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出版商 Northern Sky Research, LLC 商品編碼 341600
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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出版日期: 2015年11月23日 內容資訊: 英文

隨著第二世代MSS (移動衛星通訊) 用衛星的建立,及強力GEO HTS (靜止·高容許量衛星) 與非GEO HTS的開始運用,陸上移動衛星通訊正在達到大幅度成長。

本報告提供全球陸上移動衛星通訊及SNG (Satellite News Gathering) 衛星通訊市場──包含語音通話·數據通訊雙方──相關分析,提供您技術上的特性和市場基本結構·最新趨勢,現在·未來技術開發動向,各技術領域的市場趨勢與未來展望 (今後10年份),運作中的衛星數,頻寬·通訊容量的需求預測,潛在的市場機會,主要的通訊業者概要與市場佔有率,新市場進入預測,今後的產業重組可能性等相關調查與考察。


第1章 全球陸上移動衛星通訊/SNG衛星通訊市場概要

  • 潛在的市場規模
  • 市場滲透率和趨勢
  • 陸上移動衛星通訊業者
  • 陸上移動衛星通訊業者:評估與市場佔有率
  • 陸上移動衛星通訊用設備
  • 非GEO HTS市場評估

第2章 未來預測

  • 全球陸上移動衛星通訊/SNG衛星通訊市場
    • 全球市場
    • 運作中的衛星
    • 市場收益額
    • 頻寬
    • 通訊容量的整體需求
    • 和以前預測結果的比較
  • 陸上移動衛星通訊市場預測
    • 衛星通訊用手持設備
    • 衛星手持設備市場預測結果的比較
    • MSS (移動衛星通訊) 語音通話/按鍵通話 (PTT)
    • 民生用手持設備的外型尺寸
    • COPT (Communication on the pause)
    • 熱點用設備
    • SNG (Satellite News Gathering)
  • 陸上移動衛星通訊的容量需求
    • 全球陸上移動衛星通訊的容量需求
    • Ku波段
    • GEO-HTS Ku波段
    • GEO-HTS Ka波段
    • 非GEO HTS

第3章 附錄 (分析方法)



As second-generation MSS constellations and powerful GEO-HTS and non-GEO HTS launch, the land-mobile satellite market is on the verge of taking major steps forwards. NSR's Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite, 3rd Edition (LMSvS3) report offers industry leading analysis of this dynamic industry and the projected global growth for both MSS and FSS as well as the new GEO-HTS and non-GEO-HTS mobility markets. LMSvS3 offers the industry's widest range of analysis and forecasts for in-service units, equipment and service revenues, as well as capacity demand for land-mobile satellite-based mobility.


This new NSR report includes extensive analysis of addressable markets, operator market share, vertical segment forecasts, pricing, in-service units and revenue. The report takes an in-depth look at land-mobile services for both voice and data, and offers a complete assessment and forecast of commercial bandwidth and capacity demand for all regions over the next ten years.

The report answers critical questions regarding land-based satellite mobility:

  • What are the key trends impacting land-mobile via satellite markets?
  • What are the new form factors driving end user uptake, and what is their impact on current and traditional offerings?
  • What new solutions are emerging, and how are they expected to fare? Are there game-changing solutions on the horizon?
  • Which markets & segments will show the most uptake for in-service units and revenues for each segment by type of service (MSS, FSS, HTS)?
  • Are there new and untapped opportunities to target, and which ones are the most important?
  • How will the GEO and non-GEO HTS impact the traditional land-mobile market for both MSS and FSS operators?
  • How much demand for satellite capacity for each region over the next ten years?
  • What is the market share of operators for the MSS market and the traditional satellite handset business?
  • How will the entry of HTS impact the migration of voice and data communications services across all markets?
  • Will there be further industry consolidation?
  • Bottom Line: How does NSR see the Land-Mobile and SNG via Satellite market evolving in the next 10 years for each region and for each market segment?


Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite, 3rd Edition offers a completely updated assessment of superior value with hundreds of graphs and thousands of data points to help guide readers in their examination of land mobile demand trends by region and globally. The report analyzes the trends that drive growth and the changes that will take place in the satellite land mobile market in the coming decade.


Key Features

Unparalleled Market Forecasts

Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite, 3rd Edition provides forecasts on key parameters to help readers assess the various markets:

  • In-Service Unit Forecasts for satellite handhelds, various form factors devices and land-mobile platforms as well as GEO- and non-GEO HTS services.
  • Retail and Wholesale Revenues Forecasts that provide total services and equipment revenues, showing how the value chain acts for each platform and by frequency band. The associated Average Revenues per User (ARPU) figures are provided for retail and wholesale revenues
  • Capacity Demand is forecast for each commercial FSS frequency (C-, Ku- and Ka-band) and HTS satellites
  • Forecast for various commercial vertical markets to assess customer demand by segment


Who Should Purchase this Report:

  • MSS, FSS, HTS (GEO, MEO and LEO) Satellite Operators
  • Distributors, Service Providers, Retailers and Resellers of Satellite Services and Capacity
  • Network Operators
  • Satellite Manufacturers
  • Terminals, Antenna, Smart Phones and Handset Manufacturers
  • Regulators of MSS Market Offerings and Spectrum Utilizations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Agencies Funding Telecom Research and Development
  • Space Agencies and First Responder Organizations
  • Mobile Satellite Services Users

A COMPLETE Analytical Perspective

Elements of this study include:

  • Complete PowerPoint Report Document containing all quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • An Excel file containing all data and graphs so the client can easily use this work as a basis for their own internal market projections
  • Complimentary 1/2 half day of consulting time with the NSR analyst who authored the report to review report findings and interpret the market

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Global Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite Market Overview

  • 1.1 Addressable Markets
  • 1.2 Market Penetration and Trends
  • 1.3 Land-Mobile Operators
  • 1.4 Land-Mobile Operators - Assessment and Market Share
  • 1.5 Land-Mobile Satcom Equipment
  • 1.6 Non-GEO HTS Market Assessment

2. Forecasts

  • 2.1. Global Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite Market
    • 2.1.1 Global Market
    • 2.1.2 In-Service Units
    • 2.1.3 Revenues
    • 2.1.4 Frequency Band
    • 2.1.5 Total Capacity Demand
    • 2.1.6 Comparison with Previous NSR Forecasts
  • 2.2 Land-Mobile Segments Forecast
    • 2.2.1 Satellite Handheld
    • Comparison of Satellite Handheld Forecasts
    • 2.2.2 MSS Fixed Voice / P-T-T
    • 2.2.3 Consumer Handheld Form Factors
    • 2.2.4 Comms-on-the-pause - COTP
    • 2.2.5 Hotspot Devices
    • 2.2.6 SNGs
  • 2.3 Land-Mobile Capacity Demand
    • 2.3.1 Global Land-Mobile Capacity Demand
    • 2.3.2 Ku-Band
    • 2.3.3 GEO-HTS Ku-Band
    • 2.3.4 GEO-HTS Ka-Band
    • 2.3.5 Non-GEO HTS

3. Appendix (Methodology)

List of Exhibits

Chapter 1

  • Ex. 1.1 Land-Mobile Addressable Market
  • Ex. 1.2 Land-Mobile Addressable Markets, 2014-2024
  • Ex. 1.3 Land-Mobile Penetration Rate
  • Ex. 1.4 Global MSS Operators Revenues and Market Share
  • Ex. 1.5 Global MSS Operators Handheld Market Share
  • Ex. 1.6 Global MSS Handheld Subscribers Market Share - Historical and by Region
  • Ex. 1.7 Land-Mobile Equipment Manufacturers List
  • Ex. 1.8 Non-GEO HTS Satellite Assessment on Land-Mobile Market

Chapter 2

  • Ex. 2.1 Global Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite Market
  • Ex. 2.2 Land-Mobile In-Service Units by Region
  • Ex. 2.3 Land-Mobile In-Service Units by Market Segment
  • Ex. 2.4 Land-Mobile Total Retail Revenues by Market Segment
  • Ex. 2.5 Land-Mobile Retail & Wholesale ARPU and Revenues
  • Ex. 2.6 Land-Mobile In-Service Units by Frequency Band
  • Ex. 2.7 Land-Mobile Total Retail Revenues by Frequency Band
  • Ex. 2.8 Land-Mobile Capacity Demand
  • Ex. 2.9 Comparison of Global Commercial Land-Mobile Satellite Forecasts
  • Ex. 2.10 Satellite Handheld Market
  • Ex. 2.11 Satellite Handheld In-Service Units and Revenues
  • Ex. 2.12 Satellite Handheld ARPU and Equipment Revenues
  • Ex. 2.13 Satellite Handheld Total Retail Revenues
  • Ex. 2.14 Comparison of Satellite Handheld Forecasts
  • Ex. 2.15 MSS Fixed Voice & P-T-T Market
  • Ex. 2.16 MSS Fixed Voice & P-T-T In-Service Units and Revenues
  • Ex. 2.17 MSS Fixed Voice & P-T-T ARPU and Equipment Revenues
  • Ex. 2.18 MSS Fixed Voice & P-T-T Total Retail Revenues
  • Ex. 2.19 Consumer Handheld Form Factors Market
  • Ex. 2.20 Consumer Handheld Form Factors In-Service Units and Revenues
  • Ex. 2.21 Consumer Handheld Form Factors ARPU and Equipment Revenues
  • Ex. 2.22 Consumer Handheld Form Factors Total Retail Revenues
  • Ex. 2.23 COTP Market
  • Ex. 2.24 COPT Ku- & L-Band In-Service Units
  • Ex. 2.25 COTP GEO-HTS & Non-GEO HTS In-Service Units
  • Ex. 2.26 COTP Ku- & L-Band Revenues
  • Ex. 2.27 COTP GEO-HTS and non-GEO HTS Revenues
  • Ex. 2.28 MSS Hotspot Devices Market
  • Ex. 2.29 MSS Hotspot Devices In-Service Units and Revenues
  • Ex. 2.30 MSS Hotspot Devices ARPU and Equipment Revenues
  • Ex. 2.31 SNG Market
  • Ex. 2.32 SNG In-Service Units
  • Ex. 2.33 SNG Retail and Wholesale Revenues
  • Ex. 2.34 Global Land-Mobile & SNG Capacity Demand by Frequency
  • Ex. 2.35 Land-Mobile & SNG via Satellite Capacity Demand
  • Ex. 2.36 COTP Ku-Band Capacity Demand
  • Ex. 2.37 COTP GEO-HTS Ku-Band Capacity Demand
  • Ex. 2.38 COTP GEO-HTS Ka-Band Capacity Demand
  • Ex. 2.39 COTP Non-GEO HTS Capacity Demand
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