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Apple Pay的未來性

Insight Report: The Future of Apple Pay

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 33 Pages
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Apple Pay的未來性 Insight Report: The Future of Apple Pay
出版日期: 2015年02月11日 內容資訊: 英文 33 Pages

Apple Pay是在行動付款的演進中劃時代的事件,Forbes受評價為全球最有價值的品牌。許多人預想Apple Pay今後3∼5年之間將大幅改變行動付款的世界。Apple方面目前採用與主要的卡網路和卡發行企業,加盟店業務企業合作的方法。美國國內遵照EMV規格,加盟店將POS終端轉換至NFC (單距離無線通訊) 支援型時,謀求普及。可是,加盟店的收費率設定,尤其是國際交易的情況,可能跟其他公司產生糾紛。在美國國外的普及預測和問題點,議論者意見出現分歧,既有「由於歐洲中轉費低Apple Pay不積極進入」的意見,又有「Apple方面對Apple Pay的高收益從最初就不抱期待,防止自家公司品的商品化才是最大的目的」的意見。

本報告提供Apple Pay對行動付款解決方案的技術、市場帶來的影響度相關分析,Apple Pay的引進推動因素與未來的課題,付款的安全相關影響度,對消費者方面、加盟店方面的見解,市場相關人員、競爭企業的潛在影響,變革Apple Pay行動付款/NFC市場的可能性等相關調查與考察。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 Apple Pay的非神話化

  • 推動因素與課題
  • Apple Pay是「從零的革新」,還是「現有品的反復使用」?

第3章 付款的安全的影響度

  • 美國的卡片詐騙現況
  • Apple Pay帶給卡片安全的影響

第4章 安全要素 (SE) 和主機卡模擬 (HCE) 的關聯性錯綜的問題

第5章 美國國內、國外的競爭環境

  • 美國國內
  • 在美國國外的普及與競爭
    • Apple Pay的潛在市場
    • 在美國國外與Apple Pay的競爭

第6章 消費者和加盟店,是否已準備好接受Apple Pay了?

第7章 Apple Pay:主要打入市場企業的影響

  • 國際卡網路
  • 卡發行企業
  • POS、技術供應商
  • 行動付款產業的主要競爭對手
    • Google wallet
    • Softcard
    • CurrentC
  • 智慧型手機廠商
  • 收購方 (加盟店業務企業)
  • 行動網路、業者

第8章 Apple Pay會成為行動付款的轉換點嗎?

第9章 附錄


Product Code: VR1151MR

Apple Pay is a major milestone in the evolution of mobile payments, partly as it bears what Forbes lists as the world's most valuable brand. Apple Pay is seen by many as an inflection point, and its development over the next three to five years has the potential to shape the payments industry for decades to come. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple only ventures into areas where it can control the primary technology, which perhaps hints at Apple's plans in the payment industry.

Apple's current business model follows a cooperative approach, with almost all major card networks, issuers and acquirers supporting the launch of Apple Pay. EMV migration in the US plays a pivotal role in Apple Pay's adoption. Merchants are in the process of upgrading their POS terminals to EMV, which in most cases will also comprise NFC hardware (NFC-capable terminals). These terminals only require a simple software upgrade to be activated (NFC-enabled terminals). POS vendors and acquirers are expected to offer bundled deals for merchants to simultaneously upgrade their terminals to EMV and NFC, resulting in an accelerated expansion of NFC acceptance.

However, Apple could face a challenge in terms of allocation of merchant service charges with other payment participants, especially as regulators across the world cap interchange fees. Timetric's primary research has identified different points of view regarding the expansion of Apple Pay beyond the US. Some industry experts argue that low interchange fees outside the US, especially in Europe, will discourage Apple from entering these markets, while others stress that Apple is not expecting substantial profits from Apple Pay; the solution is mainly intended to decrease the commoditization of Apple's products.


The report provides insights into Apple's mobile payment solution, Apple Pay:

  • It analyzes factors contributing to adoption of Apple Pay along with challenges.
  • It analyzes Apple Pay's impact on payment security.
  • It explores whether merchants and consumers are ready to accept Apple Pay.
  • It outlines its potential impact on key market participants and competitors.
  • It explores whether Apple Pay is a game changer for mobile payments and NFC.


  • This report covers the competitive landscape for Apple Pay.
  • It provides a comparative analysis of hardware-based secure element vs cloud-based host card emulation technology.
  • It discusses impact of Apple Pay on key card schemes, issuers, POS vendors, merchant acquirers, mobile network operators and smartphone manufacturers.
  • It analyzes the impact of EMV migration in the US.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain understanding of innovation and the changing landscape in the global payments market. Is Apple Pay likely to become a mainstream payment solution in North America?
  • Understand how will Apple Pay affect consumer payments in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Gain insights into competitive threats and opportunities from emerging, new and potentially significant operators in the global payments market.
  • Gain an insight into the winners and losers in the new environment.
  • Understand how Apple Pay will affect payment technology requirements, industry standards, security and the overall payments ecosystem.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Demystifying Apple Pay

  • 2.1. Driving Factors and Challenges
  • 2.2. Is Apple Pay an Innovation or Permeation?

3. Impact on Payment Security

  • 3.1. The State of Card Fraud in the US
  • 3.2. Apple Pay's Impact on Card Security

4. The Secure Element vs Host Card Emulation Conundrum

5. Competitive Landscape in the US and Beyond

  • 5.1. The US
  • 5.2. Penetration and Competition outside the US
    • 5.2.1. Potential markets for Apple Pay
    • 5.2.2. Competition to Apple Pay outside the US

6. Are Consumers and Merchants Ready to Accept Apple Pay?

7. Apple Pay - Impact on Key Market Participants

  • 7.1. International Card Networks
  • 7.2. Card Issuers
  • 7.3. POS and Technology Vendors
  • 7.4. Main Competitors in Mobile Payments
    • 7.4.1. Google wallet
    • 7.4.2. Softcard
    • 7.4.3. CurrentC
  • 7.5. Smartphone Manufacturers
  • 7.6. Merchant Acquirers
  • 7.7. Mobile Network Operators

8. Is Apple Pay the Inflection Point for Mobile Payments?

9. Appendix

  • 9.1. Methodology
  • 9.2. Contact Timetric
  • 9.3. About Timetric
  • 9.4. Timetric's Services
  • 9.5. Disclaimer

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Levels of Card Security
  • Table 2: Apple Pay vs Current and Potential Competitors in the US
  • Table 3: Zapp in the UK, December 2014
  • Table 4: Potential Competitors Outside the US
  • Table 5: Key Stores and Apps Accepting Apple Pay, November 2014
  • Table 6: Apple Pay - Most Used Merchant Locations in November 2014
  • Table 7: Digital Enablement Service Fees

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Apple Pay - Drivers and Challenges
  • Figure 2: Card Fraud in the US (US$ Billion), 2014E
  • Figure 3: Card Fraud - the US vs Europe, 2010-2014E
  • Figure 4: Secure Element vs Host Card Emulation
  • Figure 5: NFC-Enabled POS Terminals, 2014E
  • Figure 6: EMV Migration Timeline in the US
  • Figure 7: MSC Revenue Share of a Typical US$100 Credit Card Transaction through Apple Pay
  • Figure 8: Non-Card E-Commerce and Mobile Payments (US$ Billion), 2010-2014
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