this in mind, and with the prospect of considerable investment in the region's infrastructure, logistics providers are eagerly looking to take advantage of these changes by expanding their presence in this region.

What will you learn from Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2014?

  • A summary of market trends and developments
  • An insight into the growth of Asia Pacific intra-regional trade
  • Market size and growth rates as well as forecasts for the contact logistics, express and freight forwarding sectors in the region as well as key individual markets.
  • A comprehensive overview into the transport infrastructure of individual countries, including emerging economies through details and unique illustrative maps developed by Ti
  • The influence and trade patterns on the logistics industry across the region and how new partnerships are developing.
  • An understanding of the dynamics of each individual country's logistics markets.
  • Analysis of logistics providers' financial performance and strategic developments in the region.

Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2014?

Ti forecasts that by 2017 Asia Pacific will account for over one third of the global contract logistics market and will likely expand its share of the global freight forwarding market - at the same time Europe and North America will likely see market share declines.

As market growth gains momentum, considerable investment in infrastructure projects continues throughout the region to meet the growing needs of both domestic, cross-border and international demand.

The investment in the re-emergence of the famed ‘Silk Road' route connecting Asia Pacific with the Middle East and East Africa is just one such development that signals the progression of the region's supply chain requirements.

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