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High Speed Ethernet Optics

出版商 LightCounting, LLC 商品編碼 264138
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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高速光乙太網路 High Speed Ethernet Optics
出版日期: 2017年03月01日 內容資訊: 英文




第1章 資料中心的促進要素

  • 資料中心概觀圖
    • 物聯網 (IoT) :下一個大熱潮?
  • 資料中心內部:不斷變化
    • 新微處理器套組處理能力遙遙超越
    • PCI Express 對互相連接機關團體來說也相當重要
    • 資料中心流量幾乎都來自內部
    • 資料中心的平板化
    • 資料中心越發大型
    • 開放原始碼硬體設備開發的劇增:The Open Compute Project

第2章 持續變化的高速互相連接

  • 伺服器速度促進資料中心
  • 交換機:支援更快更大的網絡
  • 儲存
  • 強大的服務器和虛擬化意味更少的伺服器
  • 乙太網路發展藍圖
  • 數據中心拓撲和佈線的多樣性

第3章 資料中心光學「速度和饋送」

  • 資料中心業者追求什麼及其理由?
  • Serdes的一切:通道的速度
  • 高速光調製將近50GbE通道
  • 新「N x Z」比率的範例
    • 乙太網路PMD異體
    • 25G收發器
    • 40G收發器
    • 50G收發器
    • 100G多模式收發器
    • 單模光纖10G收發器
    • 200G收發器
    • 400G收發器
    • 400G單工模式收發器
  • 光學模組electro介面
    • IEEE AUI
    • OIF介面協定
    • 25Gb/s以上的VCSEL
  • 尺寸規格的MSA Madness

第4章 預測

  • 資料流量的劇增
  • 對光收發器市場來說這意味什麼?
  • 乙太網路收發器的市場預測
  • 定性的市場議論

附錄1:資料中心的高速光連接技術 & 銅連接技術

  • 光連接技術
    • 多模式光收發器
    • 多模式SWDM 雙工光收發器
    • 單模光收發器
    • 主動式光纖 (AOC)
  • 銅連接技術
    • 被動式直接銅連接 (pDAC)
    • 活性直接銅連接 (aDAC)
    • 10GBASE-T
    • 25GBASE-T 及 40GBASE-T



This reported is focused on markets and technologies for Ethernet Optical transceivers, used in Data center, Enterprise and Telecom applications. It will include the latest shipment data and a forecast for more than 50 types of Ethernet transceivers segmented by speed, reach and form factors. Confidential sales data from more than 20 leading suppliers will provide a basis for this report. As an active participant in the IEEE 802.3 standards process, LightCounting is also uniquely placed to provide an insider perspective on vendor's latest products and technologies under consideration by the IEEE.

The report is based on confidential sales information and detailed analysis of publicly available data released by leading component and equipment manufacturers along with considerable input from industry experts.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • Scaling growth of the Ethernet market by Application: Cloud datacenters, Enterprise and Telecom Networks
  • 100GbE optics is starting to light up Cloud datacenters
  • Success of 40GbE bodes well for 200GbE
  • Main Changes in the Forecast

Chapter 1: Data Center Driving Forces

  • The data center big picture
    • The Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing?
  • Inside the data center - Continuous Change
    • New Microprocessors pack far more processing power
    • PCI Express is also important to the interconnect community
    • Data Center Traffic Mostly Internal
    • The Data Center Flattens
    • Data Centers are getting much larger
    • Open Source Hardware Development Explodes: The Open Compute Project

Chapter 2: High-Speed Interconnects in Constant Transition

  • Server speed drives the data center
  • Switches - Supporting faster and larger networks
  • Storage
  • Powerful servers plus virtualized everything means fewer servers
  • Ethernet Roadmap
    • Ethernet
  • Data Center Topology and Cabling Varies
    • Cable Lengths in Data Centers

Chapter 3: Datacenter Optical "Speeds and Feeds"

  • What data center operators want and why?
  • It's all about the Serdes; the per-lane speed
  • Higher-Optical Modulation is Near for 50GbE Lanes
  • The New "N x Z" Rate Paradigm
    • Ethernet PMD Variants
    • 25G Transceivers
    • 40G Transceivers
    • 50G Transceivers
    • 100G Multimode Transceivers
    • Single-Mode Fiber 100G Transceivers
    • 200G Transceivers
    • 400G Transceivers
    • 400G Single-Mode Transceivers
  • Electrical Interfaces for Optical Modules
    • IEEE Attachment Unit Interfaces (New Nomenclature)
    • Optical Internetworking Forum Interface Agreements
    • VCSELs at 25Gb/s and Beyond
  • Form Factor MSA Madness

Chapter 4: Forecast

  • Exploding data traffic
  • What does this mean for the optical transceiver market?
  • Market Forecast for Ethernet Transceivers
    • Market Forecast for 25GbE and 50GbE transceivers
    • Market Forecast for 40GbE transceivers
    • Market Forecast for 100GbE transceivers
    • Market Forecast for 200GbE and 400GbE transceivers
    • Cost per Gigabit of Ethernet Transceivers
  • Qualitative Market Discussion
    • The Single-mode vs. Multimode Debate
    • Standards vs. MSAs

APPENDIX 1: High-Speed Optical & Copper Interconnect Technologies in the Data Center

  • Optical Technologies
    • Multimode optical transceivers
    • Multimode CWDM Duplex Optical Transceivers
    • Single-mode, optical transceivers
    • Active Optical Cables (AOCs)

Copper Technologies

  • Passive Direct Attach copper (pDAC)
  • Active Direct Attach copper (aDAC)
  • 10GBASE-T
  • 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T
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