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World Fab Forecast - Detailed Quarterly Forecast for the Frontend Semiconductor Fabs

出版商 SEMI 商品編碼 67606
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球晶圓廠預測(晶圓廠生產能力報告) World Fab Forecast - Detailed Quarterly Forecast for the Frontend Semiconductor Fabs
出版日期: 2017年05月31日 內容資訊: 英文



  • 摘要
  • 圖表及表
  • 企業資料詳細內容
    • 企業名
    • 所有權
    • 地址
    • 預定
    • 現狀
    • 晶圓廠的類型
    • 計劃的類型
    • 產品類型
    • 技術
    • 晶圓尺寸
    • 幾何學
    • 整體生產能力
    • 建設成本
    • 設備成本
    • 設備的駕駛開始日
    • 生產開始日
    • 各季建設成本
    • 各季設備支出
    • 各季晶圓生產能力等
  • 建設開始的晶圓廠
  • 經營開始的晶圓廠
  • 各地區的支出趨勢
  • 各企業的支出趨勢
  • 各國各地區的生產能力
  • 各企業的生產能力
  • 各晶圓代工廠的生產能力
  • 各晶圓尺寸的生產能力
  • 各產品類型的生產能力
  • 各地區的生產能力
  • 定義、其他報告


Product Code: 272

Coverage: 3 years of data; Quarterly forecast through next year for capacities, geometries, wafer sizes and construction/equipment spending through the next year for over 1,000 front-end semiconductor fabs

The SEMI World Fab Forecast provides high level summaries, charts, and graphs; in-depth analyses of capital expenditure, capacity, technology and products, down to the detail of each fab; and forecast over six quarters. The data in this report provides data found in FabFutures, World Fab Watch, Fab Construction Monitor and the Fab Equipment Monitor. It is essentially all of our popular fab products rolled-up into one convenient database. Similar to the World Fab Watch, the report includes interactive pivot charts and tables enabling you to customize your own view and reports.

The database includes over 1,000 records of front-end semiconductor fabs and foundries such as TSMC, UMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, SMIC, Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix, Powerchip, Texas Instruments, Renesas, STMicro, Fujitsu, Nanya, Panasonic, NXP, Winbond, Sharp, NXP, Infineon, Magna Chip, X-Fab Silicon Foundries, and many more.


World Fab Forecast is compiled from publicly available information, including capital spending plans, announced fab plans and ream schedules. SEMI verifies this information by making up to 50 inquiries a week and periodic visits to semiconductor companies.


View of “Company Detail” tab in World Fab Forecast.

                            Screenshot - Summary Page

                            Screenshot - Graphs/Tables

                            Screenshot - Company Detail

                            Equipped Screenshot - Capacity by Foundries

View of “Company Detail” tab in World Fab Forecast.


Tutorial - Introduction

Tutorial - Tables/Graphs

Tutorial - Pivot Tables


With the World Fab Forecast report you can conduct more efficient market research and easily identify target customers, analyze construction and capacity, and ramping trends.

  • Quarterly updates
  • Details and summary of cost for construction and equipment spending by fab
  • Graphical interface gives a strategic view and timeline of spending with key project milestone dates
  • Dynamic range of information and quick-and-easy access to valuable data that empowers your market research

Table of Contents(tabs of spreadsheet)

  • Summary
  • Graphs and Tables
  • Summary of Changes
  • Company Detail
  • Fabs Starting Construction
  • Fabs Starting Operation
  • Spending by Region
  • Spending by Company
  • Capacity by Country/Region
  • Capacity by Company
  • Capacity by Foundries
  • Capacity by Wafer Size
  • Capacity by Product Type
  • Capacity by Geometry
  • Definitions, Other Reports

Fields in Company Detail tab:

  • Company
  • Ownership Short Name
  • City/State/Province/Country/Region
  • Probability
  • Status
  • Fab Type
  • Project Type
  • Product Type
  • Technology
  • Wafer Size
  • Geometry
  • Full Capacity
  • Construction Cost
  • Equipment Cost
  • Start Date of Equipment
  • Start Date 1st Silicon
  • Start Date of Production
  • Construction Costs by Quarter
  • Construction Comments
  • Equipment Spending by Quarter
  • Equipment Comments
  • Wafer Capacity by Quarter
  • Geometry by Quarter
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