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10 Things CIOs Need to Know About High-Performance Computing

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 12 Pages
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CIO需要關於HPC知道的10事項 10 Things CIOs Need to Know About High-Performance Computing
出版日期: 2016年03月30日 內容資訊: 英文 12 Pages



本報告以HPC (高效能運算技術) 的現狀與HPC的潛在的價值為焦點,提供尤其是CIO的10個必需注意事項相關的系統性資訊。




  • HPC:10必需注意事項
    • 1. HPC是急速成長中的IT市場之一
    • 2. 民營企業在1970年代開始引進HPC
    • 3. 引進企業的97%回答HPC的能力是競爭和倖存上不可或缺的
    • 4. 政府高官愈來愈認識HPC的經濟價值
    • 5. HPC與商務運算不同
    • 6. IT和HPC的目標也不同
    • 7. 主要IT資料中心技術從HPC深入了
    • 8. HPC系統現在以不滿1萬美元開始
    • 9. 民營企業也導入HPC到巨量資料問題的措施
    • 10. HPC不止能馬上使用
  • 案例研究
    • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • PayPal




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Product Code: US41145116

This IDC study provides market data and analysis aimed at ensuring that CIOs in commercial, government, and other settings have essential information about the contemporary realities and potential value to their organizations of HPC. HPC has firmly established its value for accelerating and improving innovation in corporate as well as government and academic organizations. Commercial adoption helped make HPC one of the fastest-growing IT markets in the past two decades, faster than the markets for flat-panel televisions or online gaming."Because HPC is fundamentally different from other corporate IT functions, CIOs often don't understand the potential benefits of adopting HPC or how to treat the HPC function after adoption occurs," according to Steve Conway, IDC research vice president for HPC. "Successful CIOs will need to acquire this understanding or risk losing ground to competitors that learn how to exploit HPC effectively."

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Situation Overview

  • HPC: 10 Essential Considerations
    • 1. HPC Is One of the Fastest-Growing IT Markets
    • 2. Commercial Firms Began Adopting HPC in the 1970s
    • 3. Ninety-Seven Percent of Adopters Say HPC Is Indispensable for Their Ability to Compete and Survive
    • 4. Senior Government Officials Increasingly Recognize HPC's Economic Value
    • 5. HPC Is Different from Business Computing
    • 6. The Goals of IT and HPC Are Also Different
    • 7. Key IT Datacenter Technologies Have Trickled Down from HPC
    • 8. HPC Systems Now Start at Under $10,000
    • 9. Commercial Firms Are Also Adopting HPC for Challenging Big Data Problems
    • 10. There Is More on Tap from HPC
  • Case Studies
    • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: HPC as a Mission-Critical Tool
    • PayPal Exploits HPC for Fraud Detection

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