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Devices for the Wrist - Ecosystems Crucial to Growth of Connected Watches and Bands

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 77 Pages
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手腕配戴用設備:對連網型手錶、腕帶的成長極為重要的生態系統 Devices for the Wrist - Ecosystems Crucial to Growth of Connected Watches and Bands
出版日期: 2014年11月06日 內容資訊: 英文 77 Pages

手腕配戴用設備的出貨量至2019年,預計擴大到2014年水準的13倍,全球人口的10%以上將擁有連網型手腕配戴用設備。預計市場以Apple Watch為觸發點,同時低價格設備也因晶片組和零組件價格下跌而促進市場。再加上連網型腕帶的價格,也由於構築了新的經營模式,預計將戲劇性地下跌。



第1章 市場概要、背景

  • 穿戴式、連網型手錶機會概要
  • 終端用戶認識
  • 產業的期待
  • 手錶市場概要
  • 智慧型手錶的歷史

第2章 智慧型手錶生態系統分析

  • 智慧型手錶生態系統概要、品牌定位及要點
  • 應用程式開發:定位策略
  • 傳統手錶廠商:定位策略
  • 智慧型手錶平台/供應商:定位策略
  • 行動網路業者:定位策略
  • 晶片組、零組件廠商:定位策略

第3章 手腕配戴用產品的評估

  • 要點
  • 產品、製造商概要
  • 產品區隔、價格
  • 產品課題
  • 產品分析
  • 產品定位:價格vs.功能
  • 產品的連接性

第4章 手腕配戴用設備的出貨量、收益、用戶數的5年預測

  • 主要預測前提條件
  • 產業調查結果:人口普及率預測
  • 終端用戶認識
  • 產品可用性
  • 手腕配戴用設備出貨量:各市場區隔
  • 品牌:出貨量、收益預測
  • 行動電話智慧型手錶:出貨量、收益預測
  • 智慧型手錶:出貨量、收益預測
  • 全球用戶數:普及率預測



Product Code: TC0269MR


"Devices for the Wrist: Ecosystems Crucial to Growth of Connected Watches and Bands," a Research Report by Pyramid Research, examines the high growth opportunity which wrist-worn wearable technologies provide, how the ecosystem is developing, positioning strategies of the key industry players, and the launched and announced products to date. The report provides 5-year projections for shipments and revenue by device segment and global installed base. The analysis is built around Pyramid's wrist-worn product database of over 70 models, mobile industry forecasts as well as end-user research conducted across several Western European countries and a global survey of over 200 industry players.

Key Findings

Following several decades of false starts, wrist-worn technology is becoming an enormous new opportunity: shipments for wrist-worn devices are expected to grow by nearly sevenfold in 2014 and threefold in the following year. Technology developments, high smartphone penetration rates, new applications and the availability of well-designed, easy-to-use devices are some of the key drivers behind this growth.

The variety of products available has ballooned, with different designs, capabilities and brands, but the entry of Apple into the market in 2015 will be the key catalyst for growth.

Manufacturers face multiple challenges in developing a smart watch that is attractively designed and balances functionality with the right combination of user interfaces. Furthermore, there is an inherent trade-off between functionality and battery life: typically, technology vendors such as Apple and Samsung favor functionality and have had to develop innovative ways in which the user can interact with the device. Traditional watch manufacturers such as Casio and Citizen prioritize battery life and limit functionality. In between are a broad range of different possibilities to meet different needs and tastes.

There remains significant potential for product development and improvement, particularly as the chipset and technology suppliers improve their products, with a particular focus on improving battery life.

Highly functional smart watches will be dominated by the existing smartphone platforms, but there are also opportunities for devices with lower functionality, particularly for the traditional watch manufacturers, for whom typically design comes above functionality.

Fitness and health applications will be a key driver for wearables. Many large technology companies are looking at cloud based health services as an important new revenue opportunity.

Bluetooth is the connectivity technology of choice today; Wi-Fi drains batteries quickly but enables independent connectivity and could introduce new opportunities, particularly for mobile operators. We expect that NFC will make the biggest impact, opening the door to new applications, particularly in the areas of access control, loyalty, payments and travel.

By 2019, we are projecting shipments to grow by 13-fold from its 2014 level, with more than 10% of the global population wearing a connected wrist-worn device. While the market is expected to be triggered by the Apple Watch, at the same time lower cost devices will also drive the market as chipset and component prices fall; furthermore, the price of connected bands will fall dramatically as new business models become established.


The "Devices for the Wrist: Ecosystems Crucial to Growth of Connected Watches and Bands" report analyses the wrist-worn wearable device market opportunity, highlighting the key drivers as to why we believe this product category is now ready to develop. It provides a global forecast, based on an analysis of the ecosystem, the products on the market, an industry survey, an end-user panel on top of Pyramid Research's deep understanding of the mobile communications industry. Our forecasts include only wrist-worn, wireless-connected devices, segmented into watches and bands, plus a segment for cellular connected devices.

The report is structured as follows:

  • Introduction: Report scope, description of end-user and industry surveys, definitions and market segmentation.
  • Background and overview: Market overview, end-user awareness and background.
  • Ecosystem analysis: Ecosystem overview, key elements and participants.
  • Product analysis: An examination of 70 connected wrist-worn devices including key challenges, segment overviews, user interface, design elements, functionality, battery life, pricing and product positioning.
  • Forecasts: Global shipments and revenues, with breakdowns by segment; global installed base and penetration.

Reasons To Buy

The "Devices for the Wrist: Ecosystems Crucial to Growth of Connected Watches and Bands" report provides a comprehensive examination the nascent wrist-worn wearable technology opportunity to help executives make informed investment decisions, develop effective partnerships and optimize return on investment.

This report provides a five-year forecast of wrist worn wearable volumes and revenues broken down into three segments, namely bands, smartwatches and cellular watches as well as a population penetration and installed base analysis to enable executives assess growth opportunities and position their companies for emerging trends in demand

The report incorporates a detailed product analysis, highlighting the features, functions, pricing and capabilities of over 70 product models on the market, which provides an in-depth overview of key trends in the wrist-worn device market for any stakeholder and should support vendors in developing competitive strategies as well as differentiation.

Survey data is included into the analysis, including both end-user awareness information as well as the results on an online industry survey to assess the industry's position and expectations of the market opportunity.

Table of Contents


  • I. Report scope, definitions and segmentation
  • II. Survey and panel overview

Section 1: Market overview and background

  • I. Overview of wearables and connected watch opportunity
  • II. End-user awareness
  • III. Industry expectations
  • IV. Watch market overview
  • V. Smart watch history

Section 2: Analysis of the smart watch ecosystem

  • I. Smart watch ecosystem overview, brand positioning and key takeaways
  • II. Application developers: Positioning strategies
    • i. Runtastic
  • V. Traditional watch manufacturers: Positioning strategies
    • i. Swatch
    • ii. Casio
  • VIII. Smart watch platforms/vendors: Positioning strategies
    • i. Google
    • ii. Samsung
    • iii. Apple
  • XII. Mobile network operators: Positioning strategies
    • i. ATandT
    • ii. NTT Docomo
    • iii. Swisscom
  • XVI. Chipset and component manufacturers: Positioning strategies
    • i. MediaTek

Section 3: Assessment of wrist-worn products

  • I. Key takeaways
  • II. Product and manufacturer overview
  • III. Product segmentation and pricing
    • i. Smart watches
    • ii. Bands
    • iii. Cellular-connected smart watches
  • IV. Product challenges
  • V. Product analysis
    • i. User interface
    • ii. Interactivity and functionality
    • iii. Android Wear user interface
    • iv. Design
    • v. Battery life
    • vi. Functions and applications
    • vii. Android Wear applications
  • VI. Product positioning: Price versus functionality
  • VII. Product connectivity
    • i. Wi-Fi
    • ii. NFC

Section 4: 5-Year forecast of wrist-worn device shipments, revenue and installed base

  • I. Key forecast assumptions
  • II. Industry survey results: Population penetration expectation for 2019
  • III. End user awareness
  • III. Product availability
  • IV. Wrist-worn device shipments by segment
  • V. Bands: Shipment and revenue forecast
  • VI. Cellular smart watch: Shipment and revenue forecast
  • VII. Smart watches: Shipment and revenue forecast
  • VIII. Global installed base and penetration forecast


  • Companies mentioned
  • Sources and related research
  • About Pyramid Research

List of Tables

  • Product count by segment
  • Overview of survey and panel surveys
  • Survey respondent breakdown by company type
  • Survey respondent breakdown by region
  • Smartphone penetration in selected markets, ye 2013
  • "Which of the following have you heard of "
  • "Which of the following wearable technologies have you heard of "
  • "In five years time, what level of population penetration do you expect to see for wearable connected devices (in your country)
  • "Please rank the following types of wearable devices in the order of how successful you expect them to be over the next five years"
  • "Is your company involved in the connected wearable device market "
  • "Which of the following devices are/will be within the scope of your company's involvement in the connected wearable device market "
  • Global watch revenue, 2012, 2013
  • Average watch prices by country of manufacture, 2013
  • Early smart watch failures
  • Smart watch ecosystem
  • "In your view, how would strong adoption levels of wearable devices impact the following "
  • "Please rank the following brands in the order of how successful you expect them to be in wrist-worn wearable devices"
  • Runtastic pro app
  • Positioning of watch vendors and smart watches
  • Swatch Touch
  • Positioning of smartphone manufacturers
  • Cellular-enabled watches and subscription costs
  • ATandT devices (Filip watch, Martian watch, Fitbit Flex)
  • NTT Docomo's Move Band 2
  • Limmex emergency watches offered by Swisscom
  • Smith Optics I/O Recon connected goggles
  • Apple S1 SIP and Qualcomm TOQ Smartwatch
  • MediaTek LinkIt overview
  • Manufacturer breakdown by type
  • Prices by segment: low, average and high
  • Yingqu InWatch One, Garmin Forerunner, Tomoon Fire
  • Sony Smartband Talk, Jawbone Up24
  • Filip, hereo and Tinitell wristphones for children
  • Samsung Gear Live, Timex Ironman One GPS+
  • "How important are the following challenges that the industry must overcome to ensure mass market adoption of wearable devices "
  • "How would you expect the user to interact with connected devices worn on the wrist "
  • Product positioning: functionality and user interface
  • Android wear menu and user interface
  • Apple Watch designs
  • Smart watches with classic designs
  • Kairos smart watch has both a classic and a digital screen
  • Watch battery life
  • "How important do you think the following applications will be in driving wearable device adoption "
  • Early Android wear applications by category
  • Product positioning
  • Wearable connectivity capability
  • "Please rate the importance of the following ways in which wearable devices connect"
  • Telefonica's TU Go service
  • Apple Pay on an Apple Watch
  • Starwood Hotel watch app
  • Connected wrist-worn device shipments, 2013-2019
  • "In five years time, what level of population penetration do you expect to see for wearable connected devices (in your country)
  • "Which of the following new technologies have you heard of "
  • "Which of the following statements do you consider to best represent wearable technology in 2014 "
  • Bands, cellular smart watches and smart watches launched 2012-2014
  • Segment market shares, millions of shipped units, 2013-2019
  • Connected band shipments and revenue, 2013-2019
  • Cellular smart watch shipments and revenue, 2013-2019
  • Smart watch shipments and revenue, 2013-2019
  • Wrist-worn device installed base and population penetration, 2013-2019
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