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智慧抗菌塗料、表面市場 2015-2022年

Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces - 2017 to 2026

出版商 n-tech Research, a NanoMarkets company 商品編碼 336835
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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智慧抗菌塗料、表面市場 2015-2022年 Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces - 2017 to 2026
出版日期: 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 簡介

第2章 智慧抗菌技術趨勢

  • 抗菌材料趨勢:智慧抗菌的需求帶來的影響
    • 機制和焦點
    • 現在,必要的智慧抗菌
    • 智慧抗菌的缺點
  • 選擇性殺菌:智慧材料所扮演的角色
    • 肽所扮演的角色
    • 其他的選擇性抗菌
  • 智慧聚合物和智慧抗菌一起
    • 聚合物極為適合智慧表面
    • 目前的抗菌聚合物
    • 智慧抗菌聚合物:自我回復抗菌水凝膠
  • 自我清洗抗菌
  • 抗菌、超疏水性材料
  • 奈米技術、抗菌:先進功能性、智慧性及競爭
  • 本章的要點

第3章 醫療的抗菌塗料、表面

  • 抗菌作用:醫療表面的場所
  • 醫療設施的新抗菌方法的促進要素
    • 院內感染 (HAI)
    • 超藥物抗性病原菌的增加
    • 協同效應的必要性:醫院設施的清洗、抗菌策略
  • 醫療專門智慧抗菌塗料、表面的選項
    • 銀奈米粒子
    • 抗菌肽
    • 組織化生醫材料表面
    • 生物活性塗料用水凝膠
    • 抗菌的物理的機制
  • 智慧抗菌的目標
    • 智慧抗菌植入設備的必要性
    • 機械、設備及智慧抗菌
    • 設施:對智慧抗菌表面來說哪個是重要的?
    • 服裝類、紡織品
  • 課題、機會
    • 生物適合性
    • 環境問題
  • 醫療市場上智慧抗菌的8年預測
  • 醫療中智慧抗菌材料的關注企業
    • Aegis Intelligent Chemicals
    • Bio-Gate
    • Biotech International (英國)
    • Dow Chemical (美國)
    • DSM Biomedical (美國)
    • Life Material Technology
    • Microban
    • Dunmore
    • Parker Hannefin (美國)
    • Sciessent (美國)
    • Start-ups We're Tracking
  • 本章的要點

第4章 非醫療用途的智慧抗菌

  • 醫療之外:在哪裡能銷售智慧抗菌?
  • 家電、電器的智慧抗菌:潔淨觸控
  • 服裝類、紡織品:智慧的需求?
  • 供應鏈的關聯:食品、自來水及農業的智慧抗菌
  • 建築物的智慧抗菌用途
  • 交通:汽車、船艇及飛機
  • 軍用、智慧抗菌:大範圍
  • 關注企業
    • Microban (美國)
    • Sciessent (美國)
    • Polygiene (瑞典)
    • Gelest (美國)
    • AK Coatings (美國)
    • Americhem (美國)
    • BASF (德國)
    • Dow Chemical (美國)
    • Nolla (安道爾)
    • Parx Plastics (荷蘭)
    • PPG Architectural Coatings (美國)
  • 本章的要點





Product Code: Nano-905

This report from n-tech Research continues the firm's previous coverage of the smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces market that has been offered in previous direct and related studies. In this new report the firm revisits and considers the factors driving demand for smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces and looks to new potential opportunities. The report discusses the latest products and R&D in smart antimicrobials and how commercialization strategies are being pursued by large and small firms alike.


  • Silver and nanosilver
  • Copper
  • Hydrogels
  • Chitosan
  • Silanes
  • Sulfates
  • Graphene and carbon nanotubes
  • Biomaterials and biotechnology

Technical Issues:

  • Multifunctional antimicrobial action (self-cleaning and self-healing)
  • Target specificity
  • Time release mechanisms
  • Safety, biocompatibility and environmental/toxicity concerns
  • Coating requirements for different kinds of surface

Included in this analysis is discussion of how these technologies and materials are being commercialized to produce smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces.

Applications and Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Medical implants, surgical equipment and laboratory equipment
  • Kitchens, restaurants and appliances
  • Agriculture and veterinary
  • Other residential, commercial and public buildings
  • Consumer electronics
  • Clothing and textiles

Markey Forecasts

This report contains detailed forecasts of the antimicrobial surfaces and coatings market:

  • Revenue ($ Millions)
  • Volume (square meters)
  • By application
  • By materials and technology

Strategic profiles

In this report n-tech also examines the product/market strategies of the firms to watch in this space including their current R&D programs. Coverage includes

Who is the report for?

We believe that this report will be invaluable reading for planning, marketing and business development specialists in coatings firms, specialty chemical companies, materials, pharma and the biotech industry.

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