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自動軟體品管 (ASQ) 的全球市場的預測 (2015∼2019年) - 促進今後市場成長的競爭加速化

Worldwide Automated Software Quality Forecast, 2016-2020

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 344480
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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自動軟體品管 (ASQ) 的全球市場的預測 (2015∼2019年) - 促進今後市場成長的競爭加速化 Worldwide Automated Software Quality Forecast, 2016-2020
出版日期: 2016年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages

隨著多模態 (多形態型) 軟體的開發、引進方式急劇複雜化,以及資源受限環境下服務虛擬化發展,自動軟體品管 (ASQ) 解決方案的投資、需求逐漸擴大,以及部分供應商也有成長傾向。在技術開發、檢驗的點中小供應商現在也發揮很大的作用,不過,現在尋求迅速且支援行動的解決方案,同時產業重組和供應商的大型化也取得進展。

本報告提供全球軟體自動品管 (ASQ) 市場基本結構和最新趨勢、各部門詳細趨勢、未來展望 (今後5年份) 等調查評估。

IDC的市場規模資料 (圖表)





  • 市場促進與阻礙因素
    • 推動因素
      • 全球市場的競爭壓力和速度
      • 複雜的外包化 (採購) 結構
      • AgileALM (快速的應用、生命週期管理) 需求,與管治的必要性
      • 世界水準的競爭壓力,與多模態引進方式的需求
    • 阻礙因素
      • 開放原始碼型軟體的引進與其影響
  • 市場主要動向
    • ASQ產業內部的企業收購的動向
  • 以前的預測的變更點



  • 過去的市場資料與匯率
  • 今後的市場資料預測值與匯率



Product Code: US41539815

This IDC study provides worldwide automated software quality (ASQ) market forecast for 2016-2020. It discusses IDC's ASQ assessment for a market that continued with better single-digit growth of 2.4% to $2.49 billion in 2015 compared with growth of 1.7% to $2.43 billion in 2014. As organizations continued to reinvest in ASQ solutions to address increased complexity across a variety of vectors (including business, technology, software sourcing, and diverse platform deployment with mobile, social business, and cloud), most major-share ASQ solution providers experienced some revenue increases, though at lower levels typically compared with last year due to a volatile economy. Others experienced losses largely due to evolving product releases, shifts to cloud delivery models, and some encroachment by open source tools. The market forecast for ASQ is impacted significantly by strategies of key enterprise vendors such as HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Synopsys, CA Technologies, Dynatrace, and Compuware and the dynamic evolution of innovative smaller providers such as SOASTA, Sauce Labs, Worksoft, Tricentis, Zephyr, SmartBear, Parasoft, Perfecto Mobile, SiteSpect, and Skytap as well as other vendors and key open source solutions (such as Selenium and Cucumber). Midsize innovative vendors in emerging technology areas like mobile, software quality analysis and measurement (SQAM), and cloud testing contributed to enable improved ASQ growth in 2015. We are beginning to observe the impact also of OSS usage and integration by vendors (such as Selenium and Cucumber). We also saw acquisitions moving into 2016, indicating leverage of quality analysis vendor Coverity in the embedded space, with Synopsys augmenting its 2014 Coverity acquisition with follow-on acquisitions of security-related and other products (e.g., Protecode). Consolidation in the ASQ arena also included the acquisition of Klocwork by Rogue Wave (1Q14), the acquisition of Keynote by Dynatrace (3Q15), and CA Technologies' acquisition of Grid-Tools (2Q15) to augment the company's prior ITKO acquisition (2011). Longer term and moving into 2016-2018, the ASQ market is slated for an overall trajectory of growth. IDC expects ongoing acquisitions in the 2016-2018 time frame as enterprise providers seek to broaden their ASQ portfolios. "In a global economy that remained somewhat volatile in 2015 and with ongoing, dramatically increased complexity for multimodal software development and deployment and service virtualization with constrained resources, we saw ongoing investment and demand for ASQ solutions and some growth. Market and product evolution will occur as larger vendors deliver more complete quality and life-cycle management solutions and consolidation continues," says Melinda Ballou, program director for Application Life-Cycle Management and Executive Strategies at IDC. "As a result of the earlier disruption and ongoing software quality challenges, we saw some continuing ASQ investment. Smaller vendors continue to play a crucial role for market innovation as we see from cloud testing, quality measurement with static and dynamic analyses and security leverage, and agile and mobile solutions; these areas are dominated by small and medium-sized companies. We expect additional acquisitions and solid ASQ growth in this space in the 2016-2018 time frame."

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Advice for Those Targeting ASQ Technology

Market Forecast

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Drivers
      • Global Competitive Pressures and Velocity
      • Complex Sourcing
      • Agile ALM Demand and Need for Governance and Security
      • Global Competitive Pressures and Multimodal Deployment Demands
    • Inhibitor
      • Open Source Software Adoption and Impact
  • Significant Market Developments
    • Acquisitions Across the ASQ Spectrum
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition


  • Historical Market Values and Exchange Rates
  • Forecast Market Values and Exchange Rates

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