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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare 2016 Predictions

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 23 Pages
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全球醫療市場上IT趨勢:2016年的預測 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Healthcare 2016 Predictions
出版日期: 2015年11月04日 內容資訊: 英文 23 Pages


第1章 IDC的見解

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第3章 概況

  • 主要促進要素的摘要
  • IDC FutureScape的預測
    • 預測1:由於醫療經濟的後退壓力,2017年的供應商付款中風險基本契約費用增加30%,2018年的保險費增加2-3%
    • 預測2:至2018年,醫生利用認知解決方案,對複雜癌症患者有50%發現最有效的治療方法,死亡率削減10%,成本削減10%
    • 預測3:隨著IT的主要企業和產業欲擺脫傳統的進入門檻而團結,至2018年產業雲端成為技術、產業企業的市場進入的主要策略
    • 預測4:至2018年外科醫生利用電腦支援/機器人工學手術技術於實施最複雜的手術的50%的計劃、模擬
    • 預測5:個人3人中有1人的2016年醫療記錄暴露於電腦網路攻擊的危險中
    • 預測6:由於至2018年醫藥品的銷售變得更頻繁,全球的銷售序列的最佳化解決方案成長50%,挽救產業幾十億美元的潛在的收益來源
    • 預測7:至2018年虛擬照護成為日常性事務,至2020年消費者服務互動的80%活用IoT和巨量資料,提高品質、價值、適時性
    • 預測8:至2018年全球醫療系統的30%採用即時認知分析,提供利用直接支援RWE資料的患者臨床資料的個人化醫療
    • 預測9:至2017年醫療IT服務的購買者,整合5∼10大服務供應商的IT服務支出,使產業的成長率倍增
    • 預測10:2016年第三平台的急救醫療HIS、EHR在市場開始,早期採用者在2017年∼2019年開始轉移到數位

第4章 主要建議

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  • 摘要
Product Code: 259908

This IDC study provides healthcare executives with a road map for the next 36 months that prioritizes investments and identifies the areas of the business that will be affected and the relative complexity and cost of each initiative. Each of the 10 predictions includes the IT impact and guidance for action.The drivers influencing investment in healthcare IT are global in nature. Major themes include the critical nature of security and the impact of breaches in healthcare, the availability of 3rd Platform technology and innovation accelerators to enable digital transformation, and the ubiquitous access to mobile technology, the movement toward personalized medicine, and the need for new data sources and advanced analytics including cognitive computing.The 10 predictions identified by IDC Health Insights clearly show that digital transformation is beyond technology and impacts data, people, processes, and strategy. The predictions cover organizational changes, staffing requirements, and consumer-facing initiatives."The FutureScape will become critical for successful planning and budgeting across the healthcare ecosystem," says Lynne Dunbrack, research vice president, IDC Health Insights.

IDC FutureScape Figure

IDC Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Summary of Key Drivers
  • IDC FutureScape Predictions
    • Prediction 1: Downward Pressure of the Healthcare Economy Will Increase Risk-Based Contracting to 30% of Provider Payments by 2017, Resulting in Premium Increases of Just 2-3% for 2018
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 2: By 2018, Physicians Will Use Cognitive Solutions to Identify the Most Effective Treatment for 50% of Complex Cancer Patients, Resulting in a 10% Reduction in Mortality and 10% in Cost
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 3: By 2018, Industry Cloud Will Be Viewed as the Top Market Entry Strategy for Tech and Industrial Companies, as Leaders of IT and Industry Unite to Tear Down Traditional Barriers to Entry
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 4: By 2018, Surgeons Will Use Computer-Assisted or Robotic Surgery Techniques to Assist in Planning, Simulating, and Performing 50% of the Most Complex Surgeries
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 5: One Out of Three Individuals Will Have Their Healthcare Records Compromised by Cyberattacks in 2016
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 6: By 2018, Because of More Frequent Drug Launches, Pharma Adoption of Global Launch Sequence Optimization Solutions Will Grow by 50%, Saving the Industry Billions in Potential Lost Revenue
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 7: Virtual Care Will Become Routine by 2018, and by 2020, 80% of Consumer Service Interactions Will Make Use of IoT and Big Data to Improve Quality, Value, and Timeliness
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 8: By 2018, 30% of Worldwide Healthcare Systems Will Employ Real-Time Cognitive Analysis to Provide Personalized Care Leveraging Patient's Clinical Data, Directly Supported by RWE Data
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 9: Through 2017, Healthcare IT Services Buyers Will Consolidate IT Services Spending in the Hands of 5-10 Largest Service Providers for Each Subvertical at Double the Industry Growth Rates
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 10: 2016 Will See 3rd Platform Acute Care HIS and EHR Begin to Come to Market, and Early Adopters Will Get Started on Digital Transformation in 2017-2019
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance

Essential Guidance

Key Drivers

  • Cy-Q: An Interconnected, Informed, Interactive, Intrusive, Intelligent, and Cognitive Ecosystem
  • Talent Quest: High Demand for Next-Generation Business/IT Skills, But Scarce Supply
  • Cloud Life: The Merging of Real Life with Digital Identity
  • Connected Well-Being: Convergence of Mobile, Social, and Sensors
  • Runaway Train: Unsustainable Cost of Healthcare
  • Cybersecurity Priority: Protecting Patient Privacy and Cybersecurity Key Compliance Mandates That Come with Incentives and Penalties
  • Quality Mantra: Compliance to Care Delivery Standards, Quality, and Best Practices
  • Shifting Gears: The Slowing Pace of IT Productivity
  • The Next Great Leap: Digital Transformation

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