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亞太地區 (日本以外)的IoT (物聯網) 市場預測與分析 (2014∼2020年)

Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Internet of Things Forecast and Analysis, 2014-2020

出版商 IDC 商品編碼 329412
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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亞太地區 (日本以外)的IoT (物聯網) 市場預測與分析 (2014∼2020年) Asia/Pacific (Excluding Japan) Internet of Things Forecast and Analysis, 2014-2020
出版日期: 2016年09月15日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages

亞太地區各國IoT (物聯網) 市場急速也成長著,數位轉換 (DX)的中心的存在變成。儘管如此,IoT市場仍處於初期階段,今後預期將有進一步成長和生態系統 - 工業IoT、聯網汽車、車隊管理、貨物監測、智慧電網、智慧大樓、家庭自動化、健康管理等 - 的擴充,基礎設施整備等。

本報告提供亞太地區 (日本以外) 的IoT市場未來趨勢相關分析,市場趨勢 (整體裝機率和市場收益額)的現狀和今後預測 (今後7年份),各國及各技術項目 (應用、安全、分析、儲存、伺服器、服務等)的詳細趨勢等調查評估。

IDC的市場趨勢預測 (圖表)



  • 工具機、機器人的製造
  • CPU內核、高頻 (RF) 半導體、模組
  • 系統整合商
  • IoT專用平台
  • 分析軟體
  • 安全防毒軟體/硬體設備
  • 通訊服務供應商 (CSP)
  • 總括型、特定目的用IoT解決方案



  • 市場促進、阻礙因素
    • 數位轉換 (DX) 中的商務中斷的加速化
    • IT生產率的步調的變化
    • 政府的促進策略
    • 系統整合的困難
    • 寬頻的家庭普及率和行動網際網路
  • 市場主要趨勢
  • 上次預測後的變更點


  • 硬體設備
    • IoT模組/感測器
    • 安全硬體設備
    • 伺服器
    • 儲存
    • 其他的硬體設備
  • 連接性
  • 軟體
    • 應用軟體
    • IoT專用平台
    • 分析 (分析功能)
    • 安全
  • 服務
    • IT服務、安裝服務
    • 進行中的服務/「即服務」內容
  • LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks)的重要性
  • 工業IoT (IIoT)




Product Code: AP41342517

This IDC study analyzes the APEJ IoT market and provides IDC's second forecast for the region for IoT installed base and revenue opportunity by technology segment and by region within APEJ. IoT ecosystem revenue includes connectivity, infrastructure, purpose-built IoT platforms, applications, security, analytics, storage, servers, and service. "IoT across APEJ continues to grow in size, connections, and number of use cases across all industries and is becoming an important element of enterprise DX," said Bill Rojas, adjunct research director, IDC Asia/Pacific. "We are still in the early stages of IoT adoption and ecosystem development, with industrial IoT, connected cars, fleet management, freight monitoring, smart grids, smart buildings, home automation, and personal wellness IoT solutions continuing to grow. The number of viable use cases is expanding with the emergence of LPWAN technologies as telcos, smart city planners, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) look to capitalize on IoT reaching deeper into the commercial and public infrastructure," he added.

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

  • Manufacturing Machine Tools and Robotics
  • CPU Cores, Radio Frequency Semiconductors, and Modules
  • Systems Integrators
  • IoT Purpose-Built Platforms
  • Analytics Software
  • Security Software and Hardware
  • Communications Service Providers
  • End-to-End Specific IoT Use Case Solutions

Market Forecast

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Accelerating Business Disruption with DX
    • The Shifting Pace of IT Productivity
    • Government Initiatives
    • cSystems Integration Complexity
    • Broadband Household Penetration and Mobile Internet
  • Significant Market Developments
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Hardware
    • IoT Module/Sensor
    • Security Hardware
    • Servers
    • Storage
    • Other Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Software
    • Application Software
    • IoT Purpose-Built Platforms
    • Analytics
    • Security
  • Services
    • IT Services and Installation Services
    • Ongoing Services or "Content as a Service"
  • The Importance of LPWAN
  • Industrial IoT


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