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Organ-on-Chip (內臟器官晶片) 的全球市場:2010-2020年

Organ-on-Chip Global Market Report 2017

出版商 The Business Research Company 商品編碼 358844
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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Organ-on-Chip (內臟器官晶片) 的全球市場:2010-2020年 Organ-on-Chip Global Market Report 2017
出版日期: 2017年11月14日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供人體內臟器官的生理學功能在晶片上再現的「Organ-on-Chip (內臟器官晶片)」的市場調查,內臟器官晶片定義和概要,市場特徵、各種趨勢,推動市場成長的要素與阻礙要素分析,市場規模的變化與預測,內臟器官區分、各地區的明細,資金籌措環境,經營模式,終端用戶分析,競爭環境與主要經營者分析、配合措施等彙整資料。





  • 技術概要
    • 典型性的內臟器官晶片結構
    • 產品設計材料
    • 產品設計手法
  • 各內臟器官的模組概要
    • 肺晶片
    • 心臟晶片
    • 肝臟晶片
    • 小腸晶片
    • 腎臟晶片
    • 人體晶片 (Human-on-Chip)


  • 特徵
  • 由來
  • 特徵
  • 重要性
  • 用途
  • 商業化
  • 市場的普及
  • 波特的五力分析


  • 為設計TaylorMaydo產品的製造商、終端用戶的聯合
  • 各個的內臟器官晶片整合為「Human-on-Chip」的投資
  • 著重自訂內臟器官晶片的開發
  • 製造商為促進藥物檢驗對疾病模式的措施


  • 全球市場
  • 全球市場到目前為止的變化
  • 全球市場的預測
  • 全球市場:各內臟器官種類
  • 全球市場:各地區
  • 北美
  • 歐洲
  • 其他地區


  • 成長推進因素
  • 成長疏遠因素


  • 美國
  • 歐洲
  • 其他


  • 主要經營者分析
  • 主要企業
    • CN Bio Innovations
    • Emulate
    • TissUse
    • Mimetas
    • HµREL
    • Nortis
    • Insphero
    • Tara Biosystems
    • AxoSim Techologies LLC
  • 價格資訊


  • 大學、學術機構
  • 分拆上市
  • 商業部門/終端用戶


  • 終端用戶分析
    • 醫藥品經營者
    • 研究機關
    • 其他
  • 終端用戶的展望
  • 未滿足需求



An organ-on-chip (OOCs) are microfluidic 3D cell culture devices that closely mimic the key physiological functions of body organs. These chips are usually transparent, flexible and about the size of a computer memory stick. An OOC is also referred to as a biomimetic microsystem or 3D microphysiologic platform.

OOCs are one of the most exciting multidisciplinary areas of scientific research. They have the distinguishing characteristic of emulating the human micro environment in vitro, which is not possible by any other conventional in-vitro techniques. This unique feature of an OOC is the result of integrating biology with technology.

Scientific advances in cell biology, microfabrication and microfluidics have led to the development of OOCs. They are tiny chip-like structures with specific embedded cells. The combination of chip and cells in the presence of suitable conditions mimic the key functions of an organ in miniature formats outside the body.

Scope of the Report

This report covers OOCs manufactured by university spinoffs. It includes both the organ models which are designed on typical chip-like structures and the organ models which are designed on microfluidic micrometric plates.


The report contains nine sections: Introduction, product analysis, market characteristics and trends, market size, market drivers and restraints, funding landscape, competitor landscape, business model, customer analysis.

  • 1. Introduction: This section gives a general overview of OOCs which signifies their importance especially in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 2. Product Analysis: This section gives an overview on the basic structure of an OOC and information on various techniques used for manufacturing these chips. Details about various organ specific models are also provided.
  • 3. Market Characteristics and Trends:This section covers the OOC market description at an overall level and trends that are shaping this industry.
  • 4. Market Drivers and Restraints:In this section analysis of the major factors that are driving the revenues of OOC and key limitations suppressing its market growth is discussed.
  • 5. Market Size Analysis:In this section we examine the global market size for OOC, both historic and forecast, followed by a regional split. Detailed information on the market size of OOC in the USA is provided, along with organ-level and end-user segmentation.
  • 6. Funding Landscape: This section covers information on the funds granted by government institutes or other organizations to either universities or companies for research and development of OOC devices.
  • 7. Competitive Landscape:This section considers key competitors in the OOC market along with the level of competition amongst them. Company profiles of key competitors and potential future players are provided, followed by information on average pricing of OOCs.
  • 8. Business Model: This section describes the business model of a typical OOC company.
  • 9. Customer Analysis: This section outlines the view of OOCs taken by current and potential end users, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. This is followed by information on current unmet needs in the OOC market.

Table of Contents

  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market
    • List of Figures
    • List of Tables
  • Executive Summary
  • Preface
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Introduction
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Product Analysis
    • Technical Description
      • Typical Organ-on-Chip Structure
      • Product Design Materials
      • Product Designing Methodologies
    • Overview Of Organ Specific Models
      • Lung-on-Chip
      • Heart- on-chip
      • Liver-on-chip
      • Intestine-on-chip
      • Kidney-on-chip
      • Human-on-Chip
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Market Characteristics And Trends
    • Organ-on-Chip Characteristics
    • Organ-on-Chip Origin
    • Organ-on-Chip Features
    • Organ-on-Chip Significance
    • Organ-on-Chip Applications
    • Organ-on-Chip Commercialization
    • Organ-on-Chip Market Penetration
    • Five Force Analysis
  • Trends
    • Manufacturers Tie Up With End-users To Design Tailor-made Products
    • Investment In Integration Of Individual Organ-on-Chips Into Human-on-Chip
    • Strong Focus On Development of Custom Organ-on-Chips
    • Manufacturers Work On Disease Models To Expedite Drug Testing
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Market Size Analysis
    • Global Market For Organ-on-Chips
    • Global Market For Organ-on-Chips (Historic 2010-2015)
    • Global Market For Organ-on-Chips (Forecast 2015-2020)
    • Global Organ-on-Chip Market Segmentation By Organ Type
    • Global Organ-on-Chip Market Segmentation By Geography
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Rest of World (ROW)
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Market Drivers And Restraints
    • Drivers
    • Government Funding Drives The Market For Organ-on-Chips
    • Improved Drug Screening With Organ-on-Chips Will Drive Its Demand
    • Decrease In Drug Testing Costs Using Organ-on-Chips Will Drive Its Demand
  • Restraints
    • Complex Manufacturing Techniques Are A Restraint On Organ-on-Chip Market Growth
    • Requirement For Specialized Equipment Will Be A Challenge For The Organ-on-Chip Market
    • Regulatory Hurdles For Drug Approvals
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Funding Landscape
    • Funding Landscape - USA
    • Funding Landscape - Europe
    • Funding Landscape - ROW
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Competitive Landscape
    • Key Competitor Analysis
    • Key Players in The OOC Market
      • CN Bio Innovations
      • Emulate
      • TissUse
      • Mimetas
      • HµREL
      • Nortis
      • Insphero
      • Tara Biosystems
      • AxoSim Techologies LLC
    • Price Information
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Business Model
    • Academic Universities/Institutes
    • Spinoffs
    • Commercial Industries/End Users
  • Global Organ-on-Chip Market - Customer Analysis
    • End-User Analysis
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Research Organizations
      • Others
    • End-User Perspective
    • Unmet Needs
  • Appendix
    • Research Methodology
    • Interview Summaries
    • Abbreviations
    • Currencies
    • Research Enquiries
    • The Business Research Company
    • References
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