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歐洲、中東、非洲各國 (EMEA)的整合通訊&合作 (UC&C) 市場預測 (2016∼2020年)

EMEA Unified Communications and Collaboration Forecast, 2016-2020

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 366776
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 13 Pages
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歐洲、中東、非洲各國 (EMEA)的整合通訊&合作 (UC&C) 市場預測 (2016∼2020年) EMEA Unified Communications and Collaboration Forecast, 2016-2020
出版日期: 2016年08月09日 內容資訊: 英文 13 Pages

歐洲、中東、非洲的各種企業,現在以產業轉換、提高競爭力為目的,有增額UC&C計劃支出額的趨勢。為了回應那樣的需求,解決方案的供應商,應預先確證數位轉換計劃能密接銷售額擴張和ROI (投資報酬率) 。

本報告提供歐洲、中東、非洲各國 (EMEA) 的整合通訊&合作 (以下UC&C)的市場相關分析,市場基本結構和最新形勢,市場規模趨勢預測,各主要元件 (企業用語音通話,合作、應用,客服中心用基礎設施/軟體,行動UC&C,視訊會議/遠距臨場系統設備等) 及各主要地區的詳細趨勢等調查評估。

IDC的市場趨勢預測 (圖表)



  • 配合UC&C計劃客戶的產品差異化
  • 讓用戶滿足
  • 數量的追求
  • 提供數位轉換的優點
  • 生態系統的創造



  • 市場促進、阻礙因素
    • 推動因素
      • 數位轉換的配合措施事項
      • 雲端
      • 更新計劃
    • 阻礙因素
      • 每1功能費用的縮小
      • 財政情形嚴峻的中小企業導向的策略
  • 市場主要趨勢
  • 上次預測後的變更點


  • 企業用語音連接
  • 合作、應用 (群組軟體)
  • 客服中心基礎設施及軟體
  • 行動UC&C
  • 視訊會議、遠距臨場系統設備
  • UC&C的生命週期、服務



Product Code: EMEA40450515

This IDC study provides a forecast for the EMEA UC&C market with breakdowns by the various technologies (enterprise voice, collaborative applications, contact center infrastructure and software, mobile UC&C, and videoconferencing/telepresence equipment) and the life-cycle services constituting the market. It also provides breakdowns by business size and the key geographies."Organizations in EMEA will be expecting their spending on UC&C projects to translate into tangible benefits that will help them transform their business and become more competitive in today's changing market. In order to respond to this demand and succeed in the market, solutions providers should closely link their sales arguments and return-on-investment calculations to digital transformation projects." - Telecom and Networking Program Manager Michael Vorisek, IDC CEMA.

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Differentiate Among UC&C Project Constituencies
  • Please the Users
  • Build Volume
  • Deliver Digital Transformation Benefits
  • Create an Ecosystem

Market Forecast

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Drivers
      • Digital Transformation Agenda
      • Cloud
      • Upgrade Projects
    • Inhibitors
      • Eroding Price per Feature
      • Deficient SMB Strategy
  • Significant Market Developments
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Enterprise Voice Connections
  • Collaborative Applications
  • Contact Center Infrastructure and Software
  • Mobile UC&C
  • Videoconferencing and Telepresence Equipment
  • UC&C Life-Cycle Services


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