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Competition in Residential Security

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住宅安全的競爭 Competition in Residential Security
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文








  • 市場區隔概要
  • 市場區隔調查手法
  • 智慧家庭市場區隔
  • 市場區隔的人口統計簡介
  • 安全服務、市場區隔的訊息


  • 家庭保全系統的擁有
  • 專門螢幕安全服務的利用
  • 專門螢幕安全服務的月平均成本
  • 附智慧家庭功能家庭保全系統
  • 附家庭控制功能家庭保全系統:各擁有期間
  • 新系統:智慧家庭安全引進、智慧家庭市場區隔
  • 專門安全監測的供應商
  • 購買後的流逝期間目前安全系統
  • 家庭保全系統的安裝
  • 家庭保全的安裝:各擁有期間
  • 新系統:家庭保全的安裝、智慧家庭市場區隔

ARPU & 綁定套組

  • 最近,安全系統的購買支付的金額
  • 專門監測服務的ARPU:供應商的各類型
  • 綁定套組一部分的專門監測服務
  • 專門監測服務及綁定套組的支出額:各供應商
  • 與專門監測的綁定套組契約前的供應商關係
  • 與專門監測的綁定套組契約前的供應商關係:各供應商
  • 為了籌措包含專門監測服務的綁定套組的服務取消


  • 專門監測服務的滿意度:各供應商
  • 專門監測服務供應商的NPS (淨推薦值) 名次
  • 預計繼續目前專門監測服務供應商
  • 專門監測服務的最近的變化
  • 專門監測服務的最近的變化:各供應商
  • 專門監測服務的廢除
  • 以前的專門監測服務供應商
  • 專門監測服務的廢除理由




Competition in Residential Security analyzes competition for residential security services between traditional players and new players from the telecom and pay-TV sectors. It assesses the extent to which new players are building a market presence and how they differ in terms of ARPU and satisfaction rates. It also investigates the competitive power derived from bundling security services with video, voice, and data services.

Average Monthly Cost on Professional Monitoring Service & Bundles by Provider
U.S. Broadband Households with Professional Monitoring Service Paying at least $ 1/Month

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“The new players the home security space enjoy a key advantage in that the total ARPU they derive from their customers is substantially greater than the amounts generated by traditional players.” -John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

About the Research

Previous Research

  • Growth in Self-Installed Energy and Smart Home Systems (Q4/14)
  • Competition in the Residential Security Market (Q4/14)
  • 360 View: Residential Security and Smart Home (Q3/14)
  • The New Face of Home Security: Forecasts and Players (Q4/13)

Key Findings

Industry Insight


Overview of Smart Home Segmentation:

  • Segmentation Overview
  • Segmentation Methodology
  • Smart Home Segments (Q1/15)
  • Segment Demographic Profile
  • Security Offering, Messaging for Segments

Overview of Residential Security Market:

  • Home Security System Ownership (2014 - 2015)
  • Use of Professional Monitored Security Service (2014 - 2015)
  • Average Monthly Cost of Professionally Monitored Security Service (2014)
  • Home Security Systems with Smart Home Capabilities (2014 - 2015)
  • Home Security Systems with Home Control Features by Length of Ownership (Q4/14)
  • New Systems: Smart Home Security Adoption by Smart Home Segments (Q4/14)
  • Provider of Professional Security Monitoring (2014)
  • Length of Time Since Purchasing Current Security System (Q4/14)
  • Home Security System Installation (Q4/14)
  • Home Security Installation by Length of Ownership (Q4/14)
  • New Systems: Home Security Installation by Smart Home Segment (Q4/14)

ARPU & Bundles:

  • Amount Paid for Recent Security System Purchase (Q4/14)
  • Professional Monitoring Service ARPU by Type of Provider (Q4/14)
  • Professional Monitoring Service as Part of a Bundle (Q4/14)
  • Amount Spent on Professional Monitoring Service & Bundles by Provider (Q3/14)
  • Relationship with Provider Prior to Subscribing to a Bundle with Professional Monitoring (Q4/14)
  • Relationship with Provider Prior to Subscribing to a Bundle with Professional Monitoring by Provider (Q4/14)
  • Service Cancellation in order to Obtain a Bundle Including Professional Monitoring Service (Q4/14)

Satisfaction, Switching, and Canceling:

  • Satisfaction with Professional Monitoring Services by Provider (Q4/14)
  • Net Promoter Score Ratings for Professional Monitoring Service Providers (Q4/14)
  • Likelihood of Remaining With Current Professional Monitoring Service Provider (Q4/14)
  • Recent Changes in Professional Monitoring Service (2014)
  • Recent Changes in Professional Monitoring Service by Provider (Q4/14)
  • Cancellation of Professional Monitoring Service (Q4/14)
  • Previous Professional Monitoring Service Provider (Q4/14)
  • Reason for Canceling Professional Monitoring Service (Q4/14)

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