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Global Lubricant Basestocks

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 210 Pages
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全球潤滑油基料 Global Lubricant Basestocks
出版日期: 2015年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 210 Pages






  • 市場概要
  • 最後潤滑油市場
    • 各產品類型、粘度等級的目前需求
    • 需求成長率
    • 粘度等級的變化
  • 配合趨勢
  • 基料需求現況、預測
  • 主要的基料供給廠房
    • 設備容量
    • 製造數量
    • 粘度等級:API各群組
  • 新設備容量、設備容量的變化、廠房封閉的預測
  • 基料供給現況、預測
  • 基料的貿易







特別報告 (要求為基礎的)

  • 全球環烴係基料市場
  • 全球合成基料市場 (群組IV、V)
  • 全球亮滑油料市場

The global basestock industry is witnessing sea changes. The rapid new supply creation has consistently outpaced demand growth leading to a flood of new basestocks supply in the market. This has put pressure on the existing high cost plants to shut down. The Group I capacity reduction will constrain the availability of heavy neutrals and brightstocks. On the other hand, the tightening emission norms and original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) push is driving use of high quality and synthetic lubricants. The next five-year period is interesting as basestocks suppliers strive to place their surplus production, and blenders explore alternatives to make up for the shortfall in certain grades of basestocks.

This Report Will Help Subscribers to:

  • Assess where the basestocks business is today and where it is going to be in the future
  • Understand the critical supply and demand drivers
  • Conduct manufacturing cost analysis of select world scale merchant basestock plants under different crude oil price scenarios
  • Assess the future supply and demand for lubricant basestocks
  • Conduct critical evaluation of basestock market pricing mechanism, price drivers, product premiums commanded based on key performance characteristics, and price outlook for key grades


Global Lubricant Basestocks: Market Analysis and Opportunities is an in-depth analysis of the global lubricant basestocks industry. The report is designed to provide subscribers with an accurate and independent assessment of the business opportunities, challenges, and threats in the global lubricant basestocks market. The report is an excellent resource for basestock producers, basestock marketers, basestock traders, additive companies, finished lubricant blenders, finished lubricant marketers, technology providers, financial investors, and others to build solid strategic plans, make investment/divestment decisions and respond to competitive forces, emerging technologies, and evolving market needs. The study is a global one with information organized by key trading regions:

  • Africa and the Middle East
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

The study will largely focus on API Group I, II/II+, III/III+ (GTL), and naphthenic basestocks. Demand estimates are also provided for Group IV and Group V basestocks for completeness.

Key Benefits

Subscribers to the study will receive an in-depth understanding of the current status the basestocks industry in terms of basestock supply, basestock application space and demand, lubricant formulation trends, basestock pricing mechanism, inter-region trade, inter-material competition, and manufacturing costs.

  • Subscribers to the study receive supply demand models for each trade region. These models are an invaluable tool for conducting "what-if" analysis based on different assumptions of lubricant formulation approach, current viscosity grades and quality levels used, viscosity grade and quality level shifts, and overall lubricant growth.
  • The study is a useful tool for sales, marketing, finance, technology and strategy personnel to quickly learn the fundamentals of the basestock business, understand lubricant basestock requirements of the leading end-use markets, and make business decisions.


As the leading global consultancy covering lubricants and functional fluids, Kline & Company has developed an analysis approach based heavily on primary research (in-person and telephone interviews). This approach has a proven track record as the most effective and reliable in analyzing the lubricant basestocks and finished lubricant and additives businesses, as well as in identifying business opportunities and threats.

Basestock supply information is developed based on interviews with all basestock refiners located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East regions. Finished lubricant demand numbers are a result of primary research carried out in different country markets. "Market average" blend recipe sets for different regions will be developed on basis of interviews with a wide range of industry experts: formulators, additive suppliers, and basestock marketers. The "market average" blend recipes so developed is tested with a number of market participants and their feedback is incorporated where relevant.

Table of Contents


Overall Market Summary

North America Basestock Market

  • Market Overview
  • Finished Lubricants Market (current demand by product types and viscosity grades, demand growth, and viscosity grade shifts)
  • Formulation Trends
  • Current and Projected Basestock Demand
  • Key Basestock Supply Plants (capacity, production, viscosity grades produced by API group)
  • Projected Capacity Addition, Capacity Creep, and Plant Closures
  • Current and Projected Basestock Supply
  • Basestock Trade

South America Basestock Market

Europe Basestock Market

Asia-Pacific Basestock Market

Africa and the Middle East Basestock Market

Basestock Pricing Analysis and Forecast

Manufacturing Cost Analysis

  • Special reports available upon request
    • Global Naphthenic Basestocks Market
    • Global Synthetic Basestocks Market (covering Group IV and V)
    • Global Brightstock Market
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