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The Market for Smart Thermostats

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智慧恆溫器市場 The Market for Smart Thermostats
出版日期: 2015年06月25日 內容資訊: 英文 73 Slides








  • 市場區隔概要
  • 市場區隔調查手法
  • 智慧家庭市場區隔
  • 市場區隔的人口統計簡介
  • 安全服務、市場區隔的訊息


  • 智慧恆溫器的引進
  • 智慧恆溫器的引進:各市場區隔
  • 智慧恆溫器:獨立型設備 vs. 家庭系統
  • 獨立型智慧恆溫器的安裝


  • 智慧恆溫器的購買率
  • 智慧恆溫器:平均零售價格 (ASP)
  • 智慧恆溫器的購買理由
  • 智慧恆溫器的獲得方法
  • 智慧恆溫器的購買方法
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買地點
  • 智慧恆溫器:購買品牌的前五名
  • 將來購買智慧恆溫器的意思
  • 智慧恆溫器的計劃:獨立型設備 vs. 系統的一部分


  • 智慧恆溫器的利用
  • 利用智慧恆溫器的節約
  • 利用智慧恆溫器節約的規模
  • 智慧恆溫器的控制採用的應用類型
  • 設備問題的頻率
  • 為了解決技術問題取的行動
  • 智慧恆溫器的技術問題的解除


  • 智慧恆溫器的所有者以及其他智慧家庭設備的引進
  • 智慧恆溫器的壟斷擁有
  • 智慧恆溫器的壟斷擁有和智慧家庭設備的購買意願
  • 智慧恆溫器的壟斷擁有和智慧家庭態度


  • 智慧恆溫器:基本 vs. 先進模式的愛好
  • 基本的或高級智慧恆溫器的愛好:智慧家庭各市場區隔
  • 先進智慧恆溫器:功功能單元的替換預測



The Market for Smart Thermostats analyzes the market for smart programmable thermostats, including adoption and purchase trends, usage, distribution channels, and market share. It examines consumer perceptions of savings from the use of smart thermostats. It also examines the problems owners experience when setting up or using their device and the process of resolving these issues.

2015 Future Intention to Purchase a Smart Programmable Thermostat (2014 -2015)
U.S. BroadbandHouseholds

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“Smart thermostats continue to be a strong product category in the lineup of smart home devices. Consumers are passively adopting them with new home security systems but also actively acquiring them through retail locations, in part, because of the potential cost savings they offer.” - John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

About the Research

Previous Research

  • Energy Services in the Smart Home (Q1/15)
  • 360 View: Energy Management, Smart Home, and Utility Programs (Q4/14)
  • Trends and Segments for Home Energy Management (Q3/14)
  • Digital Engagement of Consumers: Home Energy Management (Q3/14)
  • Home Energy Management Adopters (Q2/14)

Key Findings

Industry Insight


Overview of Smart Home Segmentation:

  • Segmentation Overview
  • Segmentation Methodology
  • Smart Home Segments (Q2/14)
  • Segment Demographic Profiles
  • Thermostat Offering, Messaging for Segments

Installed Base of Smart Thermostats:

  • Smart Thermostat Adoption (2014 - 2015)
  • Smart Thermostat Adoption by Segment (Q3/14)
  • Smart Thermostat: Stand-alone Device vs. Home Systems (2014 - 2015)
  • Stand-alone Smart Thermostat Installation (2014 - 2015)

Overview of Smart Thermostat Purchases:

  • Smart Thermostat Purchase Rate (2014)
  • Smart Thermostat: Average Selling Price (2014)
  • Reason to Purchase a Smart Thermostat (2014)
  • Method of Acquiring a Smart Thermostat (2014 - 2015)
  • Method of Purchasing a Smart Thermostat (2014)
  • Smart Thermostats: Purchase Location (2014)
  • Smart Thermostats: Top Five Brands Purchased in Year (2014)
  • Future Intention to Purchase a Smart Thermostat (2014 - 2015)
  • Intended Smart Thermostat: Stand-alone Device vs. Part of a System (2014)

Smart Thermostat Setup:

  • Smart Thermostat Usage (2014 - 2015)
  • Savings from Use of Smart Thermostats (Q4/14)
  • Amount Saved from Use of Smart Thermostats (Q4/14)
  • Type of App Used to Control Smart Thermostats (Q4/14)
  • Frequency of Device Problems (Q1/15)
  • Actions Taken to Resolve Technical Problems (Q1/15)
  • Resolution of Smart Thermostat Technical Problems (Q1/15)

Smart Thermostat Adopters with No Other Smart Home Devices:

  • Smart Thermostat Owners & the Adoption of Other Smart Home Devices (Q1/15)
  • Exclusive Ownership of Smart Thermostats by Smart Home Segment (Q1/15)
  • Exclusive Ownership of Smart Thermostats and Smart Home Device Purchase Intention (Q1/15)
  • Exclusive Ownership of Smart Thermostats and Smart Home Attitudes (Q1/15)

Demand for Premium Smart Thermostats:

  • Smart Thermostat: Preference for Basic vs. Advanced Model (Q2/14)
  • Preference for a Basic or Premium Smart Thermostat by Smart Home Segment (Q1/15)
  • Advanced Smart Thermostat: Likelihood of Replacing Functioning Unit (Q2/14)

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