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Connected Car Guide - Display Devices

出版商 SBD
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 53 Pages
連網汽車指南:顯示設備篇 Connected Car Guide - Display Devices
出版日期: 2011年09月30日 內容資訊: 英文 53 Pages


本報告為,概論液晶顯示(LCD)及有機EL顯示(OLED)、雷射投影系統、電子紙顯示器、電致發光、 場發射顯示器、雷射螢光顯示等最新顯示技術趨勢、強項及弱項,並匯整中心顯示、組合儀表、平視顯示、後座娛樂顯示、副駕駛用顯示器等車載使用、各種解決方案之標竿分析、安裝時機等,以下列摘要形式闡述。


  • 用戶對於新的顯示技術需求越來越高
  • 關於新的顯示器技術之車載應用
  • 各顯示技術之優缺點
  • 今後採用時機及普及機會


  • 針對各種類型車載顯示器之使用技術、車載應用、優缺點、普及挑戰進行解說
  • 各種顯示技術對照及比較,使用單次點擊即可容易快速使用之介面
  • 記載各種顯示技術相關簡潔及正確之技術評比,並針對車內搭載位置、今後預測趨勢加以解說。
  • 詳細記載各顯示技術優缺點,並透過比較,協助最符合需求之技術。
  • 包含採用各顯示技術相關預測,可使用道具及選擇製造商展望、長期展望等資訊。
  • 各種顯示技術使用相關整合性分析


Delight your customers with the latest in-car display technologies

As consumers' fascination with high resolution screens spills into automobiles, choosing the right in-car display can give your product a competitive edge. Not only are the number of displays in vehicles set to increase, but new display technologies will facilitate improved integration within the vehicle and allow interior stylists to present a novel, high-tech image to the end user. With so many options around, how do you determine which display technology is best suited to satisfy your customers?

SBD's latest report outlines the likely trends, strengths and weaknesses of the latest display technologies including Liquid crystal (LCD), Organic light emitting diode (OLED), Laser projection, Electronic paper, Electroluminescent, Field emission and Laser phosphor. The application areas considered are Central information display, Head-up display, Instrument cluster display, Rear seat entertainment displays and Front passenger display. It includes a benchmark of the different solutions and their likely introduction timing, in a highly accessible click-through presentation format.

  • Provide high quality images that customers will demand in the future by learning about new display technologies
  • Future proof your design by understanding where new display technology will be implemented in the car
  • Develop your strategy by comparing the respective merits and demerits of competing display technologies
  • Prepare for the future by understanding the likelihood of success

Easy to use guide covering all the major display technologies ...

image2 Clear explanation of the different types of in-vehicle displays, the technology, application and key success factors

Easy to use and intuitive interface enables you to quickly understand and compare various display technologies image3

image4 Concise and accurate technical reviews of each display technology including an evaluation of how well it fits into various display locations and expected future trends

.....know what tomorrow brings

image5 Detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each display technology to help you chose the technology best suited to your needs

Forecast of the areas each display technology will be used in including likely adopters and long term potential image6

image7 Comprehensive analysis of the different ways each display technology will be used

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