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工作站報告:工作站&專業GPU市場概況 (2016年第一季)

Workstation Report: Workstation Market Shipment Increased 20% Year over Year

出版商 Jon Peddie Research 商品編碼 262277
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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工作站報告:工作站&專業GPU市場概況 (2016年第一季) Workstation Report: Workstation Market Shipment Increased 20% Year over Year
出版日期: 2017年03月21日 內容資訊: 英文




  • 市場障礙
  • 工作站的ASP、收益
  • 工作站的市場佔有率:各機器類型


Mac Pro的出貨估計



  • Intel:Xeon品牌對單槽入門級工作站的推薦有好的結果
  • AMD的苦戰和CPU部門的空白
  • AMD工作站的未來:APU?Zen?
  • 單一插座CPU vs 多插座CPU



  • 全球
  • 歐洲、中東、非洲
  • 日本之外亞太地區
  • 日本
  • 其他地區
  • 歐洲、中東、非洲地區及日本之外亞太地區的詳細明細
  • 中國:日本之外亞太地區的成長的主要引擎



  • 分離式工作站GPU的ASP
  • 出貨數的佔有率
  • FirePro對Apple的出貨估計


  • 整體趨勢
  • 2D卡
  • 高階&中階產品:收益貢獻
  • Nvidia:在2D、3D、行動部門維持主流


NEW:工作站的整合型GPU vs 分離式GPU





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Table of Contents

  • Methodology
    • Some - but not all - white-box coverage
    • Navigating to new content: bold PDF bookmarks and yellow highlighted headings
  • Yet another workstation market record in Q4'16 .. though some tempering might be in order
  • Micro-level fluctuations difficult to predict, but big picture consistent with expectations
  • Surge coming from same two sources: mobiles and China
    • Workstation ASPs and revenue
    • Workstation shares by machine class
      • Mobiles growing slowly/ steadily, but desksides still rule the workstation market
        • Workstation market by vertical
        • Dell and Lenovo also gain, but HP makes the biggest statement in Q4
        • Vendor penetration by market segment
  • Apple's MacPro
  • Estimating Mac Pro shipments: the expected surge at launch, followed by a decline, and now starting to settle out
  • Virtual Workstations
  • Today, Intel stands virtually alone as CPU supplier to the workstation industry
    • Intel's push of Xeon brand into single-socket, entery-class workstations paying off
    • AMD's traveled a winding road in workstations, one that led to an absence in CPUs
    • A future for AMD workstations with APUs? Zen?
    • Single vs. multi-socket CPU
  • Windows dominates, with Linux holding minority share
  • Tier 1 distribution of workstations by geography
    • Mobile vs. deskside distribution by global geo
    • Dell is claiming back its ownership of the U.S. market
    • Dell makes strides in EMEA as well
    • Dell and HP share lead in APexJ, while Lenovo's share steadily grows
    • HP leads in Japan, while "home team" NEC and Dell duke it out for #2
    • ROW vendor breakdown similar to that of the U.S
    • EMEA and APexJ: breakdowns by sub-region
    • China remains the primary engine for APexJ growth, with Lenovo the primary beneficiary
  • Full-year calendar 2016 results for workstations
  • Market for discrete professional GPUs climbs, but at more modest pace than workstations.
    • Discrete workstation GPU ASPs firm
    • Another quarter of virtually no change in Nvidia vs. AMD GPU market battle
    • Estimating FirePro shipments to Apple
  • Professional graphics hardware market breakdown by product class
  • GPU segment big picture: 2D continues inevitable decline, 3D holds steady, and - lately - a marked, sustained tick up for mobiles
    • High-end and mid-range contribute around two thirds of GPU add-in card revenue
    • Nvidia maintains dominant hold on 2D, Entry 3D and mobile segments
  • Full-year calendar 2016 results for professional graphics hardware
  • Integrated vs. discrete GPUs in workstations..
  • Appendix A: Workstation vendor shares per EMEA sub-region
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