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Opportunities in Middle East & Africa Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets to 2019

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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中東、非洲的新興國家的軟性包裝市場機會:到2019年 Opportunities in Middle East & Africa Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets to 2019
出版日期: 2015年03月27日 內容資訊: 英文


本報告提供中東、非洲各國中的「新興國家」奈及利亞的軟性包裝 市場趨勢之相關詳細分析、主要的推動市場要素和最終用途、過去、未來的統計資料 (實際成果值、預測值)、生產、消費、貿易趨勢相關概述、主要的加工業者簡介、原料的供給情形等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 奈及利亞


  • 經濟概況
    • 國家整體的景氣趨勢、發展情形
  • 軟性包裝市場概況
    • 生產額、貿易額 (出口額、進口額)、生產額:最新值及實際成果值、預測值 (過去/今後5年份)
  • 軟性包裝的生產
    • 生產趨勢相關說明,主要製造商簡介
  • 軟性包裝的貿易趨勢
    • (已加工的) 軟性包裝的出口、進口趨勢相關說明
  • 軟性包裝的消費
    • 軟性包裝的整體消費、趨勢相關說明、主要的終端用戶市場概況、各最終用途需求數量分析
  • 過去的推動因素和今後展望
    • 過去10年基本的推動市場要素、今後5年的市場趨勢預測、今後的市場機會考察
  • 軟性包裝的加工業者
    • 軟性包裝的代表性的加工業者的概要:交易規模、技術能力、產品系列、市場上的地位、擁有結構
  • 原料的供給量
    • 基材的供給量相關資訊

One individual Middle East & African country profiles is now available from our recent report, “Opportunities in Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets to 2019”.

They are designed to help you identify market and investment opportunities within the domestic flexible packaging supply chains in NIGERIA.

New and original field research quantifying and analysing trends in emerging flexible packaging markets, including:

  • Analysis of the major factors driving growth by country and end use.
  • Statistical tables and figures of historic growth to 2014 by value (US$) and value forecasts to 2019.
  • An overview of trends in production, trade and consumption - past, present and future.
  • Commentary and quantification of flexible packaging trends in each country, by end use sector.
  • Profiles of leading flexible packaging converters in each country.
  • Information on substrate supply in each country

One Middle East & African flexible packaging market has been identified by PCI consultants as ‘emerging' and worth profiling in some detail:-


Nigeria is Africa's second largest converted flexible packaging market, which despite political instability, is forecast to grow by 8% per annum over the next five years. Rapid growth will be driven by one of the world's fastest growing and youthful populations and consumer trends towards western style convenience foods

Table of Contents

Each country profile follows the following Table of Contents:

Economic Overview - Summary of national economic trends and developments.

Flexible Packaging Market Overview - Production, trade (imports & exports) and consumption of flexible packaging in each country for 2009, 2014 and 2019 quantified by value (US$ millions).

Flexible Packaging Production - Commentary on the production of flexible packaging and profiles of the leading producers.

Flexible Packaging Trade - Commentary on trends in national imports and exports of converted flexible packaging.

Flexible Packaging Consumption - Commentary on trends and developments in national consumption of flexible packaging and associated growth trends; short reviews of End Use Markets identifying key packers; and analysis of Flexible Packaging demand by End Use.

Historic Drivers and Future Prospects - Principal drivers for flexible packaging over the past decade; forecasts to 2019, identifying potential market opportunities.

Flexible Packaging Converters - Short profiles of the leading flexible packaging converters in each country, detailing size, technical capabilities, product range, market position and ownership.

Raw Materials Supply - Information on substrates supply in each country

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