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Opportunities in Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets to 2019

出版商 PCI Films Consulting Ltd. 商品編碼 321254
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 269 Pages
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新興軟質包裝市場機會 Opportunities in Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets to 2019
出版日期: 2014年12月23日 內容資訊: 英文 269 Pages

本報告提供新興軟質包裝 (軟性包裝) 市場相關調查分析,以印度、印尼、巴西、俄羅斯等15個國家的市場機會為焦點,提供經濟與政治趨勢、生產、貿易、消費、需求預測、主要企業簡介、最終用途市場與趨勢、產業與市場機會相關的系統性資訊。

第1章 摘要整理和結論

第2章 簡介

第3章 新興軟質包裝市場概要

第4章 波蘭的軟質包裝市場

  • 經濟概要
  • 軟質包裝市場概要
  • 軟質包裝的生產
  • 軟質包裝的貿易
  • 軟質包裝的消費
  • 過去的推動因素和未來預測
  • 軟質包裝的轉換要素
  • 原料供給

第5章 俄羅斯市場

第6章 土耳其市場

第7章 阿根廷市場

第8章 巴西市場

第9章 智利市場

第10章 哥倫比亞市場

第11章 印度市場

第12章 印尼市場

第13章 哈薩克市場

第14章 緬甸市場

第15章 巴基斯坦市場

第16章 泰國市場

第17章 越南市場

第18章 奈及利亞市場

第19章 附錄


PCI's second edition of this popular market report identifies opportunities in fifteen of the world's emerging flexible packaging markets, including; India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and eleven others.

Markets of different sizes, different growth rates and levels of flexible packaging sophistication, which despite current global economic headwinds, all have strong potential for long term growth.

Detailed reviews and analysis of:

  • Key economic and political trends
  • Flexible packaging production, trade and consumption
  • Expert forecasts of demand through to 2019
  • Profiles of leading flexible packaging converters
  • End use markets and trends
  • Industry and market opportunities

All the information you need to make better informed business decisions and to stay ahead of the competition.



Based on extensive interviews conducted with leading flexible packaging converters and substrate suppliers around the world during Oct/Nov 2014, this report provides a highly detailed statistical analysis and assessment of 15 emerging flexible packaging markets.

Who is it for?

This new report is a vital business planning tool for anyone involved in the manufacture and purchase of plain and converted plastic films, aluminium foils and speciality papers; including inks, adhesives and coatings suppliers; flexible packaging converters; packaging and converting machinery suppliers; as well as brand owners and food retailers.

What does it provide

? New and original field research quantifying and analysing past trends in the world's fastest growing flexible packaging markets including:

  • Analyses of the major factors driving growth by country and end use.
  • Statistical tables and figures of historic growth to 2014 by value (US dollars) and value forecasts to 2019.
  • An overview of trends in production, trade and consumption - past, present and future.
  • Commentary and quantification of flexible packaging trends in each country, by end use sector.
  • Profiles of leading flexible packaging converters in each country.

Why buy it?

PCI consultants have been monitoring global flexible packaging markets for more than 20 years and are recognised as a leading global source for expert analysis and reliable data on this market.

Our high standards of research are maintained in this new study, designed to help you with a complete 'market map' of each emerging flexible packaging market. Each profile also provides an assessment of the opportunities you have for future growth.

Make better business decisions and reduce investment risks.

Table of Contents



3.Emerging Flexible Packaging Markets Overview

  • Economic Overview
  • Flexible Packaging Market Overview

4.Polish Market For flexible Packaging

  • Economic Overview
  • Flexible Packaging Market Overview
  • Flexible Packaging Production
  • Flexible Packaging Trade
  • Flexible Packaging Consumption
  • Historic Drivers and Future Prospects
  • Flexible Packaging Converters
  • Raw Materials Supply

5.Russian Market For flexible Packaging

6.Turkish Market For Flexible Packaging

7.Argentinian market for Flexible Packaging

8.Brazilian Market For Flexible Packaging

9.Chilean Market For Flexible Packaging

10.Colombian Market For Flexible Packaging

11.Indian Market For Flexible Packaging

12.Indonesian Market For Flexible Packaging

13.Kazakhstan Market For Flexible Packaging

14.Myanmar Market For Flexible Packaging

15.Pakistani Market For flexible Packaging

16.Thai Market For Flexible Packaging

17.Vietnamese Market For Flexible Packaging

18.Nigerian Market For Flexible Packaging


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